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Bwè Kafe Opens New Location with Little City Books and Park + Bloom Uptown

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Hoboken is no stranger to the caffeinated {and decaf} delights offered by Bwè Kafe. Now, however, that delicious coffee can be enjoyed in a new space that also sells books and floral arrangements. Enter bwè kafe’s newest {and third!} location that is in collaboration with Little City Books and Park + Bloom at 14th and Adams in Hoboken. A few weeks back, we shared the news that Little City Books would be opening a second store in uptown Hoboken, but now we can confirm that the new storefront is working in conjunction with bwè kafe at its new home at 1405 Adams Street {inside the Edge Adams rental building owned by Bijou Properties} and joining forces with Park + Bloom to provide an all-. Think tasty coffee, great books, and gorgeous flowers, all in one single place in Hoboken’s north end of town {aptly named ‘bwè kafe North End’}.

bwe kafe adams street

 About the Collaboration

bwe kafe little city books park bloom

“Our North End location offers a bwè experience further to that of a coffee shop, with our space being a home to us (of course!), Little City Books, and Park + Bloom Bespoke Floral Design. All local Hoboken businesses joining forces to create a fresh and unique retail experience,” Tats Mori-Ryan from bwè shared exclusively with Hoboken Girl.

park bloom bwe

^The permanent Park + Bloom pop-up, the first of 

Think of this new spot as more than just a coffee shop — it’s a community gathering area, featuring nearly 3,000 books from Little City Books to peruse in the back, floral arrangements from Park + Bloom for locals to purchase, and two levels of tables, comfy chairs, and workspace to enjoy coffee + treats from bwè — all while potentially getting some work done.

little city books bwe

^The Little City Books area

The collaboration is combining three local businesses, and although working together, the space for each business will be distinctly different. This is especially the case for Little City books, as the locale allows for their books to be purchased at an uptown spot — and a hefty number at that.

little city books

^ Their kids’ section!

“We can fit way more books than we thought at first,” a representative of Little City Books said. “It’s about half kids and half adult, and we’ll be adjusting the inventory all the time based on what people are interested in, and what we’re most in love with of course. It’s wonderful how different our space is from the absolutely gorgeous bwè. You step from a bright and elegant vast room into a tiny room lined with books, like a fairytale.”

bwe kafe food

Of course, the 1405 Adams Street storefront is still in its early stages having soft opened January 13th of 2020. But rest assured, all three businesses in the space are working to find their rhythm together, and it seems to be the start of a beautiful local partnership, all under one roof.

bwe kitchen

“As we find our rhythm in the coming months at North End, the community can expect a balance of a consistent menu of delicious beverages and food, with special seasonal items to keep things fresh and unique,”  Tats said about the bwè locale. “When it comes to our drink and food menus, we decided to bring our signature beverage menu over from Hoboken and Newport; a new addition is a kegorator, offering up nitro coffee and other carbonated drinks that will be cycled out seasonally. As for our kitchen, North End offers a larger offering of food, perfect for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon treats. Our hopes and goals include offering seasonal specials and collaborations with other nutritionists and chefs to keep things innovative and fun!”

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About the New Space 

The new open layout is multi-functional, so locals don’t just have to swing by, purchase their coffee, and leave. Instead, bwè’s newest spot has plenty of lounge space for guests to sip on a cup of Joe, tuck into a good book, or simply stop and smell the gorgeous floral arrangement they’ve picked up.

Plus, the owners of bwè have built a second-floor mezzanine in their new shop to create additional space to host various events that benefit the community in the future {which is something bwè is known for at its 1002 Washington Street home}.

“We love our mezzanine area, and are able to offer even more workshops, pop-ups, and other social engagement activities with it,” Tats said. “With this and the viaduct plaza on our doorstep, our hopes are to create a buzzing destination of positive and creative happenings…all fueled by coffee.

How Everything Came to Be

Naturally, this epic collaboration didn’t just happen overnight. The property itself is owned by Bijou Properties, a local Hoboken developer. Chris Mazzola, director of development at Bijou Properties, said that bwè kafe is the latest tenant at the company’s latest property, the Edge Adams. The company saw a unique opportunity to expand Hoboken’s North End through this project.

“The North End has been developing quite slowly, but I would say in a smart way over the last 10 years and we’re really excited to bring this addition to the North End,” Chris said. “Most people, even though they have been here for generations, have never stepped foot in the northwest corner, which largely today is bus depots and empty parking lots. So, what’s happened over the last  10 or five years is that new people are moving to the area and what’s crucial to bring vibrancy and activity to the area is retail.”

That vibrancy has been brought in via this brand new Bijou project, as it combines the forces for three major Mile Square retailers to create a fun, exciting environment.

“There’s bwè kafe, which serves amazing local coffee, there’s Little City Books which is a local book purveyor and seller, and Park + Bloom, which is a local florist,” Chris explained. “All three of those will be operating under one roof, creating energy and excitement that will cause you to stay for hours.”

Previously, there was interest in bringing businesses {one of which was Little City Books} to the 2,000-square-foot corner at this Adams Street property and well, ultimately, a combo coffee shop and bookstore felt like the right fit for the North End of the Mile Square.

“As a long-term vision for the entire Hoboken North End area, the vision of a coffee shop and bookstore would be a perfect fit — and that’s where our two stories come together,” Tats said. “The rest is {after much hard work}, history!

Little City Books was more than happy to join forces with bwè as well since the pairing seemed…natural {especially since there were more and more questions from customers about whether or not an uptown shop would open in the future}.

“We all talked a lot about how cafes and bookstores are similar in that they are ‘third places’ — not home and not work, and no one minds if you hang out all day. It seemed like a great chance to meld two established community hubs and create a new one,” a rep from Little City Books said. “We can imagine serendipitous collaborations occurring, blending their coffee crowd with our bookish crowd which, are really in many instances, the same!”

What To Expect Inside

bwe adams street

As you can probably tell from photos — this space is big. There’s lots of room to sip, read, and enjoy the vibe. But beyond what you can physically purchase, bwè is most excited about the connections that will be made.

bwe kafe hoboken

“[We are excited] mostly about seeing how people interact with each other in our space, and to get glimpses of strangers starting a friendship,” Tats explained. “Personally speaking, the most satisfying moments in the years of business are when you look up from a circle laughing friends and colleagues and realize the diversity of the group, and that everyone met at bwè kafe. We’re lucky that these moments happen often!”

As for the book selection here, expect an “eccentric” inventory, according to Little City Books.

“In a smaller space, the book selection is particularly engaging. There’s not an entire wall of fiction — there are three or four cases. Our initial stocking was fast and furious and it’s quite funny to see some of the things we have — three copies of Madame Bovary, two translations of War and Peace {so much demand!}, two different editions of Heart of Darkness,” Little City Books’ representative said. “I think people are guided to different books when there is less selection.”

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The Final Verdict

Bwè’s 1405 Adams Street location is a must-visit — no questions asked. It’s inviting, open, and serves as a one-stop-shop for your caffeine, food, reading, and floral wants {and needs?}. Safe to say an afternoon spent in the North End from here on out is definitely getting a major upgrade.

Although already soft-opened as of Monday the 13th, this Bwè Kafe will be hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, January 15th to mark its official grand opening.

Have you paid this new locale a visit yet?

What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments!

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