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Hoboken Eats: The Spring Menu at Halifax is Here {and It’s Delicious}

by Hoboken Girl Team
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“I’m sorry, did you says that’s salmon, and NOT bacon?” Yes, this is what you’ll be asking when you check out the new spring menu at Halifax. You’ve probably been to this chic Nova Scotia inspired restaurant in the W Hotel for their bubbly brunch and unlimited small plates {yes, please}, but if you’ve never been there for dinner, make your reservation now. We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak at Executive Chef Seadon Shouse’s new spring menu and sampled everything from house smoked mussels to amish chicken to roasted pistachio ice cream. Our verdict? Between the ambiance of the dim lighting and tall windows, the delicious dishes, the perfectly paired wines, and the NYC skyline in the background, this elegant spring menu welcomes in the warm weather with all the warm fuzzy feels.

To Start

We were welcomed by a signature cocktail called Just a Spring Fling {a refreshing combination of gin, cucumber, and ginger}, accompanied by Halifax’s own horseradish and smoked seaweed popcorn. Our first dish was, well, not a dish at all, but a board of house cured and smoked meats + fish including smoked mussels, smoked trout, smoked pollock rillettes, pork lomo, duck liver paté, country terrine, and… yes, the maple smoked salmon {you’ll swear it’s a delicious light version of bacon}. Oh, and let’s not forget the soft and warm house baked Parker rolls served with homemade sea salt butter,  made with sea salt that was harvested directly from the Atlantic Ocean – yes, you read that correctly.

For The Table

To share, we were served Sea Bream Tartar {with lime emulsion, radish, celery leaves, and crispy sunchokes}, Lamb Meatballs, and Vegetable Crudite. The tartar was super fresh and citrusy, a perfect dish for spring for sure, but most surprising on the spring menu were the lamb meatballs. A lot of us here in Hoboken are used to our grandmother’s meatballs that sat for hours in a huge heavy pot, bubbling thickly in sauce {or gravy}. But it’s truly astonishing how light and tasty these meatballs are. Well done, Chef {slow clap}.


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You guys. YOU GUYS. If you haven’t yet been convinced to check out their full spring menu, this next course will surely get you. The Three Cheese Gnocchi {with spring peas, hen of the woods, and arugula} is unlike any pasta dish {Editor’s note: I eat A LOT of pasta}. The gnocchi is a little bit crispy on the outside and perfectly light and airy in the middle. Traditionally, gnocchi are super heavy, so you can eat maybe two before needing your eating pants. But these little pillowy pastas from heaven are so SO delicious. {Editor’s second note: I was so enamored with these, I actually forgot to listen to the chef describe them, so you should probably just go there and order them if you want to learn more – but listen to the explanation before you start eating. Trust me.}


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Here’s an interesting Hali-fact: Chef Shouse focuses on sustainability and creates dishes using underutilized fish and locally-sourced meat, dairy, and produce. If you get a chance, ask him about his inspiration for his dishes {including the one he found at a Jewish deli}. For our main course, we were served Smoked Amish Chicken {with toasted bread, currants, pine nuts, scallions, and local greens}. If you’re one of those people who is hesitant to order chicken because you think it is bo-ring {points to self}, then you should definitely try this dish, because it is anything but. Next came the Main Blue Cod, which was served in a bowl with green garbanzos and nduja, flanked by NJ clams, and then bathed every so lightly with crème fraiche just before being served.


If you’re feeling like you need a break from all this delicious food before you delve into dessert, you’re in luck. For a quick palette cleansing before the end of night sweets, out came a little dollop of strawberry sherbet, topped with a leaf of basil, and covered with cava {a Spanish sparkling wine}. Then, we said hello to Warm Apple Fritters {kind of like an indulgent, lighter version of a doughnut hole} accompanied by a trio of spicy chocolate, strawberry rhubarb, and honey lavender anglaise for dipping. Also included in this course was a small Strawberry Shortcake tower, topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and pistachios, and plated with roasted pistachio ice cream. And with that, our night was complete. Though you may feel guilty indulging in such a meal, because of Chef Shouse’s dedication to local and sustainable ingredients, you can at least leave feeling full and responsible. {And speaking of responsible, you should definitely check out their wine list, but that’s a post for another day. Stay tuned.}

Now that we know you’re convinced it’s time to make some spring dining reservations here, let us know your thoughts on their new menu! {And seriously – try the gnocchi… and the maple smoked salmon… and everything else.} 

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