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Rosticeria Da Gigi: Hoboken’s Uptown Italian Deli

by Hoboken Girl Team
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The Mile Square certainly has its fair share of Italian delis, but it takes a true Hoboken aficionado to know what makes each of them unique. Rosticeria Da Gigi, at 916 Washington in Hoboken, may only have been in town for six years, but has already made its mark in the community as a go-to spot. An old school Italian deli with a retro flair and modern twist, and homemade, well, everything, it’s really no big surprise that Gigi’s makes our list of must-try Italian eateries in Hoboken.


From the street, you’ll notice the bright retro art sitting amongst the tall glass windows, and in the warm weather, there are chairs and tables out front. The interior is lined with small tables and a cozy front section for more spacious indulging. And if you’re wondering who Gigi is, the answer is – nobody. That’s right, the original owners simply liked the name and so it stuck. Today, Gigi’s is known for their specialties, mainly their roast beef, paninis, egg sammies, pastas, and of course, their mutz. {Not sure what “mutz” is? Check out our post on Vito’s + Son’s Italian Deli to learn more}. One of the main standouts for Gigi’s is that everything is homemade. From their deli meats and chicken cutlets to their desserts and teas, Gigi’s is churning out fresh and tasty Hoboken-style comfort food where the proof is in the taste and not over complicated with trendy ingredients – which is why their slogan is “real simple honest food.”

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Though they’re open from 10AM to 10PM on weekdays and 8AM to 10PM on the weekends, Gigi’s is serving up breakfast all day {and yes, they deliver}. Hobokenites are serious about their breakfast sandwiches and at Gigi’s you can get fluffy eggs with a variety of add-ins anytime you want. And though their prices are comparatively low for the area, Gigi’s certainly doesn’t skimp on the portions. {You didn’t hear it from us, but the cops in town frequent Gigi’s for their hearty omelets.}


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The meats at Gigi’s are roasted on premises, which is probably why another customer fave is their roast beef. Throw that on a sandwich or panini with their fresh mutz, some roasted red peppers, and arugula, and you’re set. No condiments are really needed here since all ingredients are made fresh and made right, so the robust flavors alone carry the tasty profiles of the dishes. But they don’t stop at breakfast and sandwiches. Gigi’s also offers a good selection of pastas and entrees {including their homemade rice balls and pasta Bolognese pictured below}, so be sure to check out their specials board for a changing variety of soups, apps, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and homemade desserts. Of particular interest were the beet and goat cheese salad, and the key lime pie. Hello, delicious.

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The pasta dishes — even when delivered — are on point. Above is the vodka bolognese sauce that is TDF.


Aside from some seriously good eats {rice balls, hello}, Gigi’s also makes specialty drinks, including their hibiscus tea. They get the hibiscus flower from Mexico, boil it in-house, and mix it with lemon and mint for a refreshing, vitamin-packed compliment to your meal. {You also didn’t hear this from us, but this hibiscus tea is said to help cure colds… which it seems everyone has this time of year.}


Next time you’re in town and you get that itch for some Italian deli deliciousness with an uptown twist, head over to Gigi’s. Whether you’re a breakfast all day kind of person or you’re looking for a meaty sandwich, this place is sure to hit the spot.

Are you a Gigi’s regular? What’s your favorite menu item?

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