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Hoboken + Jersey City’s Most Unique Fitness Classes

by Desiree
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It’s tough enough to feel motivated enough to work out, especially if you’re constantly in the same workout routine. We’ve all been there, so if working out feels like a bit of a chore for you, we’ve rounded up the most unique fitness classes in Hoboken and Jersey City to help you add some pizazz to your routine that will allow you to have fun while getting fit.

Aerial Yoga at Honor Yoga {720 Monroe Street}

Aerial Yoga is sure to take your yoga practice to new heights — both literally and figuratively. Located in the Monroe Center, Honor Yoga offers beginner and intermediate aerial classes so that everyone has a chance to get their inner Cirque du Soleil on. Bonus: You’ll most likely leave class with a profile-picture-worthy photo or two.

bodyART at Renaissance Pilates {335 River Street}

Renaissance Pilates recently revamped their studio and class schedule. One of their newest classes, bodyART™ by Robert Steinbacher, is an intense holistic functional whole body workout that combines strength, flexibility, cardio and breathing. Based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the five elements the Chinese philosophy, bodyART makes for an intense, yet fun workout done barefoot. Note: You’ll want to wear your cutest dry-fit gear here to heed the class description: “Be prepared to sweat.”

Himalayan Sound Bath/Ocean Soul Restorative at Pavana Yoga  {251 1st Street}

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Pavana Yoga has been shaking up Hoboken’s yoga scene with some of the most unique yoga flows we’ve attended. Both the Himalayan Sound Bath and Ocean Soul Restorative classes are particularly geared towards relaxation and balance, offering a nice variety from a more vigorous practice.

Capoeira at The Academy {38 Jackson Street}

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A combination of dance, acrobatics and martial arts, Capoeira will test the skills and endurance of any athlete. Fact: Capoeira was originally practiced in secret by African slaves in Brazil as a way to train, with fighting techniques camouflaged by dance movement, ensuring its true intent was hidden from slave masters. With deep historical roots, it’s easy to see why the integrity {and fun!} of Capoeira is catching on. The Academy offers Capoeira classes {capped at 20 attendees per class} for adults and kids. Afterwards, we recommend hitting up owner Salam Diri for some foam rolling 101. 

Sound Bath Meditation at Asana Soul {411 Jefferson Street}

Located downtown on Jefferson Street, this weekly sound bath class is hosted by award-winning sound meditation specialist, Patrick Murray. Class incorporates Tibetan singing bowls, bamboo flutes, meditation drumming and crystal bowls for a practice that’s sure to restore your mind, body and soul. New clients can experience two weeks of unlimited classes at Asana Soul for just $35.

Live Music Fridays at Hudson Yoga Project {44 Hudson Place}

Great for yogis of all experience levels, “Live Music Fridays” is Hudson Yoga Project’s signature class, which includes live music {obvi} and a candlelit room for a slow Vinyasa flow and restorative practice. The best part? An extra long savasana. Just minutes from the PATH, we can’t think of a better way to wind down into the weekend. Namaste.

“Body Soul and Pole” at Thrive Fitness {333 Newark Street}

You can’t go wrong with a workout that’s founded on strength and female empowerment. Boasting an amazing studio at 333 Newark Street, Body Soul and Pole instructors are dedicated to teaching class attendees about pole fitness and putting any stigma to rest. Aside from the physical benefits of increased flexibility, gaining strength and maybe shedding a couple pounds {or not}, what we love most about Body Soul Pole are the mental benefits. Class attendees rave about their newfound confidence. Each class lasts about 60 minutes and typically has no more than 13 attendees {translation: sign up early.}

“Inferno” at Fit Foundry {1416 Willow Avenue}

Those who “hate cardio” will surely appreciate this 45 minute intense class, which can  incorporate anything from free weights, body-weight exercises, kettlebells, TRX bands, sandbags and more. Though we’re not exactly sure what of, the point is that any given Inferno class is never the same. For those looking to sweat {Inferno = Metabolic FIRE = more room for pizza}, bust boredom, and conquer a workout in the blink of an eye, this is the class for you. The #fitfam comes at no extra cost.

“Tramp Stamp” at Jane Do {Hoboken — 720 Monroe Street, Jersey City — 160 Newark Avenue}

Looking for a low-impact workout without sacrificing the benefits of strengthening your cardiovascular health? We suggest this trampoline class at Jane Do, which currently has locations in Hoboken, Jersey City, and Edgewater. 

Live Music Meltdown at Real Hot Yoga {1414 Grand Street}

Anyone who has frequented a Hoboken bar or two can attest to the music scene we’ve got going on {check out September’s Live Music Guide}. Live Music Meltdown combines the love of music and yoga through a guided flow to you guessed it — live music. Taught by RHY duo Meghan Kramer and James Calleo, it’s a 75 minute experience that will leave your mind, body and soul feeling so uplifted, you can kiss your ‘case of the Mondays’ buh-bye. Want more afterwards? Catch James playing a set at some of our favorite Hoboken spots here.

Bolly HIIT at Celebrate Life Studio {1200 Park Avenue}

Bolly HIIT is a brand new class with Shehnaaz Dance Academy of Jersey City and is being offered at Celebrate Life Studio. The class is currently in its introductory phase and is being offered on Tuesdays {up until February 6th} but will hopefully be a regular class soon. Sessions include a mix of high intensity workout {cardio + abs} with some dance choreography to the beats of Bollywood music. Register here.

What’s your favorite out-of-the-ordinary fitness class? Share in the comment below!

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