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The Croissants in Hoboken + Jersey City You Must Try

by Gabrielle Buscema
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Hoboken bagels are iconic, but the bakeries and cafés here also create the best croissants. The buttery, flakey pastry is named for its historical crescent shape, with origins in Austria and deep roots in French and Italian culture. There’s a version in pretty much any cuisine, as this classic shape and taste is great on its own, or an excellent building block for a sandwich or a sweet treat.  Incorporating this treat is a great way to switch up the morning routine and treat yourself to sweet or savory options on a fall day. Read on below to discover where to get croissants in Hoboken and Jersey City.

Croissant Spots with Locations in Both Hoboken + Jersey City 

bwè Kafe | Multiple Locations

croissant hoboken bwe kafe

(Photo credit: @bwekafe)

With two locations in Hoboken, bwè kafe is the spot to elevate a weekend. Patrons can enjoy a fresh croissant here and come home with a Park and Bloom floral arrangement or book from the Little City Books section at the North End location. The Washington Street shop is also perfect for a workday or afternoon hang out. In Jersey City, the Newport location is conveniently located along the waterfront, perfect for a snack and stroll. And, to wash it down, we recommend bwè’s hot cocoa. It’s decadent and the perfect pairing with a crispy croissant. 

Café Vista | Multiple Locations

croissant hoboken cafe vista

(Photo credit: @cafevistahoboken)

So many Bridgerton vibes at this vintage-style café café. Everyone in The Ton goes to this spot for the cutest croissants and rose lattes.  Café Vista also has some great gluten-free and vegan toast options for friends with dietary restrictions. The Jersey City location opened in summer 2021 and has the same attention to detail that makes this not your average coffee shop. 

Choc•O•Pain | Multiple Locations

croissant hoboken chocopain

(Photo credit: @chocopainbakery)

This is a neighborhood favorite with baked goods made the traditional European way. The shop has multiple croissant flavors including pretzel, vegan, almond, and ham and cheese options. Locations include the Heights, Downtown Jersey City, First Street in Hoboken, and the Tea Building in Uptown Hoboken.

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Hidden Grounds Coffee | Multiple Locations

croissant hoboken hidden grounds

(Photo credit: @hiddengroundscoffee)

With four locations in Jersey City and Hoboken, croissant lovers are never far from their next stop. Hidden Grounds Coffee is a New Jersey-based coffee company known for its inventive menu and seasonal flavors, like this fall’s maple, spiced chai latte. The shop is also known for its top-notch baked goods, including croissants. Here, patrons will find plain, chocolate, and almond flavors, and a show-stopping spinach and cheese croissant. Paired with one of the shop’s incredible coffee drinks, like the Honey Bee Latte, the spinach, and cheese croissant could be a meal on its own.

Prato Bakery | Multiple Locations

croissant hoboken prato bakery

(Photo credit: @pratobakery)

Take a trip to Tuscany without leaving town with a visit to this family-owned bakery and sandwich shop. The owners behind Prato are committed to sharing Tuscan culinary traditions, which include the cornetto, the Italian version of a croissant. Order it plain or with Nutella, but don’t skip the cappuccino — another authentically prepared Italian delicacy.

Hoboken Croissant Must-Visits

Dolce & Salato | 1101 Grand Street

croissant hoboken dolce salato

(Photo credit: @dolceandsalato)

This café has something for everyone. The Stuffed Nutella Croissant is the most popular, but there are many savory options including breakfast menu items like the smoked turkey and bacon garlic aioli croissant sandwich. Outdoor and indoor seating for the whole family or friend group is available. 

Jefferson’s Coffee | 534 Washington Street and 1001 Madison Street

croissant hoboken jefferson's coffee

(Photo credit: @jeffersonscoffee)

Not just the name is historical at Jefferson’s. This coffee shop prides itself on being a callback to the days when coffee was roasted in Hoboken at the Maxwell Coffee Plant, and that one-of-a-kind scent wafted through the air. Today, this shop honors its origins by brewing its own, single-source beans and serving up sweet and savory treats. The croissants available here include plain, chocolate, and almond flavors.

La Bouche | 207 Washington Street

croissant hoboken la bouche

(Photo credit: @labouchecafe)

This stylish, French café is a must-try in the Mile Square. The croissants are from Balthazar Bakery, and available to suit whatever the moment calls for. For a snack, order a croissant with butter and jam. For a meal, options include an egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant with either ham or bacon, and a truly decadent croissant French toast. And for dessert, order the croissant with Nutella. 

Old German Bakery | 332 Washington Street

croissant hoboken old german bakery

(Photo credit: @oldgermanbakery)

This family-owned bakery is the ultimate destination for authentic croissants, or as they are called in Germany, Kipferl. We are drooling over the selection including pretzel, raisin, multigrain, and more. There are many other German treats to explore here as well. 

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The Little Grocery | 1212 Washington Street

croissant hoboken the little grocery

(Photo credit: @littlegrocery1)

Carb lovers rejoice. The Little Grocery is the ideal location to order breakfast sandwiches, and it sells croissants as well. For a catering order that is sure to please, The Little Grocery makes croissant platters. 

The Hive |  1000 Park Avenue

croissant hoboken the hive

(Photo credit: @hellofromthehive)

The Hive is a community staple for good reason. Children can hang out in the back playspace and there is always a fun selection of local gifts and products by independent makers. This is the perfect spot to enjoy chocolate croissants and other fresh pastries and cookies.  

Tosti  Café | 1024 Washington Street

croissant hoboken tosti cafe

(Photo credit: @tosti_cafe)

Don’t sleep on this uptown café. It has great brunch options including a Tuna Turmeric Croissant sandwich for a health-conscious weekend. Diners can also order their chocolate croissant as a side order for brunch.

