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Losurdo Brothers Italian Deli + Bakery in Hoboken

by John Pagano
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Old-school Italian delis are truly staples in small cities like Hoboken. Losurdo Brothers is one of them {located at 410 2nd Street in Hoboken} and has been serving authentic Italian delicacies to Hobokenites for 43 years. Read on to learn more about what you can find at this gem + the history behind it, as part of our #BehindTheMutz series:

losurdo brothers italian deli hoboken

Shortly after emigrating from Altamura Bari, Italy in 1971, Nicola and Danny Losurdo opened Losurdo’s Deli out of Hoboken in 1975 and have operated at the 410 2nd Street location ever since. Building their business around a simple concept, “We only make what we can do at the best quality — if we can’t do it right, we don’t do it at all,” it’s clear they’ve done a lot of things right. Losurdo’s has grown into a full-service deli with hot bar, fresh baked goods, and specialty imports. If you ask Danny to pick a favorite item on the menu, he’ll tell you he likes them all and if you visit, you’ll understand why.

Fun Fact: The town where Nicola and Danny are from {Altamura Bari, Italy} is famous all over Italy for their focaccia and breads.

losurdo brothers italian deli hoboken

Losurdo’s bakes fresh bread at 5:30AM daily in all sorts of varieties and sizes  {the perfect base for their cold cuts + homemade mozzarella}. They feature hot specials throughout the week, and their Instagram {@losurdobros} is updated daily to show what specials are available. Some weekly specials that remain the same are Sicilian pizza on Wednesday, classic pizza on Thursday + Friday and homemade focaccia on Saturday morning. Along with the savory items, the brothers bake a variety Italian cookies & biscotti, an ideal pairing for a mid-morning espresso.

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losurdo brothers italian deli hoboken

If you’re looking to impress a crowd, stop by and ask Niko, Nicola’s son, for some help crafting a gourmet affetati {an Italian charcuterie board}. Losurdo’s Deli is stocked with all of the traditional fare, prosciutto, soppressata, capicola, sharp provolone, hot & sweet peppers, giardiniera and American-style cold cuts. They even import and jar olives cured in homemade brine. Losurdos also features some carefully curated specialty import products, including unique pastas {some gluten free}, olive oil, dried herbs, and sweet treats.

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losurdo brothers italian deli hoboken

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The hidden treasure of Losurdo’s is Sfoigatelle, pronounced shh-foy-ya-tell {you’ll def. impress them if you pronounce it correctly} featured on Sundays. These flaky sweet ricotta-filled pastries {pictured below} move quickly at Losurdo’s, so get there early.

losurdo brothers italian deli hoboken

The brothers also offer catering for all of the above and more. With sliced meats, cold salads, hot entrees, sandwiches, pizza, and fresh baked desserts, Losurdo’s has the whole table covered. They are also flexible in their offerings and will work with you to create an individualized experience. In a pinch, a tray of fresh baked Italian pastries is always a welcome addition to a party.

losurdo brothers italian deli hoboken

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Losurdo Brother’s is tactfully named, as they make their guests feel like family. One of the best deli’s in Greater NYC, this family owned and operated business is one of Hoboken’s gems. We highly recommend a visit, even if to just say hi to Nicola and Danny themselves {but guarantee you’ll leave with some sort of carbs/cheese}.

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