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Where to Find Delicious Bruschetta in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Chris Goodlof
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Ahh — bruschetta. BRUS-CHETTA if you’re saying it correctly. This Italian delicacy manages to pack every bite with flavor while also being a light dish, an app if you will. Traditionally, bruschetta is the perfect combination of grilled bread, olive oil, garlic, chopped tomato, and fresh basil, but there are many variations to be had. Luckily, Jersey City and Hoboken have a wide selection of restaurants serving up quality bruschetta dishes and we’ve rounded up a few places to check out.

Disclaimer: This is a growing list. Please email [email protected] with any recommendations you feel should be added to the list!


Augustino’s {1104 Washington Street}

It comes as no surprise that Augustino’s offers delicious bruschetta. the crunchy bread is topped with perfectly seasoned tomatoes.

Apulia {1319 Washington Street}


Apulia, known for its wood-fired pizza, also has a bruschetta dish that serves as the perfect app before diving into those sices.

Bin 14 {1314 Washington Street}

bin 14

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{Photo credit: @bin14winebar}

This Hoboken wine bar offers several varieties of bruschetta from classic to more adventurous approaches like tuna tartare and wild mushroom — AND it has gluten-free chickpea-based options for those with allergies. A glass of wine, Bin 14’s savory bruschetta, and you’re pretty much in heaven on a cozy evening.

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Carpe Diem {1405 Grand Street}

Popular gastropub Carpe Diem is a great place to have bruschetta paired with a nice cocktail. The goat cheese bruschetta is a palatable and unique twist on the classic dish. The outdoor dining is situated underneath the viaduct, one of the more unique dining experiences in town!

Il Tavolo Di Palmisano {700 Clinton Street}

Il Tavolo Di Palmisano

{Photo credit: @il_tavolo_di_palmisano}

Il Tavolo Di Palmisano is a classic Italian restaurant. There’s a wide selection of traditional and modern Italian dishes, but the bruschetta is on another level. The bruschetta ‘boards’ — as they’re called — come with a variety of styles and ingredients, and are only to be topped off with wine.

Johnny Pepperoni {219 11th Street}

When it comes to family-friendly Italian-American style, Johnny Pepperoni takes the cake {plus it’s BYOB}. The menu is a proverbial encyclopedia of classic Italian dishes, and the bruschetta will please any and all tastes. Whether you want classic tomato bruschetta or something more adventurous like mascarpone cheese or spicy broccoli rabe, this spot will not disappoint. 

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Napoli’s {1118 Washington Street}

Hoboken has no shortage of pizza places, and Napoli’s is one that always creates a buzz. Whether you’re looking for pizza or a more traditional dish, Napoli’s delivers. And if it’s bruschetta you’re looking for, opt for the classic tomato and red onion — an ideal starter prior to your vodka pizza. You’re welcome.

Otto Strada {743 Park Avenue}

Otto Strada has come to be a Hoboken classic — with incredible Italian eats. The restaurant prides itself on fine Italian cuisine and pizza. The menu has traditional bruschetta, and might we recommend ordering with a side of their grilled octopus. Appetizer happy place, 101.

Sorellina {1036 Washington Street}


{Photo credit: @sorellinahoboken}

Sorellina is the ideal combination of bistro and wine bar. The Italian fare is always served with a twist, and the wine selection complements it beautifully. Especially noteworthy is its seasonal take on bruschetta with locally sourced ricotta and squash.

Verizza {152 Newark Street}

Those looking for artisanal pizza, look no further than Verizza. This newer restaurant offers a wide selection of Italian favorites. Try the bruschetta nostra which features sourdough bread, stracciatella, mortadella, pistachio pesto, and pecorino romano. 

Wings to Go {400 Newark Street}

Veering off the beaten path, we have Wings to Go. While this locale is known nationally for the mouth-watering wings, there’s also offer a variety of appetizers to complement your meal; among them is an enjoyable bruschetta dish that one wouldn’t expect to find at a wing joint.

Jersey City

15 Fox Place {15 Fox Place}

15 fox place

Perhaps you’ve heard of the legendary 15 Fox Place. It’s a reservation-only prix-fixe restaurant inside of a residential home. There is no menu to speak of, you just settle in for the experience. And of course, there’s a killer bruschetta, evidenced above. 

Delenio {357 7th Street}


{Photo credit: @delenio.italian.eatery}

Located in the Hamilton Park district of Jersey City, Delenio is a delightful Italian restaurant with no-frills dishes. The bruschetta is served in the traditional style and has a serious stack of fresh veggies + cheese.

The Franklin {159 New York Avenue}

The Franklin offers some of the most innovative Italian cuisines in the area. This BYO-locale offers a robust dinner and brunch menu. The bruschetta is served with burrata cheese, chanti cherries, pink peppercorn, and arugula – don’t miss out.

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John’s Pizza {87 Sussex Street}

John’s Pizza is a fun place to go when all you know is that you want Italian food — and gluten-free options at that. The menu runs the gamut from pizza and pasta to paninis and salads, and of course, there’s a traditional-style tomato bruschetta on the menu.

Lievito Pizza {584 Summit Avenue}

The quintessential pizzeria in every sense of the word, Lievito Pizza is a go-to in the area that is a bit more off-the-beaten — complete with bruschetta on the menu.

Roma {346 Grove Street}

Roma is the kind of place that you could order from several times and still be surprised by the robust menu. Offering a wide variety of plates, this gem is a reliable choice if you’re in the mood for anything Italian.

Villa Borghese III {475 Washington Boulevard}

Last but certainly not least comes Villa Borghese III — that’s become a go-to destination for Italian cuisine with a modern twist in Jersey City. Colletti offers a traditional style bruschetta with a crostini twist that is sure to delight bruschetta enthusiasts. 


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