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    As we transition our wardrobes through the seasons, it’s important to keep an eye out for items we may want to donate and of course to think of those in need. But, what do you do with the clothes once you’ve gathered them up? We’ve got you covered. Check out these Hoboken and Jersey City spots where you can donate your clothing, bedding, shoes, and more. Be sure to call each place in advance as well, to double check that each spot is still accepting donations for the season.



    For Clothing, Outerwear, and Accessories:

    The Salvation Army {248 Erie Street, Jersey City [or CALL]} 

    The Salvation Army provides clothing distribution services to families in need throughout New Jersey. You can arrange a pickup of your gently used clothing {and furniture/household items too} by calling 1-800-SA-TRUCK or heading to satruck.org, or by visiting their drop box at the local Family Store at 248 Erie Street, just outside the Holland Tunnel. You can also drop off clothing during normal business hours {call their # for exact times as it varies}.

    Clothing Donation Bins {Jefferson + 3rd Street, Hoboken}

    Sometimes convenience is key – we get it. Located in the parking lot across from the church are two clothing donation bins that are always available for drop-offs of clothing and shoes but please note they are usually for-profit recycling companies. {Perfect for those late-night closet purges.}

    The Hoboken Shelter {3rd and Bloomfield, Hoboken}

    Relying on our community for support to provide food, shelter, and care to our city’s homeless, the Hoboken Shelter also accepts clothing donation for its patrons. Currently in need of women and men’s casual clothing, socks, and underpants — but always accepting coffee, food, blankets, reusable shopping bags, and more. The shelter is also constantly welcoming volunteers and monetary donations, of course. Dropoff for items is between 9AM-9PM daily.

    Clothing Donation Bins: {18th and Marin, Jersey City}

    In Jersey City, there are over a dozen clothing and shoe donation bins to choose from in the parking lot of Acme + Pier 1. Providing convenience and choice to the donators, you can select which charity you would like your items {and goodwill} to go to and easily park to unload the goods, too.

    Family Promise {71 Summit Avenue, Jersey City}

    Family Promise is a nonprofit providing temporary shelter to homeless families in the community. A local affiliate of a national nonprofit, Family Promise works to keep entire homeless families together — they rely on places of worship, or host congregations, to provide shelter. All host congregations are currently based in Jersey City and Hoboken, with additional support from congregations in Hoboken and Bayonne.

    Dress for Success and Suits for Success of Hudson County {591 Summit Avenue, Jersey City}
    Dress for Success is a wonderful organization that provides women and men with professional attire to secure employment. Donations are accepted every Thursday from 10-3pm, so please call to schedule your drop off and provide an itemized list of your donated items. Things accepted include interview-appropriate suits {NEW or gently used}, interview appropriate blouses, professional separates including blouses, slacks, skirts, dresses, blazers and jackets, work-appropriate shoes, jewelry, scarves, and handbags.

    In Jesus’ Name Charities {400 Willow Avenue, Hoboken}

    In Jesus’ Name Charities takes donations of in-season clothing and distributes it for free to those who need it throughout the community.  The charity is currently in need of children’s clothing — including snowsuits, winter jackets, and snow boots.

    St. Mary’s Advocates Thrift Shop {536 Garden Street, Hoboken}

    St. Mary’s Advocates Thrift Shop provides affordable clothing, toys, and more to its residents and accepts donations that it will sell. The proceeds from all donations go to several charities as well as providing nursing scholarships to residents of Hoboken.

    St. Matthews Lunchtime Ministry {57 8th Street, Hoboken}

    St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church focuses on providing food, affordable housing, and equal rights for the LGBTQ community through the donations they receive. Your donations will go to members of the community that are homeless or marginally housed. You can also volunteer at one of their four meal services they provide Monday thru Thursday from 8:00AM to 12:00AM.

    Symposia Book Store {510 Washington Street, Hoboken}

    Clothes aside, Hoboken’s Symposia Bookstore accepts donations of old books and CDs that are no longer in use.

    Eyeglasses Donation at Wise Vision {334 Washington Street, Hoboken}

    Clothes aside, Wise Vision in Hoboken accepts donations of used eyeglasses. Instead of hoarding that pair you wore back in kindergarten, donate your used eyeglasses to another little one in need.

    WomenRising {270 Fairmount Avenue, Jersey City}

    WomenRising assists women and children coming from tough situations — and clothing donations are needed. They only accept new clothing, but also accept donations of diapers, wipes, feminine products, and furniture/toys.

    York Street Project {89 York Street, Jersey City}

    York Street Project accepts donations of used clothing {in good condition} — including coats and warm weather supplies for women and children of all ages.

    Sneaker Donation at Jack Rabbit {127 Washington Street, Hoboken}


    Who says you have to chuck your old sneaks? Gather up your old tennis shoes and drop them off at Jack Rabbit — they often have a “Dunk Your Kicks” box which helps to benefit the Max Cure Foundation. The Max Cure Foundation’s Dunk Your Kicks campaign collects these sneakers and then sells them to an international recycler of affordable clothing. They then resell the shoes as affordable footwear to developing nations — receiving up to $1.00 per pair based on the quality of sneakers collected which goes towards advancing The Max Cure Foundation’s Roar Beyond Barriers program {providing financial support in the form of gift cards to low-income and military families who have children battling cancer.

