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Seven Valleys: Authentic Persian Food in Hoboken

by Arielle Witter
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Cooking is a labor of love, and food made with love brings people together. It can mark a celebration, mend relationships, and can tell the story of a person, family, or culture in just a single spoonful. At Seven Valleys, patrons can experience all of that in just one bite. Located at 936 Washington Street in Hoboken, this Persian restaurant brings something culturally and culinarily unique to the Mile Square in dishes that take days {yes, days} to prepare — a true labor of love. Keep reading to learn all about Seven Valleys, whipping up authentic Persian food in Hoboken.

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How Seven Valleys Came to Be 

It’s no secret that there’s no shortage of restaurants in the Mile Square {seriously, just walk down Washington Street for five minutes}. Even more so, there’s a very obvious abundance of Italian food here {not that we’re complaining, bring us some mutz any day}. But, when Maryanne Fike, owner of Seven Valleys, was looking to open a restaurant, she saw a unique opportunity to bring something new {and arguably exotic} to Hoboken. 

“It got started because I love Persian food and I have a lot of Persian friends and the culture is really interesting,” Maryanne said. “The food is so different and unique, and you have to go into New York City or pretty far away to find any Persian food. It’s not strange food, it’s rice, it’s stews and vegetables and herbs, so it’s not that unusual, but it’s the seasoning and the way it’s prepared that makes it so unique. So we thought, this opportunity came up and I had some Persian friends and we joined forces.”

And just like that, Seven Valleys was born. 

Having opened its doors in October of 2018, this local spot has been bringing dishes that are savory, sweet, and authentic from Iran right to our doorstep.

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This Persian food-haven is a family-owned business where everyone who works and walks through its doors is like is treated like family {Maryanne’s children, who can often be found in the restaurant, own Hoboken’s beloved bwè kafe, with which Seven Valleys often partners with for events}. 

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Of course, this family wouldn’t be complete without manager Soha Azargan. She and Maryanne have combined forces to bring only the best ingredients and tastiest of dishes to the Mile Square.

The Vibe

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The name Seven Valleys came from a “book written about the high faith, a spiritual journey,” Maryanne said. Given its name, Maryanne and Soha have created a “mystical feeling and uplifting” vibe for their restaurant to pay homage to that name for when customers can dine in again. Soha says that at this Seven Valleys, the food isn’t just for your body, it’s for the soul. {And let us tell you, the culinary magic done in the kitchen here truly is a spiritual experience.}

What’s on the Menu

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Now, for the tasty bit of this article  — the food {of course, this article is food for thought, but you catch our drift}. 

We’re not going to bury the lead here — the food at Seven Valleys is off. The. Charts. Importing only the freshest, most authentic ingredients directly from Iran {thanks to Soha’s family who owns farms there}, the food here is as culturally traditional as it is flavor-filled. These are the exact same dishes you’d be getting if you were sitting in someone’s home in Iran eating a meal.  

The thing is that we really wanted to keep the same recipes that the foods are made exactly [like they are] in Iran because our chefs are Persian, and they know exactly how to make them in the same way that they’re made in any Persian house,” Soha explained. 

Of course, that authenticity comes with some extra work.

“So, we could get frozen greens or cut corners, but we didn’t want to do that,” Soha said.  “The hardest part is preparing all these stews, [because] some of the stews take days to be made because you have to chop the herbs and let them dry out — it’s not just like cut them and cook them. It takes a lot of time, you have to marinade your beef and chicken for days.”

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The time prepping the meals, however, is time well spent. A must-try dish here is the zereshk polo with gheimeh. The zereshk polo is a rice dish made with barberries, saffron mixed with basmati rice, and currents. It is both savory due to the rice grain and saffron, but the barberries add an unexpected sweet punch to each bite that is both unexpected and superb in flavor. Paired with the equally savory ghormeh sabzi {a beef stew marinated in sun-dried lime, a range of spices, parsley, scallions, and red kidney beans}, you can’t go wrong.

Of course, beyond the stews, Seven Valleys also boasts a variety of kebab dishes and seafood options to satiate whatever craving it is that you have. 

Vegetarians, you’re in luck. Each kebab and stew dish here can be made vegetarian-friendly. The cuts of meat are replaced with mushrooms and other vegetables to create a hearty stew to be paired with a selection of specialty rice {like the aforementioned zereshk polo}.

seven valleys ice cream

Finishing up the stews and rice, however, brings us to the pièce de résistance — dessert. A hands-down, no questions asked, must-try dessert is the Persian ice cream. {Do not argue with us on this one.} It is a saffron ice cream made with pistachios, cardamom, and rosewater and it is absolutely phenomenal. Unlike your standard, run of the mill ice cream flavors {we’re looking at you, chocolate chunk}, the Persian ice cream is both light, refreshing, and absolutely delicious. It isn’t overbearing in flavor and ends your otherwise heavier meal on a light and easy note. Of course, if ice cream isn’t your thing, other dessert options include baklava, lazeez love cake {edible rose petals and cardamom}, and zholezarad {Persian rice pudding with saffron, rosewater, and  cardamom}.

Oh, and this spot is BYOB, too — so be sure to bring your own bottle of vino to pair with your meal.

The Final Verdict

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Don’t argue, don’t make excuses, just go. The written word can’t do justice to the food here. It’s the kind of place you have to experience for yourself, as it not only satiates your appetite, but it gives you a glimpse {and a mouthful} of what Persian culture is really like.

When I think of Persian culture, I think of the architecture — the detail in the mosaics,” Maryanne said. “So, it’s kind of very similar to the food — there’s all these little things, intricate things, that go into making it.”

Seven Valleys is currently open for takeout and delivery — order on the website here.

Have you visited Seven Valleys yet? What did you get? Let us know in the comments!

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