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11 Tips on Settling Into Hoboken as a Mom

by Melissa
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Are you a new mom in Hoboken? Being a new mom in this town can be super intimidating — but have no fear! Our very own resident and Hoboken mama Melissa {also know as THE Melissa from Baked by Melissa} has been in your position. To help you sort out life as a new Mile Square resident, she’s broken down some important survival tips to make your life a bit easier as a new-to-Hoboken mom. Here are her top 10:

1. Don’t Be Shy!

Say hello to everyone. Depending on what time of year you move to this wonderful city, you’ll notice that there are a ton of “babies and bellies” out and about. Chances are, a lot of these moms or moms-to-be are looking for new friends {seriously, so many are in the same exact position as you are} and would love to set up a playdate or even just chat. Don’t be shy, say hello! You’ll be surprised to learn most people will say it back. Here are a few fun ice breakers:

  1. “Awww, how old is she?” “Mine’s ___.”
  2. “Excuse me, do you like your stroller?”
  3. “I’m looking for a daycare. Do you have any recommendations?”

2. Explore Daycare Options

There are so many wonderful daycare options in Hoboken for you working moms {or moms that just need a break}. Many of the daycares have multiple locations in town so regardless of where you live in the square mile, there is bound to be an option for you. Here are a few mom-reccomended daycares:

3. Join the Hoboken Mommies Facebook Group

Request an invite to the Facebook page called Hoboken Mommies. As a new mother, the group offers you access to thousands of mommies in the same position. Moms are constantly posting questions, concerns, ideas, and even selling gently used items. Questions vary from anything to what to do to get your baby to seep {do you let them cry it out?} to liquor stores that deliver in Hoboken {because #wine}. Hoboken Mommies pretty much know it all and it is a wonderful community to be a part of.

4. Head to Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Take the plunge and go out to early dinner with your babe – there are many restaurants in town that are stroller friendly {+ kid friendly, because that’s important too} and will accommodate your mommy needs.

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5. Donate Old Baby Clothes

There is a clothing donation bin behind Shoprite {babies grow FAST} and there are also always clothing drives happening throughout town. You can also donate children’s {and your own clothes} directly to women’s shelters like Women Rising and York Street Project in Jersey City.

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6. Stay in the Loop

Nixle is amazing website for anyone who lives in Hoboken. You can sign up to recieve alerts via text or email about Hoboken construction, floods, street closing, things that are being voted on, and so much more. Just enter our zip code and you will be in the know!

7. Check Out Indoor Play Options

For when it’s cold out – there are a handful of open play gyms – Kidville in Maxwell Place is a favorite. It’s a great way to let the kids get their energy out and of course it’s another opportunity to make new friends {both for you and your kids}.

8. Try Out Enrichment Classes

There are a ton of fun {but educational} classes in town for infants and toddlers. Check out the Monroe Center and the Hoboken Public Library. You can also just google “kids classes in Hoboken” and you’ll be thrilled with all of the options you have.

9. Take a Walk to the Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market on 14th and Garden Street is a family favorite. It’s open every Saturday during the Spring and Summer months and it’s a great way to get your food shopping done while entertaining your kids. It is super kid-friendly as is usually a live band and sometimes arts and crafts. You can check it out every Saturday from 9am – 2pm in the spring, summer and fall.

10. Go Playground-Hopping

Hoboken has so many great playgrounds for kids of all ages. No matter where you live in town, there is bound to be a playground near you. You could easily visit a new one each day to switch up your routine a little. From Elysian, to Church Square, to Maxwell, your little one will love exploring different parks.

11. Checking out the Hoboken Girl Facebook Insiders Group

The Hoboken Girl Facebook insiders group is a great resource for mamas. Locals can share a question they have a Mile Square and have it answered by other residents. The FB group is an ideal mom resource for anything from the best daycares to the best kid-friendly locales. Join the group here.

There you have it, mommies — some tips from a Hoboken mama herself to make your life just a tad bit easier. Have any more Hoboken mama tips + tricks you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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