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The Best Delivery Spots in Hoboken, By Food Type

by Jennifer Tripucka
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When the seasons turn cold {or it’s just pouring out and a throw blanket is calling your name}, it doesn’t get much better than a glass of red, some Netflix, and delivery on lock. But the question of the hour/year/decade: where should I order delivery from in Hoboken? It’s always a conundrum and hotly contested situation, even when dining solo in the comforts of your home. Chinese? Italian? Sushi? The choice is ultimately yours. Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting for some of the most coveted Hoboken food spots for your noshing pleasure, delivery style. Here are some of the best Hoboken delivery spots broken down by food type, plus the dishes you *must* order.

For Mediterranean delivery: Flatbread Grill {517 Washington Street}

flat bread grill hummus

This Mediterranean spot is owned by three sisters of Turkish descent who grew up in Hoboken. Their food is top-notch, with the thumb bread and chicken platters being standout.

Mamoun’s is a runner-up, and their hummus + falafel might be the best in town, hands down. But for freshness for dishes {+ some salad options with cucumbers and tomatoes}, Flatbread is a go-to.

To order: Thumb Bread + hummus and/or the Chicken Flat Top Platter with Shepherd’s Salad and chickpeas.

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For Italian pizza delivery: Napoli’s {1118 Washington Street, Hoboken + 113 Clinton Street, Hoboken}

Please note: Delfino’s is a hotly-contested second place for this.


Napoli’s has two locations, uptown and downtown, and either are excellent when it comes to pizza or pasta {though Margherita’s is high on the list as well for both pasta and pizza}. That being said, the penne vodka pizza is next level. You’re welcome.

To Order: Penne vodka pizza.

For vegan pizza delivery: Tony Boloney’s {263 1st Street}

tony boloneys vegan pizza

Cashew cheese AND they have a gluten-free pizza option. TB’s doesn’t play {+ it’s effing delicious and delivery is usually under an hour}.

To order: The Oldman Brooklyn {regular cheese} or Vegan cheese pizza.

For pasta delivery: Rosticerria da Gigi {916 Washington Street}

rosticeria di gigi

Shockingly, it’s harder than you’d imagine to get a bowl of pasta delivered, but Gigi’s Rosticerria does it and does it V well. Their bolognese is out of this world, rice balls are cooked to perfection, plus they have some vegan and gluten-free pasta options {double check with them if celiac though, please – as cross-contamination may be possible}.

To order: The Bolognese + rice balls — and gluten-free pasta if you’re into it.

For Italian deli sandwiches delivery: Lisa’s {901 Park Avenue}

{Photo credit: Google Maps}

Yes, the race for the best mutz and Italian sandwiches is a close one {Fiore’s and Vito’s, we’re looking at you}, but when it comes to delivery and good meatballs + mutz, Lisa’s does an excellent job with all of the above.

To Order: Meatballs + chicken sandwich with mutz.

For Mexican delivery: Charrito’s {518 Washington Street}

los charritos

{Photo credit: @loscharritos}

Charrito’s sole remaining Hoboken location now serves alcohol a la a full bar, so if you want a BYOB situation, we recommend doing delivery so you can make your own sangria {that is, if you can get off the couch}.

To Order: Everything, but the veggie burrito is top-notch.

For the best salad delivery: Alfalfa {1110 Washington Street} + Quality Greens Kitchen {227 Washington Street}

{Photo credit: Google Maps}

A newer spot in town, Alfalfa has quickly become a go-to salad spot AND a top contender of salad fixings in town. They also have doughnuts that use the old Schnackenberg’s recipe, so you can get your sweets fix, too. Quality Greens, on the other hand, is a downtown spot that offers a menu selection of salads or a build your own option, meaning it can satisfy any salad craving that you’re having.

To order: The Greek Salad or Darla Salad — or any of the wraps at Alfafa; the Kale Caesar or the Tex-Mex Cob.

For ramen delivery: South Street Ramen Co. {219 Washington Street}

south street ramen hoboken

This ramen spot is a no-frills situation, but LET US TELL YOU — they know how to do delivery. Think: ramen, broth, eggs, veggies, etc, all portioned out in separate containers so you can put them together and they won’t get soggy before delivery. But if you’re trying to eat out, a trek to Ani Ramen or Black Beard in Cliffside Park should be in the cards.

To order: Any of the ramen bowls, obviously.

For Indian delivery: Karma Kafe {505 Washington Street}

karma kafe

{Photo credit: @karmakafeusa}

Ahhh, Karma Kafe —an Indian food staple not only in the Mile Square but in Hudson County. If you haven’t been here for the lunch buffet you are missing out, BUT luckily you can also order from the comfort of your couch. {Author’s note: It’s a New Year’s Eve tradition that we order a huge spread every December 31st and it is SO amazing, every time!}.

To order: Chicken tikka masala + veggie samosas {and the garlic naan, please and thank you}.

For Chinese food delivery: Lo Fatt Chow {720 Monroe Street}

low fatt chow chinese food hoboken

Precious is a top contender, but we’re here to spill the tea on this newer west Hoboken gem, Lo Fatt Chow. You can pick up or get delivery, and know that you’re going to get MSG-free + less oil than your typical Chinese takeout — literally, lower fat chow. The food is super fresh and highly recommended.

To Order: Veggie dumplings, chicken + broccoli, and sweet + sour soup.

For sushi delivery: Robongi {520 Washington Street}

robongi sushi

Sweet potato rolls from Robongi are the best in the game, as is the American Dream roll and Spider roll. Delivery is quick, fresh, and always on time.

To Order: American Dream or Sweet Potato Roll {vegans — try the cucumber + avocado roll, YUM}. The avocado salad with ginger dressing is also A++.

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For Greek food delivery: GreekTown {86 Garden Street, Hoboken}

{Photo credit: @greektownhoboken}

On the hunt for a Greek salad with chicken or spanakopita, and your wish is Greektown’s command. This downtown spot on Garden Street is BYOB, but they have excellent delivery options and gyros abound.

To Order: Spinach pie + Greek Salad with chicken {or a gyro}.

For FREE 1-hour wine delivery: Sparrow Wine + Cork Wines {126 Washington Street}

sparrow wine liquor hoboken

Two top wine delivery spots — one uptown and one downtown, both wonderfully knowledgeable. Both have online ordering and delivery, plus FREE 1-hour delivery anywhere in Hoboken. Click here to order/peep their website.


For dessert delivery: Bang Cookies {1138 Summit Avenue, Jersey City}

bang cookies hoboken girl 2

Now, this is technically in the Heights, but no matter where you live, Bang Cookies needs to be in your life. The drool worthy-cookie spot delivers around Hoboken and Jersey City, and they even have a code for 20% off your first delivery of cookies using the code HOBOKENGIRL {shameless plug — more local deals in our deals section, btw}.

To order: Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie {and warm it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, you’ll die of happiness}.

Which of these places will you be ordering from today? Let us know in the comments!

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