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Justin Bieber Is Moving To Hoboken {This Is NOT A Drill}

by The Hoboken Girl Team
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In February, we gave you on-the-scene photos of Justin and Hailey Bieber leaving the UFC Gym. We reported that this may not be the Biebers’ last visit to the Mile Square, as they were hoping to train there regularly. As it turns out, however, the Biebers have decided to make the UFC their neighborhood gym. That’s right, Justin Bieber and his wife are moving to Hoboken. The pop star and fashion model are allegedly the two newest residents of 333 River Street.

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Sources say the two “had been in talks for a while, but they finally signed the papers and should be moving in soon.” These recent developments are compounded by paparazzi photos of the Biebs running on the riverfront. While no word from Camp Bieber, all evidence suggests the move is inevitable.

Moving to Hoboken seems only logical for the two. Hoboken’s small-town atmosphere brings JB back to his roots with the added bonus of skyline views {plus, his wife is a Baldwin and her family has NYC roots, making Hoboken the ideal spot for her to visit the fam}.

Perhaps JB is trying to emulate Frank Sinatra, as we all know he was a Hoboken native {ahem, please see Blue Eyes café}. However, Bieber might not ever make the Mile Square as much of a home as Sinatra did because…Happy April Fool’s Day! 

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As much as we’d love to break the news that Justin Bieber and his wife are relocating to Hoboken, sadly, it’s not true {that we know of}.

JB is sticking to just visiting our little city for the gym. Maybe one day he’ll take the plunge and really make UFC his local workout spot and perhaps shack up at the W Hoboken, but for now, we locals will simply have to stick to catching the Biebs on IG. Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

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Did you believe Justin Bieber was moving to Hoboken? Let us know in the comments! 

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