    PS: Readers also tell us that Fleet Feet on Washington Street accepts donations of sneakers!

    DVD Donations: Hoboken Public Library {400 Park Avenue}

    For DVDs and books, you can donate to the Public Library. Tunes also will take old CDs and albums, but they inspect carefully so make sure they’re scratch-free.

    Donation Pick Up Services

    There are also tons of pick-up services throughout the state that will come to your door for your donations. Websites including Donation Town, Go Green Drop, and Clothing Donations.org all allow you to schedule delivery and learn more about the charities your donations would be serving, too.

    Know of any other great spots that need donations?

    Comment below or email us hello@hobokengirl.com and we’ll add to the post! 

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    Erin is a freelance writer and lives in Hoboken with her husband and daughter. A proud Jersey Girl, she grew up in Central New Jersey but always had a love for Hudson County, with her father having grown up in Jersey City, and her grandfather proudly worked at Maxwell House for decades. Her words have been featured across many outlets including BRIDES, Allure, TeenVogue, The Today Show, Byrdie, and more. Erin also owns local Etsy shop GrandeGifts, and in her spare time can be found binging on all things Bravo.


    • There’s a women’s shelter in Jersey City that accepts donations for women, children, and baby apparel and gear.

    • Please add to your list the thrift shop at 6th and Garden in Hoboken. Run by St. Mary Advocates, this thrift shop has an all-volunteer staff and all proceeds go to charity. It is no longer affiliated with the hospital in town, because the hospital is now for-profit. Instead, its money goes to things such as nursing scholarships and wounded veterans. It is also a great place to shop! Great stuff for good bargains. (I’m a volunteer.) Like us on Facebook and get information about special sale days. https://www.facebook.com/hobokenthriftshop . As for donations, make sure the clothing is clean, with no stains, rips or holes. We discard anything that isn’t in good shape. (And as for those bins in parking lots or sidewalks… those are usually for-profit recycling companies.)

      • Hi, do you offer a pickup service for clothing donations? I live in Union City, NJ and have not been able to find an organization to pickup in my zip code 07087. I have men’s clothing I am trying to donate. Thanks!

    • The description of St. Mary’s Advocates is a little bit off, as the thrift store is purely a thrift store, selling donated items to raise money for health-related charities, such as the local ambulance corps, wounded vets, etc. (Not sure what you mean when you say it provides its residents with clothes and toys.) We are so happy that you included it in the list but maybe you could tweak that wording.

      here’s some suggested wording:
      St. Mary’s Advocates Thrift Shop accepts donations of gently used clothing (no stains, rips, or pilling, please), as well as toys, and small housewares. All proceeds from this 100%-volunteer operation go to several charities as well as provide nursing scholarships to residents of Hoboken and the vicinity.

      –Thank you so much, Lisa Vickery (St. Mary Advocates thrift shop volunteer)

    • They Hyacinth Foundation in Jersey City is also a great charity to donate to and they do pick up services (may be limited to certain areas and/or items) but they do scheduled pick-ups.

      48 N Farview Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304
      Phone: (201) 432-1134

    • I highly recommend people call the nonprofit first before dropping off any donations. I work for one of the nonprofits listed and at this time we are not accepting clothing donations due to space limitations, not to mention that we have extra new clothes we received from our donors over the holidays. So please, please, please call the organization you have in mind and ask them what they need. Speaking on their behalf, we appreciate the phone call prior to dropping off any donations. ——Speaking from experience.

    • It’s wonderful that all these nonprofits are listed in one place and I know they appreciate it but each organization has different needs. I highly encourage donors to first contact the nonprofit prior to dropping off any donations. You have no idea how much we appreciate a call letting us know what you intend on donating.

    • Having been inspired to organize after viewing several several Mari Kondo videos this holiday season, I’m loving this list. Also, I’d like to make a big shout-out to April at In Jesus’ Name for her years in helping people.

      Some additional ideas:

      You can donate blankets and sheets to the animal hospital on Washington Street. Helps the animals feel cozy.

      The Lions Club collect eye glasses by placing collection boxes in various places. For example, there is a collection box at the Franklin Lakes library.

      Question: Can electronics be dropped at Best Buy or Staples?

    • Hi, great article appreciate all the info on where to give things, and to shop too. Please remember Liberty animal shelter in JC off the turnpike too, I once dropped off some towels and they were very appreciative. I imagine anything like blankets or along those lines would be good too. Might want to call them first like others suggest.

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    • Does Dress for Success needs men’s professional/business attire as well? They appear to be accepting clothing for women only based on their website description. I have quite a lot of men’s clothing would like to donate. Thank you so much and by the way, this is a great and informational blog.

    • H&M in the Newport Mall accepts anything made of fabric. They recycle it into new clothing. Great for donations of stained, torn, worn clothing that wouldn’t be accepted elsewhere!


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