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The Art Behind Buddy Who’s Pancake Creations in Jersey City

by Chris Goodlof
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When looking for delicious breakfast food in Jersey City, it can be an easy but also daunting task. Enter Buddy Who’s — a downtown Jersey City restaurant with all the most mouth-watering brunch and burger menu items. If we’re being honest, Buddy Who’s makes some of the most indulgent and unique dishes in Jersey City. Here’s more about this brunch spot in downtown Jersey City, that will definitely take your brunch game up a notch.

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The Food

buddy whos jersey city

{Photo credit: @buddysjc}

Located at 247 Washington Street in Jersey City, Buddy Who’s has been dishing out imaginative cuisine for three years running and is perhaps best known for being the originator of cereal pancakes – pancakes plus classic breakfast cereals. The madness doesn’t stop at the pancakes, the burgers, Benedicts, egg dishes in general, and of course, waffles are similarly amazing.

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General Manager Mauricio Andre has been at Buddy Who’s for two years and is owner George Makrogiannis’s right-hand go-to. “Our menu is pretty wild,” said Andre. “We like to have fun with our menus, with our dishes, with our drinks as well.” 

As for where those crazy ideas come from, Andre admitted that many of them come from staying up late and watching the Food Network. Coming up with creative dishes is a duty shared by both Andre and George. 

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{Photo credit: @buddysjc}

The ideas are as decadent as one could imagine: Fruity Pebble and Captain Crunch pancakes, a bacon cheeseburger benedict, Ruben Hash, a “Hangover” burger rubbed with coffee, and a newly introduced mac + cheese and a fried chicken waffle that will send you into a food coma lasting until next week.

While anything on the menu is bound to send you to the highest level of comfort food bliss, there are a few items that are especially popular. “Definitely one of the best brunch burritos you can find in town,” said Andre. 

buddy whos jersey city

{Photo credit: @buddysjc}

In addition to their breakfast burrito, the Buddy Burger is a top seller, and the Fruity Pebble pancakes are a hit as well, especially for the restaurant’s Insta-worthy vibes. 

The COVID-19 Impact

buddy whos jersey city

{Photo credit: @buddysjc}

When the pandemic hit, Buddy Who’s closed down for a short while, taking advantage of the mandatory closing to remodel the restaurant. The restaurant in general hadn’t been all that involved in takeout before, but that all changed when the restaurant reopened. Suddenly, take out was a huge source of revenue for them, and they embraced it.

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“We can’t complain,” said Andre, “Jersey City really supports us.”

For Andre and George, Buddy Who’s is truly a labor of love. The restaurant serves up incredible, creative, and fun food, unlike anything you’ve ever had. They take the restaurant seriously but also know that food like theirs must come from a place of joy.

“We’re just grown-up kids playing,” said Andre.


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