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The Hoboken Public Library’s NEW Level {+ Reading Garden!}

by Briana
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As if the Hoboken Public Library didn’t already have enough to offer, their lower level just went under an insaaane renovation and will soon be open to library-goers. The lower level {now known as the Programming Facility} went from an unused basement to a beautiful new space that even includes an outside area, known as the Reading Garden {yes, you heard that correctly — A READING GARDEN — see below!}. We took a tour of the new space at its grand opening and here’s what we came across:

A before + after shot of the Reading Garden

Above is a before and after shot of the lower outdoor space at the Hoboken Public Library, which went from graffiti-covered wall to turf, tables and chairs, and shrubbery — ready and waiting for the nice weather.

hoboken library programming facility

The new outdoor Reading Garden at the HPL.

The main purpose of this new space is to host programs for people of all ages, as the library hosts a significant amount of free programs on the reg {so many that it’s almost hard to keep up!} that cater to just about everyone. On their website, you can find programs, classes, and seminars for adults, children, teens, and seniors. After taking a look at how many they host, it’s totally clear why they’d need this new space.

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hoboken library programming facility

While the facility is not officially open to the public yet, you can get a sneak peak if you wish to check out some books {that are available to purchase on the lower level}. When you walk downstairs, you’ll see a wall filled with pre-owned books that were donated by Hoboken citizens and are ready to purchase {no late fees, ever — yass}.

hoboken library programming facility

Where you can browse books that are available to purchase {the only part of downstairs that is currently open as of now}

Looking to Volunteer in Hoboken? Click Here to See Local Opportunities to Give Back

hoboken library programming facility

Part of the new downstairs facility + The New Jersey Symphony playing while guests took a tour of the new space

We are so excited about the new space {especially that reading garden — kiiiiinda obsessed} and can’t wait until it’s officially open so you can check it out, too.

Do you frequent the library often? What do you think of the new downstairs situation? Let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for the opening of the Reading Garden and the full downstairs, coming soon.

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