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The Best Hoboken-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

by Gabrielle Buscema
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Thinking of clever Halloween costumes is always tough, but Hoboken Girl is here to help. Read on below for Hoboken-Themed Halloween looks, inspired by some of the things we are best known for music, baseball history, food, and more! Recreate these fun and effortless concepts with pieces from Spirit Halloween in Hoboken, 59 Washington Street, our unique boutiques, or construct them yourself. If you aren’t the best with DIY, you can also check with local tailors in the area to help bring the vision to life or on the Hoboken and Jersey City Guide [Hoboken Girl Insiders] Facebook group to see if any local creators can assist. 


Dorothea Lange

(Photo credit: NPR)

Hoboken-born Dorthea Lange was one of America’s most famous documentary photographers. Her photograph, ‘Migrant Mother,’ taken during The Great Depression, is one of the most well-known images from the era. You can carry around the image and a camera and wear wide-leg pants, a beret, and a button-down or polo top to achieve her look. 

Frank Sinatra

(Photo credit: NPR)

From restaurants to landmarks all over the Mile Square, there are tributes to Hoboken’s most famous native, Sinatra. Wear a dark suit and fedora to honor Ol’ Blue Eyes. Pinstripes wouldn’t hurt! Looking to dress as a female Sinatra? Opt for a blazer from a local boutique and wear it again all season. 

Justin + Hailey Bieber 

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber

If you are like us, you are still thinking about that time the Biebers graced us with their presence in downtown Hoboken. This is a great and easy couple’s costume idea for a pop culture-loving pair. Just wear beanies and comfortable outerwear. 

Maria Pepe

Maria Pepe Historic Women

Local hero Maria Pepe is an essential figure in Hoboken history. Maria became one of the first women to play Little League Baseball and solidify Hoboken’s role in baseball history. Emulate Maria with a vintage baseball ensemble and cap. For the DIY pro, position the team name, Hoboken Young Democrats, on an emblem on the uniform. 

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Lackawanna Terminal

featured image

This costume is a great way to show off Hoboken pride, as the Lackawanna Clock Tower is such a recognizable landmark in downtown Hoboken. Lackawanna was built in 1907 and has a rich history of connecting Hoboken to New York City, Upstate New York, and Pennsylvania. Many parts have been preserved and the terminal is still used by thousands of commuters today. As another couple’s costume, one person could dress as the tower and one person as the terminal. 


A Bagel

(Photo credit: @obagel_family)

Celebrate Hoboken’s favorite breakfast with a bagel costume this Halloween. Does anything scream Hoboken more like O’ Bagel’s biggest bagel in New Jersey? See the full Hoboken bagel guide to brainstorm more ideas. 

A Cannoli

The cannoli is arguably the best of the classic Italian desserts. This costume is adorable as a baby outfit. Pay tribute to this Hoboken staple and also create an entire family theme with dessert looks for trick-or-treating through town and more. 

A Cocktail

(Photo credit: @unionhallhoboken)

It’s no secret that the espresso martini has taken 2021 and the Mile Square itself by storm. Why not DIY this costume and stand out in the bars this Halloween?  Spark some ideas with this Hoboken and Jersey City martini guide or go the festive route with these Fall cocktails.  

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A Benny Tudino’s Biggest Slice

(Photo credit: @bennytudinos)

Pizza is synonymous with the Mile Square and New Jersey as a whole. Use Hoboken Girl’s pizza guide as inspiration and dress as the city’s favorite food. As a nod to Benny Tudino’s, Hoboken’s largest slice, the bigger the costume the better. 

A Waffle Cone


ICYMI, the waffle cone was created in Hoboken. According to Marconi’s son, it wasn’t until 1903 that the ice cream cone combo was created. When Marchiony moved to Hoboken from Italy in 1895, he sold lemon ices and ice cream in glass cups at a pushcart but because people kept breaking the glasses, he create some edible bowls.

A Fiore’s Roast Beef Mutz Sandwich

(Photo credit: @fioreshouseofquality)

Craving the popular roast beef mutz sandwiches from Fiore’s? Formulate this Hoboken classic meal in costume form to give locals a great laugh. See our complete guide of local Italian delis for more options. 

A Lipton Tea Product

lipton tea warehouse hoboken

(Photo credit: 1400 Hudson)

The Lipton Tea Company was started by Sir Thomas Lipton, who originally owned grocery stores in the United Kingdom. Finding the quality of the teas for sale lacking, Sir Lipton purchased tea fields in Sri Lanka to make his own tea for sale in his shops. The Hoboken hub made it easy for shipments to come in from Sir Lipton’s Sri Lankan tea plantation, to then be distributed across the U.S. The opening of the Hoboken manufacturing plant came at the same time as Maxwell Coffee, Bethlehem Steel, and Hostess, bringing strong unions and a booming industry to the Mile Square.

A Wireless Phone



The world is more connected thanks to this life-changing invention. On April 14, 1914, the New York Times first revealed that Marconi’s wireless telephone would be tested for the first time at Hoboken’s DL&W Terminal,

The Stevens Duck

(Photo credit: Stevens)

Stevens Institute of Technology is an integral part of the Hoboken community. Pull together a duck outfit and a Stevens jersey to be the hit of the party, especially with the college crowd. Head to downtown bars saluting the mascot for a fun Halloween night out. 

An Oreo

oreo hoboken

The Oreo made its debut in Hoboken, New Jersey for the first time EVER. On March 6, 1912, the National Biscuit Company (aka Nabisco), first sold our fav creme-filled chocolate cookies to S.C. Theusen, who owned the grocery store at 10th and Washington Street.

A Zipper


The zipper was first manufactured by Hoboken’s Automatic Hook & Eye Co. starting in 1906. An engineer at the company started tooling around with a zipper then and perfected it in 1913.

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