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Apulia: Delicious Southern Italian Fare in Hoboken

by Danielle Lynch
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Take everything there is to know about Italian food in the Mile Square and forget about it {yes, dramatic — but hear us out}. While Hoboken has some of the best pizzerias in the country right here, Apulia, which opened uptown in fall of 2018 at 1319 Washington Street, is far different from the rest. The restaurant features a truly Puglian {from the Italian region of Puglia} menu with dishes boasting the region’s most notable flavors and delicacies. Locals and out-of-towners have made this place their regular dinner spot, entering as strangers and leaving as family. Read on to learn all about Apulia in Hoboken, a Hoboken’s southern Italian food haven.

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All About Apulia

Restaurant owners Frank Sciacca and Franco Curci met at well known Ridgewood hotspot, S.Egidio, where Franco had designed and created the menu. Frank worked there while in college for a few extra bucks and the two guys really bonded.

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“Franco isn’t my blood uncle, but we treat each other like family,” he told us. That’s just the Italian way.

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Franco’s creations in the kitchen delighted Frank and from there they both knew they had something special.

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“The first time I had Franco’s food, I was amazed. He would make things — things I wouldn’t normally eat — and would blow me away,” Sciacca explained. When the two finally collaborated, Apulia came to life.

Now, We know what you are thinking, another pizzeria in Hoboken — just what the city needed — but trust us, this isn’t just everyday, run of the mill pizza. Hailing from the beautiful port city of Bari {Puglia, Italy}, Franco’s style is authentic and true to his culture. He moved here shortly before S.Egidio opened and brought over generations worth of family recipes and his love for Puglian cuisine. His wife, Pasqua, the matriarch of the restaurant, makes the desserts and brings so much of her life in Bari to the states.

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What’s On The Menu

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The menu is authentic to the core, featuring flavors and classic dishes from Franco’s hometown. He puts things together that one would never think could work, unique but genuine to his style. We started with the Polpo e Burrata and it was saturated in flavor. The Polpo {octopus} is roasted to perfection and plated over a heaping mound of burrata and red pepper puree. The juxtaposition of flavors, temperatures, and textures will blow diners’ minds. The toasted bread it is served with is perfect for sopping up the leftover bits of burrata and red pepper puree. The Parmigiana di Melanzane {eggplant parm} is also another fave, as is the Uccelletti fresh mozzarella wrapped in speck.

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As diners move through the menu, they’ll be reminded of all of the Apulian touches put into the dishes. From the tomatoes to the peperoncino, Chef  Franco doesn’t mess around with authenticity. The Orecchiette Apulia {fresh orecchiette pasta, broccoli rabe, muscles, Apulian peperoncino + evoo — extra virgin olive oil} has been a huge hit with visitors to the restaurant. Orecchiette pasta is a gastronomic symbol of the Apulian region, as are the rest of the ingredients that make up this dish. We highly recommend this dish for pasta lovers.

apulia pizza

Of course, one cannot come to Apulia without trying one of the restaurant’s pizzas, cooked to perfection in the wood-fired oven. We tried a variation of the D.O.P. Pizza {which stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta and means protected name of origin — this promises that all of the ingredients are authentic from the region}.

Another pizza is the Fresca, which came highly recommended by Ottaviana Notar, a regular guest at the restaurant. “It reminds me of my hometown, Molfetta, {Italy},” she boasted about the pizza.

There are so many to choose from, each more delicious as the next. For those looking for something gluten-free and with fewer carbs, the insalate is delizioso is a great option. Another favorite is the Fragola, with mixed greens, strawberry, hazelnut, crumbled goat cheese drizzled with evoo and mustard vinaigrette.

apulia tiramisu

Finally, dessert. The tiramisu is definitely one of the best we have ever tried, both here and in Italy.

apulia dessert

For diners really going all out {and with a group of people}, definitely try the Nutella Calzone. It’s larger than life and stuffed to the max with all of that nutty-chocolatey goodness.

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The Apulia Experience

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Apulia is a place where so many people come to feel like they are home. Frank explained to us how their hope for the restaurant was to allow people to experience the same feeling as eating at their family’s dinner table.

“We just want people to eat good food, talk, and grow closer to one another,” Frank said.

Apulia defies the laws of so many up and coming restaurants. All that is expected of guests is that they sit back, relax, and have a great time with the people they are with. The tables are close, yet intimate and guests feel welcome from the moment they sit down. Looking around the room, there are people talking — truly talking to each other; nobody is on their phone or preoccupied with other stuff. It felt good to see everyone enjoying each other’s company. Come springtime, the outdoor patio in the back will be open for dinner {and we can’t wait}.

Apulia sets the tone for truly authentic Italian cuisine. They are raising the bar for restaurants in Hoboken. “We want to be the standard for pasta in this neighborhood,” explained Frank. “We want people to come here and know that this is a place you can come eat good food and make friends.” Hoboken is a small city with so many people from diverse backgrounds, and Frank’s philosophy is that even though we are all different if we stick together {and eat together}, we can make Hoboken an even better place to live.

Have you tried one of the amazing dishes at Apulia? Let us know in the comments!


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