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The Best Clam Spots in Hoboken + Jersey City For Any Craving

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Clams have been in existence for almost 12,000 years and have become a staple in every type of cuisine all over the world – and for good reason. The tiny crustacean is absolutely delicious. Whether you like them raw, stuffed, in pasta, in soup, or even on pizza, several restaurants in both towns have got you covered. Check out the best spots in Hoboken and Jersey City to get your clam fix.


Leo’s Grandevous | 200 Grand Street

leos hoboken clams

Leo’s is a true Hoboken staple serving up traditional Italian fare in the ultimate old-school Hoboken atmosphere. If you’re dining here and have a craving for clams, you are in the right place. There are several clam dishes on the menu for both an appetizer and an entree.


Halifax | 225 River Street at the W Hotel

halifax hoboken clams

(Photo credit: @halifax_hoboken)

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There’s just nothing better than dining on the waterfront and eating fresh seafood. Halifax has a number of delish seafood dishes, many of which are perfect for a clam holiday celebration. Don’t miss the showstopping Seafood Tower appetizer – great to share with friends.

Il Tavolo | 700 Clinton Street

Il Tavolo

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(Photo credit: @il_tavolo_di_palmisano)

‘Traditional Italian recipes with a modern twist,” is how Il Tavolo describes its style. Clam lovers are in luck because clams oreganata are available on the appetizer menu, and linguine and clams are on the entree menu. Keep an eye out for Il Tavolo’s weekly specials, where a clam dish or two has been known to appear. Some recent sightings include a spicy seafood risotto with clams, mussels, and shrimp and a 12-inch white clam pizza.

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Stingray Lounge | 1210 Washington Street

stingray lounge hoboken

Stingray Lounge is the ultimate spot for all the raw bar deliciousness, so of course, the kitchen is whipping up some clam dishes, too. Order a martini and enjoy some of the fresh seafood from the raw bar to make an ideal date night.

Jersey City

Battello | 502 Washington Boulevard


(Photo credit: @battellojc)

Is there anything this special spot can’t do? Clams are always in style here, as they are a feature of the appetizer menu, both on their own and as part of the party-on-a-plate seafood tower. Check out what chef is cooking up with seasonal specials such as clam and corn chowder, or a clam risotto.

The Barge Inn | 324 3rd Street

The Barge Inn, or “The Barge,” as it’s known, is a longtime staple of The Village neighborhood. It offers classic Italian food in a cozy atmosphere and has been taking care of Jersey City’s appetites since 1969. Diners will find clams on the half shell available in half or whole dozens, and clams oreganata. On Mondays and Wednesdays, there is house-made limoncello available, on the house.

The Boil | 8 Erie Street

The Boil

(Photo credit: @the.boil)

Don’t be put off by the plastic bibs some diners will be wearing when you walk into this vibrantly decorated seafood shack – you’ll be slapping one on in no time. The Boil is a low-key spot that offers a traditional Cajun seafood boil. This spot offers clams on the appetizer menu and as one of the seafood options for your entree. The bibs make sense when your food comes out, covered in delicious sauces and spices.

Laicos | 67 Terhune Avenue, Jersey City


(Photo credit: @laicosjc)

One of Jersey City’s favorite spots for authentic Italian fare, Laicos offers many classic dishes that include seafood and clams.  Start the night with the appetizer menu, which offers baked clams, and Zuppa di Clams. Don’t skip the breadbasket – it’s homemade.

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Light Horse Tavern | 199 Washington Street, Jersey City

lighthorse tavern jersey city clams

Light Horse has an impressive raw bar menu full of oysters, shrimp, mussels, lobster, and of course, littlenecks, top necks, and cherrystones. Come for the clams, stay for the cozy vibe. You’ll be happy you made the trek!

Liberty House | 76 Audrey Zapp Drive

Liberty House

(Photo credit: @libertyhouserestaurant)

Is there a better pairing than an outdoor meal with a beautiful vista? Probably not, but it may be fresh seafood and a crisp glass of wine, which is a perfect order to savor an evening at Liberty House. The menu here is full of seafood choices, but we want to highlight the braised mussels and clam appetizer. This dish makes the most of some crustacean classics and you don’t want to miss it.


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