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A Battle of Fresh Mutz: The Top 8 Spots to Buy It in Hoboken

by Danielle Lynch
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Whether you’re Hoboken local or not, we all know one thing here in Jersey — fresh mozzarella is life. And depending on where you live or who you know in town, your allegiance stands true to one deli in Hoboken. Now, if you’re new to this whole fresh mutz {what we call it in the Mile Square} craze — you’re probably wondering where your go-to spot should be. We’ve got you covered with our top 8 spots to get fresh mozzarella in Hoboken, below:

Fiore’s {414 Adams}

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Originally opened in 1903 by the Fiore Family, this deli has been serving the Hoboken community for 115 years. For John Amato {who currently owns the deli and has since 1965}, making fresh is like second nature to him. He and his family have been making mutz for as long as anyone could remember and his only secret is knowing when the curd is cooked and ready to be shaped. “The shape doesn’t really matter. Twist, round, or the little bocconcini, it’s all good,” explains John’s son, Vinnie. We all know that the mutz is best eaten fresh but you can leave it out at room temp for up to two days. After that, throw it in the refrigerator. To bring it back to life, place it in a bowl of very hot salted tap water. Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes and it will be like new. At $11.00 a pound, you better get a few — it goes quickly. 

Vito’s {806 Washington Street}

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Born and raised in Hoboken, Vito has been making fresh mutz since he was 14 years old. He started Vito’s Deli in 1986 and hasn’t looked back since. He and three others hold all of the family secrets when it comes to mutz making. “I couldn’t do it alone. I needed some help,” explains Vito. And he’s right. How could one person make more than 1,000 pounds of fresh mozzarella each week? He attributes his delicious mutz to using the highest quality curd and some hidden family secrets. Between the salt, the temperature of the water, and olive oil, Vito creates drool-worthy mutz every day. He uses la treccia {Italian for braid} and thinks this allows for the flavor to be tasted best. We certainly aren’t complaining. Vito’s sells their mutz for $12.50 a pound.

Losurdo’s {410 2nd Street}

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Brothers Danny and  Nicola have been in business for 43 years and if that doesn’t scream experience, we don’t know what else will. Nicola is the mozzarella maker in the family — he is self-taught and has his recipe down to a science. “The secret is making it with love and care, just like all of our products,” the Losurdo family says. They start at 6AM and make the cheese about 5 to 7 times a day {so it’s ALWAYS fresh}. And if you stop by on Wednesday, make sure to pick up a Sicilian pie, made with that same fresh mozzarella. The cheese literally melts in your mouth. They braid their fresh mutz for optimal taste. “We think it holds the salty flavor best.” Losurdos is open every day except Monday and sells their mutz for $10.99 a pound.

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M + P Biancamano {1116 Washington}

The Biancamano family has been in business since 1981 and they have certainly perfected the art of mozzarella making. Each day, Pietro begins making the mutz at 6:00AM. Being self-taught means practice makes perfect. “He’s one of a kind,” explains his son, Pete. “It’s only him making the mutz. He is a one man wrecking machine.” What makes them different is that they are the only deli that is completely family owned and operated. The Biancamano family does not twist their mozzarella into a braid. “The juice comes out with the braid,” explains Pietro. The mutz is so perfectly and evenly salted on all parts and that’s just the way we like it. Plain or on a sandwich, just give us all the cheese — which is sold Monday through Saturday for $10 a pound.

Lisa’s Deli {901 Park Avenue}

In A Bronx Tale, Sonny talks about the “great ones” and we think Lisa’s is one of them. Opened in 1971 by Pietro and Caterina Lisa, this old-school deli is one of a kind. They have been serving up healthy and freshly cooked Italian cuisine for almost 50 years. They pride themselves on using the finest quality and freshest ingredients to cook up the best of the best. Being family owned has its perks and makes patrons feel like they, too, are part of the fam. Tony is the only maker of the mutz and the keeper of the recipes. For $7.99 a pound, be sure to order a few pounds, especially for holiday gatherings. It’s the perfect way to show your love {for mutz — and family, of course}. Can’t make it to the store? Order ahead and Lisa’s will deliver. 

Luca Brasi’s {100 Park Avenue}

luca brasis italian deli hoboken

For fresh mozzarella that’s incorporated into authentic {+ huge} Italian sandwiches — Luca Brasi’s is your spot. Order it plain, in a salad, with focaccia, or on a sandwich. The mozzarella here is so good and is the star of every dish. You can’t go wrong with the Johnny Roast Beef {roast beef, fresh mutz, + gravy} or the breaded chicken cutlet with mozzarella and roasted peppers sandwich. Check out their menu to see the rest of their creations that involve fresh mutz.

Tony Boloney’s {263 1st Street}

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Yes, your favorite pizza shop also sells fresh mozzarella — and probably has the most unique options in town. From original sea salt to pesto to smoked, burrata, and truffle {yes, truffle mozerella} — you can’t go wrong with these creations. TB’s might be up-to-date with the latest foodie trends, but when it comes to mozzarella, there are no machines part of the process — all of the mutz is hand-pulled using local milk.

Antique Bar & Bakery {122 Willow Avenue}

antique bar bakery hoboken

Antique Bar & Bakery is a go-to spot for an elegant meal — but before you indulge in steaks and cocktails, order their fresh mozzarella as an appetizer. The mutz is made-to-order and that shows in every bite.

Where’s your favorite spot for fresh mutz in Hoboken? Share with us in the comments below!

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