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All About The Sushi Situation at Robongi in Hoboken

by Lauren
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We know we’re most likely preaching to the choir, but if you’re looking for quick bite and quality sushi with some ’90s/early 2000s music thrown into the mix {yes, really}, then Robongi is the place for you. Located at 520 Washington Street {with another location at Port Imperial Ferry Terminal in Weehawken}, Robongi has been serving up sushi to Hudson County for a decent amount of time and so we felt it was necessary to give the 411 in a post. Read on for a look into our visit to this unassuming sushi house {don’t forget to BYO, btw} that also is a go-to for sushi delivery in Hoboken:

The Food

robongi sushi hoboken

The first thing you will notice when opening up Robongi’s menu is crabsno really, there’s even a sign outside that reads “Hot Fat Crabs” — get ya mind outta the gutter, people. But seriously, besides traditional sushi and custom rolls, Robongi also offers a large amount of crab specials, including crabs and steamers served with corn, potatoes and broccoli, and a choice of natural, garlic or spicy seasoning. Choose from Dungeness crab, snow crab, King crab or a selection of mussels and clams if you’re in the mollusk mood. Aside from the crustaceans on the menu, Robongi also makes Donburi rice bowls including tilapia curry, Tuna Don {sashimi over seasoned rice} and Ten Don {deep fried shrimp and vegetables over rice}.

robongi sushi hoboken

For more non-sushi options, there are Japanese noodle bowls with ramen, udon or soba noodles, and a variety of seafood dishes and delicious appetizers like fried softshell crab and wasabi shumai – and that’s just the beginning.

robongi sushi hoboken

For dinner, we started out with the gyoza appetizer and found these little pork wontons to be expertly steamed, with a savory sweet sauce on the side that was excellent for dipping. The standard miso soup and salad starters were also flavorful, with the scallion to tofu ratio in the miso hitting perfect levels. In addition, the plating of the dishes was very colorful and impressive, with minimum wait times for both appetizers and entrées.

robongi sushi hoboken

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The cucumber avocado roll was crispy and refreshing {a great choice for vegetarians} and the sashimi platter was fresh, with generous portions of fish and wonderfully spicy wasabi. We also sampled one of the more creative rolls on Robongi’s menu — choices here include {and seriously, the names will make you lol} the Sex on the Beach roll {crab and shrimp tempura and spicy tuna with eel sauce and black Tobiko roe on top}, the Jersey Shore roll {spicy snow crab salad, avocado, yellowtail and white tuna} and the signature soy rolls wrapped in soy paper. We landed on the Yoro roll with spicy white tuna, avocado, cucumber, Masago {a type of roe} and Kani {crab}, all packaged in a crunchy soy wrapper with a bit of a nutty aftertaste.

Dinner bento boxes are also available for those with a big appetite, in both tofu and meat options and a wide range of sushi and tempura — and gluten-free soy sauce is also available upon request {score}.

robongi sushi hoboken

The Atmosphere

Robongi definitely has a chill vibe and it’s the perfect spot for a night out with friends. The space is usually packed and often loud, but that’s because it’s often filled with large groups of friends enjoying a night out or celebrating something. Robongi also gets major points for being BYOB — and with several liquor stores in the area, it’s super easy to pick up a bottle on your way there.


For those that don’t want to leave the comfort of home, Robongi’s delivery is top-notch. Most of the time, you order and they’re there within 30 minutes or less {we can’t promise this, but it’s the trend for their delivery guys as of late}.

Final Thoughts

Overall Robongi was great for a nice, chill dinner with friends— it was very accommodating and had a solid price list to boot. The option of indoor or outdoor seating for warmer, sunnier days is great for people watching on Washington Street. Upon leaving and commenting on how fresh the sashimi was, the owner shared that the restaurant often orders 5-6 times a week just to ensure the fish is up to snuff — can’t be mad at that. PS: This is not sponsored, we just love Robongi that much we felt a whole post was necessary to share.

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Have you been to Robongi? What’s your go-to order?

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