Jersey City Croissant Spots

Beechwood Café | 290 Grove Street + 18 Park Avenue

croissant hoboken beechwood cafe

(Photo credit: @hobokenhungry)

B18 is the hip, younger sister of downtown classic Beechwood Café. The same homey vibes and high-quality food are the same between the two. B18 is has plain, chocolate, and almond croissants available daily.  Both spots offer two croissant-based breakfast sandwiches daily, the Ham and Cheese Croissant and the Southern Pepper Egg Croissant. Beechwood Café has plain croissants, and croissants are available as a sandwich vehicle on the Cafe’s egg bar, with diner’s choice of preparation. 

Crema |1 Duncan Avenue

croissant jersey city crema

(Photo credit: @cremajc)

This Jersey City staple has a whole section of the menu dedicated to croissants. The options include plain, Nutella, ham and cheese, and ham egg and cheese. The final option is a prosciutto, tomato, and cheese croissant: charcuterie in breakfast form.  We wouldn’t mind staying for a cotton candy milkshake or root beer float either.

Café Madelaine |34 Coles Street

croissant jersey city cafe madelaine

(Photo credit: @cafe_madelaine)

Patrons are transported to France with a trip to  Café Madelaine in Jersey City. These experts in French cuisine create artisanal pastries including turkey and cheddar croissants. In addition to fresh-baked sweet and savory croissants, Cafe Madelaine also sells several frozen versions, including plain, multigrain, and chocolate. Stash a few in the freezer for an at-home treat.

Dulce De Leche Bakery | 376 Central Avenue

croissant jersey city dulce de leche

(Photo credit: @dulcedelechebakery)

Neighbors frequently stop by this Argentine bakery for breakfast croissant options. There are multiple locations throughout Hudson County to experience a taste of Argentina. This is also the destination for special event custom cake orders. 

Eira Café | 24 Mercer Street

croissants jersey city eira cafe

(Photo credit: @eira_mercearia)

Chocolate croissants are always a fan favorite. Eira is a Portuguese cafe and market, and even the baked goods are authentic. Portuguese croissants are described as being denser than the airy, crunchy version most people are familiar with. The rolls are handmade daily and are a great culturally unique option. Eira also serves a few sandwiches on its croissants, including the Tosta Mista, a grilled ham, and cheese on a croissant. And, this charming shop is pet-friendly, so Fido can tag along on the croissant run.    

Froth on Franklin | 85 Franklin Street

croissant jersey city froth on franklin

(Photo credit: @frothonfranklin)

Froth on Franklin is a cozy coffee house and espresso bar in the heart of the Heights. Locals love the friendly vibes and comfortable couches here. The croissant options include savory flavors like prosciutto and mozzarella and ricotta, spinach and kale, and sweet options including almond and chocolate. This family-owned shop brews Kobrick Coffee, another local specialty.

Lackawanna Coffee | Multiple Locations 

croissants jersey city lackawanna coffee

(Photo credit: @lackawannacoffee)

Savoring the garden party vibes in the courtyard area and fun lattes like wildflower honey and pink beetroot create the ideal café experience. The menu at Lackawanna includes plain, cheese, double almond, chocolate, and everything-bagel-flavor croissants. There are three locations throughout downtown Jersey City so locals are never far from a tasty treat.

Lil Dove Café |589 Palisade Avenue

croissants jersey city lil dove cafe

(Photo credit: @lildovecafejc)

Visitors can spend a morning here enjoying Balthazar Bakery croissants while checking out the retail shop with beauty and wellness products, candles, jewelry, and more all made by artists and creators in the area. The croissants come in plain, almond, and chocolate flavors. Lil Dove brews Intelligentsia coffee and has seasonal special coffee drinks. For the fall season, some of the seasonal flavors include spiced cider and pumpkin spice. There’s always something exciting happening here, from pop-up shops to sunset yoga.

One Two Cup Café |201 Warren Street

croissants jersey city one two cup cafe

For a breakfast sandwich that means business, look no further than One Two Cup Cafe. All of the delectable breakfast sandwich options can be served on a croissant. From a basic egg-and-cheese to a sophisticated smoked salmon stack, a croissant here is the blank slate from which to start the day. The croissants are also available a la carte in plain, chocolate, everything, and multi-grain flavors.

The Box Café |115 Palisade Avenue

croissants jersey city box cafe

(Photo credit: @boxcafejc)

Visitors can taste the classics at The Box Café in Jersey City including butter, chocolate, and almond croissants. This family-run café offers breakfast and lunch including a ‘create your own box meal’ with a sandwich, salad, soup, and cookie options for $14. The owners say their goal is to bring a new concept of homemade food to Jersey City. Between the cozy vibes and the made-with-love food, we’d say the mission has been accomplished.

Tea NJ | 262 Newark Avenue

croissant jersey city tea nj

(Photo credit: @teanewjersey)

Tea NJ is a relaxed, vegan-friendly restaurant with a pristine whole wheat vegan croissant (not gluten-free). Expect several bubble tea variations, creative smoothies, and cool art here.  This hidden gem is on Newark Ave. in downtown Jersey City.

Treehouse Coffee | 434A West Side Avenue

croissant jersey city treehouse

(Photo credit: @treehousejc)

Local parents created this colorful West Side Jersey City shop. Choc o Pain bakery supplies French pastries and croissants daily, including plain, almond, chocolate, and ham and cheese. Treehouse brews Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee and makes many of the flavored syrups in-house. Patrons can take their treats and drinks to the back pink-and-blue patio for Instagram-approved photos.


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