5 Famous Inventions Created in Hoboken

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The second you step foot into Hoboken, you instantly realize that it’s home to some of the most unique sights, Italian food, and bomb slices of pizza on just about every corner. But we bet you didn’t know that Hoboken also boasts a TON of national and even international inventions and firsts that you eat, use, or sip on everyday. As if Hoboken could get any more fun, you’re about to be shocked by this impressive list of inventions and first-time happenings that all went down in Hoboken before anywhere else.  Here are five famous inventions created in the Mile Square.

1. The Oreo 



Before Insomnia, Bang Cookies, and Baking Mama, the Oreo made its debut in Hoboken, New Jersey for the first time EVER. On March 6, 1912, the National Biscuit Company {better known as Nabisco these days}, first sold our fav creme-filled chocolate cookies to S.C. Theusen, who owned the grocery store at 10th and Washington Street. Although the treats were actually first made in New York, Hoboken’s certainly got some bragging rights considering they’re now the country’s best-selling cookie and are sold in more than a whopping 100 other types of cookies. RESPECT.

2. The Wireless Phone



Without this life-changing communication tool, life would be a lot more connected — to the wall. Thankfully, on April, 14, 1914, the New York Times first revealed that Marconi’s wireless telephone would be tested for the first time at Hoboken’s DL&W Terminal, changing our lives forever. While things didn’t go from zero to a hundred as quickly as hoped, this was certainly an amazing starting point. However, it didn’t take long for wireless towers to be built in Hoboken and Buffalo, finally establishing a wireless telephone system that could reach up to 400 miles. We’ve come a long way since then.

3. The Waffle Cone



Yes, the waffle cone was allegedly created in Hoboken. According to Marconi’s sonit wasn’t until 1903 that this decadent combo happened, thanks to Italo Marchiony {not to be confused with telephone man above}. In this year, he patented the first machine that mass produced icd cream cups to keep our ice cream safe and sound. Buttt, let’s rewind real quick. When Marchiony moved to Hoboken from Italy in 1895, he sold lemon ices and ice cream in glass cups at a push cart. The problem? People kept breaking the glasses {classic, clumsy humans!}. Solution: create some edible bowls, and that’s just what happened.

4. The First New Jersey Brewery {and possibly first in America?}



Before Pilsener Haus, there was Aert Teunissen Van Putten’s brewery in Hoboken — the first in the state of New Jersey. As the first in the Garden State, it totally deserves bragging rights and fits our state’s reputation as a beer garden town {patting ourselves on the back for this pun right now, tbh}. It all started on January 1, 1641, when a Dutch man named Aert Teunissen Van Putten, who essentially owned Hoboken at the time, went through a ton to create the brewery {sounds like not much has changed at City Hall}. He cleared the land, put up fences, and set up shop — but sadly died two years later. Still, the accolade for Hoboken stands.

5. The Zipper 



Giving serious “kudos” to this invention, as it’s one of the most essential pieces of any piece of clothing. The zipper was first manufactured by Hoboken’s Automatic Hook & Eye Co. starting in 1906. An engineer at the company started tooling around with a zipper then and perfected it in 1913. So every time you pull your jeans up and button them easily, you can give a little shout to this mastermind.

Think that’s where the list ends? Luckily, Hoboken’s got a lot going on for its size, and there’s {what seems like} a never-ending list of firsts it has on its resume. We’d be here for days if we told you EVERY thing that started here, so we’ll be back with round two soon. Hoboken, as if we don’t already show you love enough, thanks for being overzealous as always <3


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