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SoJo Spa in Edgewater: A Zen Getaway Open Year-Round

by Jennifer Tripucka
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There’s no denying SoJo Spa Club in Edgewater has become quite the local destination — whether coming from out of town to stay at their resort or staycationing in the area just for the day at the spa. It’s a cinch to enjoy: Pull up to the valet, drop your keys, and BOOM: it’s time for relaxation. The SoJo building hosts a Korean spa resort, 250,000 square feet and eight stories of saunas, steam rooms, and baths. A pampering palace, if you will, perfect for groups. Here’s more about this zen getaway, open year-round {yes, even on Christmas Day!} in Edgewater:

SoJo Spa Edgewater

Casual view from SoJo


The Year-Round Pools

In addition to the rooftop infinity pool {open year-round with a temp of 96 – 98 degrees}, there are a plethora of specialty baths with temperatures around 101 – 105 degrees Farenheit. SoJo winterizes these when the weather starts to get cooler {typically mid-end October} with heated tents and covered walkways from the inside to the pools and baths so you can enjoy them even in a blizzard.

Sojo Spa Club Edgewater

Club Pilates 2023

^The outdoor area of the spa — covered in snow,

but attendees are able to enjoy the hot baths around the property while outdoors in 30-degree weather!

Zap Fitness

The outdoor Hinoki Bath, the Carbon-rich Bath and Silk Bath are reminiscent of the natural hot springs in Japan. Each bath has different health properties that include improved circulation, increased blood oxygen levels, and improved skin elasticity.

SoJo Spa Edgewater

Appointments or Walk-In

Walk in or make an appointment for specific pampering sessions {shiatsu, Korean body scrubs, foot massages — the works}, and then enjoy your day at SoJo before or after your treatments. At check-in, you’ll be required to take off your shoes before even heading upstairs. Oh and make sure you bring a bathing suit!

Upstairs, there are men’s and women’s locker rooms where towels and bathrobes are distributed. You can also book your Korean Body Scrub Session at this time {note: It’s  $135, INTENSE, but pretty awesome – they slough off your layer of dry skin by scrubbing you in the nude and then you enjoy a cucumber mask and some milk and lotions to make you smooth as a baby’s you-know-what}.

In both locker rooms, there are private outdoor hot tubs that are open year-round. Outdoor hot tubs in winter = amaze. Please note: men’s and women’s locker rooms are separate, but most other spots are for all genders.

Self-Care All Day Long


All of the saunas on the fifth floor are also co-ed, and there are five different saunas touting different health benefits. You’ll enjoy crystal clear views of Manhattan in the Infrared Sauna while enjoying the benefits of the sun without the harmful radiation. Infrared rays also raise your core temperature, activating your sweat glands for a deeper detox than a traditional sauna. The walls of the Red Clay Sauna are imported from Korea and emit negative ions via natural infrared radiation, which increases oxygenation and detoxification. The White Clay Sauna assists lymphatic drainage especially as it pertains to heavy metal detoxification. The Himalayan Salt Sauna is constructed with tiles made of the pristine pink salt of the Himalayas. The salt is a natural air cleanser and assists the body in discharging waste from capillary vessels. I recommend jumping from sauna to sauna and throwing yourself in the ice room in between. The ice room is basically a white marble walk-in fridge. The cold air not only builds immunity, but contracts the skin’s stretched pores and blood vessels, softening fine wrinkles by improving skin elasticity. 

Sojo Spa Club Edgewater

^The halotherapy room, where your sinuses will be cleared in just 45 minutes.


The Halotherapy room is another favorite, designed to improve the respiratory system by diffusing fine particles of food grade salt in the air. Salt has antimicrobial properties that have decongestive and cleansing properties, and it is also known to improve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Bring some reading material for this room or prepare for another nap.

Hot Stone Beds

Next to the Halotherapy room overlooking the Manhattan skyline is the Ganbanyoku Room, which is a unique Japanese hot stone therapy experienced laying down on a heated black mineral slab. This mineral slab emits natural infrared rays, which means healthier skin tone and improved joint, muscular and nerve pain — all while taking yet another nap, obviously.

Sojo Spa Club Edgewater

^Couples’ massage set-up {upwards of $375/couple for a 60-min massage}

Massage, Nails, Scrubs, and Facials

SoJo Spa Club in Edgewater has more traditional treatments as well for an additional cost, including manicures, pedicures, facials, body scrubs and massage — all with ESPA spa products {also used in the Ritz Carlton and other luxe spas}. Most massages are done in private rooms except for the Shiatsu massage {a fan favorite and much cheaper than other menu items}, which is done in an open room where the beds are separated by curtains. Tip: Get a Korean body scrub and watch the skin literally peel off of your body or opt for the regular foot massage for 30 minutes and melt the stress away. 

Sojo Spa Club Edgewater

^Just a sampling of some of the delicious food we ordered while at @SoJo.

If all of that lounging has you working up an appetite, the cafe boasts many healthy options — including smoothies, cold-pressed juices from Juice Journey {one of our Edgewater faves!}, coconut water, salads, and plenty of vegan options.

Sojo Spa Club Edgewater

^Our virgin {albeit healthy} pina coladas. No alcohol served at SoJo – total detox

Sojo Spa Club Edgewater

At the end of your spa day, it’s only natural that you’ll want to take a dip in the hydrotherapy pool and walk on the stone foot massage path on the 4th floor. This epic hot pool situation includes an infinity pool, #view goals, a self-induced foot massage stroll, and a relaxing end to a perfect spa day {and is open year-round, along with the other pools}.


As far as admission, SoJo currently has variety of specials happening this fall {found here} including:

  • Receive complimentary admission when you book spa treatments totaling $175+ per person
    • {Cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers – valid 9/17/18 – 11/29/18, Mondays through Thursdays only, excluding major holidays. Korean Body Scrubs do not count towards treatment total for this offer}
  • SoJo now has a new membership packages {click here to view} including a $250/month introductory package.
  • Visit SoJoSpaClub.com for more details!

Truly a zen getaway any time of year {especially winter!} within the bustling Gold Coast area that is bound to be the ideal day solo or with your crew to enjoy some pampering and relaxation.

This article is sponsored, but we LOVE SoJo and cannot wait till the next spa day.

Have you been to SoJo Spa Club in Edgewater yet? What did you think?

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