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Charcuterie and Cheeseboards in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Lauren
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Ah, what a lovely word. Let’s say it all together, now: shahr-koo-tuhree. In other words, the most delectable combination of meats {and sometimes cheeses} that you could ever want {with fun notables like olives and nuts}, lovingly displayed on a beautiful wooden board. Ok, so the actual definition of charcuterie is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products like ham, bacon, sausage, etc. {need we go on?}, but it has been honed by artisan chefs in the last decade or so to mean so much more. Interested? Salivating?? Read on for the {meats} dish and where to find some notable takes on it in Hoboken and Jersey City.

Atlas Public House {130 Newark Ave., JC}

Recently opened on Newark Avenue, this artisan-style eatery offers a delightful plate with meats of the non-traditional variety, including garlic duck salami, Saucisson {French sausage}, and hot coppa {think spicy capicola}. You may as well spring for the cheese plate too, which includes Stilton, Dorset, and a variety of nutty, creamy French cheeses.

Bin 14 {1314 Washington St., Hoboken}


Meat and cheese here is always fresh and changes often, so you have the choice of a chef’s meat plate or cheese plate {or both, if the mood strikes you}, which can range from thinly sliced prosciutto and salami to rich brie and sharp cheddar. For even more cheesy goodness, Bin’s warm homemade mozzarella topped with your choice of truffle honey, olive oil, or roasted tomato will make you wish you weren’t sharing it with a friend {may as well bring your friend back for a fabulous brunch and Bloody Mary bar the next day, though}.

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Third + Vine {353 Third St., JC}

What would a wine bar be without a little meat and cheese? Although there is no “formal” charcuterie listed on the menu, there are plenty of small dishes that feature beef and pork as well as a cheese selection that changes daily and offers diners over 30 {!} varieties of cheese, chosen by the resident fromager {yes, that is a thing}.

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Amanda’s {908 Washington St., Hoboken}

A classic Hoboken staple where you’re always a guaranteed delicious meal, check out the chef’s charcuterie board here, which includes luscious meats and cheeses along with pickled vegetables and savory crackers and spread, all artfully arranged and ready to be gobbled up. Pair with your favorite red or white wine off the extensive list of vino and you are all set.

Anthony David’s {953 Bloomfield St., Hoboken}


A great place for amazing appetizers and entrees {take our word for it and try the steamed mussels}, Anthony David’s also has a variety of small plates, including a cured meats array with trufa seca {truffled} sausage, wild boar sausage and Finnochiona, a Tuscan variety of salami. Pair this up with the artisan cheese plate that includes buffalo mozzarella, blue cheese and gouda or the antipasto with pickled beets and eggplant capanade {which is basically just eggplant with a bunch of delicious things thrown in it}.

Sorellina {1036 Washington St., Hoboken}


Boasting yummy Italian fare {read more about that here}, Sorrellina also has an impressive array of starter plates, which include Project X {a Murray’s Cheese Cavemaster Reserve creation – it’s bathed in Gewurtztraminer white wine and that’s all you need to know}, Brebirousse d’Argental, another cheese from Murray’s of the brie variety, and creamy French Camembert. The meat selection includes local prosciutto, speck {a pork product similar in texture to prosciutto} and mortadella, a favorite meat of paisans everywhere.

Satis Bistro {212 Washington St., JC}

This appetizing eatery on Washington Street near Harborside Financial Center takes their fromage and charcuterie platters to a whole new level, giving you a selection of ten cured meats and charcuterie to choose from along with six cheeses. Notable picks include manchego {we can’t get enough of that stuff}, Murcia al Vino {another alcohol-soaked cheese, this time in red wine} and Pierre Robert, triple-cream cheese made in France. Meats include Jamón serrano {Spanish cured ham often found at most tapas-style restaurants}, duck rillettes {shredded Duck Confit with peppercorn and thyme} and Tuscan pâté {if you want to get a little funky}.

Halifax {225 River St., Hoboken}

This seafood-based eatery offers a different take on small plates with your selection of not only cured meat dishes, but cured fish and artisan cheese. Lamb mortadella, maple smoked wild salmon, and smoked rainbow trout are just a few of the items up for tasting {read more about all of the deliciousness in our feature here}, in addition to goat cheese, blue cheese and cheddar, all from local dairies in NY + NJ.

Stingray Lounge {1210 Washington St., Hoboken}


In addition to fresh clams, scallops and mussels {and a complete raw bar}, Stingray Lounge offers a cured meat plate with chorizo, speck, and capocolla, as well as a generously-portioned cheese plate complete with pears, apples, and grapes to nosh on {and some seriously fun cocktails — sign us up!}.


Where do you go for top-notch charcuterie and cheeseboards? Share your favorites with us below and tag us in your pics on IG @HobokenGirlBlog or #HobokenGirl!


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