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Align Pilates in Hoboken: A Review

by Danielle Lynch
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New this year to the Hoboken wellness scene, Align Pilates + Wellness {located at 401 Bloomfield Street} take fitness and nutrition to a whole new level. Owners, Amanda and Jenn, bring a total body workout to the Hoboken community while empowering clients, building self-confidence, and helping others to achieve the body they have always wanted.

align pilates hoboken

The Story

Amanda and Jenn have been friends for years. Jenn started as Amanda’s client. As their passion and love for pilates grew, so did their dreams. When Amanda decided to open the studio, she {obviously} asked Jenn to come on board. They opened in late January, early February of this year and have built quite a following.

Prior to opening shop here in Hoboken, Amanda had been teaching Pilates for over twelve years {7 years in Hoboken, alone}. She used pilates for corrective work during her career as a professional dancer and fell in love with the practice. Knowing how much it helped her, she wanted to give the same to others, which lead her to open Align Pilates + Wellness.

About Pilates

align pilates hoboken

Pilates is a full body workout, from head to toe, with a deep emphasis on strengthening and stretching the core muscles. Through this, long, lean muscles will build {rather than short, bulky ones}. The classes are done on The Reformer table. By adding or taking away springs, tension and resistance builds or lessens. “Our classes can be as gentle or as vigorous as it needs to be on your body,” explains Amanda.

The classes are meant to challenge you to your ability level and with such small class sizes, coaches are able to offer modifications and provide semi-private classes. There are only four Reformers in the studio so it is easy to manage everyone’s body and make sure everyone is practicing safely and in their best form. “We cater to the group’s needs. Because we have such a community here, we know our members and what they are capable of. Our classes are always tailored to the people who are there at that time”.

Our Experience

align pilates hoboken

After trying out a class, we have a whole new respect for Pilates and left craving more. Hoboken Girl writer {+ fitness enthusiast} Danielle tried out a class and was beyond impressed. Here is what she thought—

Not knowing what to expect, I walked into the studio and was greeted by the friendliest of faces. Being new to the studio {and pilates, in general}, I was, initially, intimidated but felt at ease when Amanda assured me she would guide me every step of the way. The 55-minute workout challenged my body and encouraged me to keep going. I could feel every muscle being worked. I felt taller, stronger, and more invested in a workout than I ever have before.

align pilates hoboken

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Amanda’s personality is infectious and captured me from the start. She helped me through more difficult movements while modifying for more advanced members. She explained everything in a way that made sense. My favorite part was stretching after doing some strengthening movements. You could feel your muscles lengthening. At the end of the class, I felt so proud of myself. The class was hard but made me feel so good about myself. I absolutely loved it and will definitely be returning.

Membership + Pricing

So, how does it work? Members can choose from different packages, ranging from small group to duets, to private classes at all ability levels and for all needs. The studio has so many regular, private clients. {Most people need the extra push of a one to one coach.} In this setting, instructors are able to guide the client through a tailored workout, provide different types of stretch therapy, as well as tailor to different needs, such as injuries and limitations. While some clients come in to lose weight and tone, others use pilates as a rehabilitative approach. Regular classes are small {only four per session} and allow for truly individualized workouts. Check out the Align Pilates + Wellness Pricing Guide to help decide on a package that works for you. {Insider Tip —  the most popular one is the Align Yourself Membership}.

The studio also offers holistic health and wellness coaching. They cover everything from A to Z, as her approach goes beyond the food you eat. Amanda dives into your lifestyle, relationships, stress levels, and sleep patterns {in a comfortable way, of course}. She knows that all of these things affect our health, at the end of the day and by providing an integrated approach to reaching goals, clients feel better from the inside out.


align pilates hoboken

Members feel so connected to the community that Amanda and Jenn have built here at the studio. The two ladies are most proud of the friendships that clients have with each other, just from working out here. They come in not knowing a soul and leave with a best friend. Working together and building each other up, while achieving your goals is really empowering. Both ladies, being new moms, knew how important time out of the house {with or without baby} is. This lead them to offer classes where you can bring your little one so that you can take care of yourself and your baby.

The Verdict

align pilates hoboken

Amanda and Jenn want everyone to feel welcome, open, and confident in themselves when in their studio {+ outside of it, too}. Align has become a studio where clients come, not just to work out, but to be transformed by the energy, as well. “For me, I just want everyone to feel successful. If one thing doesn’t work for your body, it’s okay. We will figure it out. That’s why I do what I do”. We are super proud of these two for turning their passion into a business that helps the community of Hoboken and hope you give it a try. Trust us, you will be hooked.

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Have you ever been to Align Pilates and Wellness? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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