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Hoboken Travels: The Juice Journey {in Edgewater}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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An açai bowl can definitely cure a major a morning slump, and we’ve found an off-the-beaten-Hoboken-path juice joint to do just the trick. We stumbled upon a delicious juice bar during a recent Home Goods pilgrimage in Edgewater: Juice Journey is located in the Home Goods plaza at 45 River Road in Edgewater {how else could we describe its location, really?}.

The location itself is a bit tricky to find; once you turn right off of River Road {assuming you’re coming from Hoboken}, you have to drive almost all the way down to the waterfront. It’s located right near the waterfront on the left.


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The interior is spacious, clean, and well-designed for easy grab-and-go ordering or “dining in” {aka you can sit and eat at a table}. There was also a sign that said you can call in and order drive-up pick-up from the curb! Perfect little AM pre-work if you’re driving by Edgewater. As soon as we walked in, you could smell the delicious fruits and veggies, ready for consumption!

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On the menu, you’ll find a variety of food and options: açai bowls, cold pressed juices, smoothies, shots of wheatgrass — so many great options for anyone trying to improve your health. My breakfast date and I decided to try the açai bowl {can you believe it was my first time?}, and I must say – I was HOOKED.


If you didn’t know: an açai bowl is a breakfast bowl that basically looks like ice cream. It’s a thick smoothie that has fruit, peanut butter, granola, chia seeds, or anything else healthy that you could imagine. You eat it with a spoon, and it’s crazy filling and satisfies all of the sweet tooth cravings while being good for youSO GOOD — highly recommend the trip here just for this. In case juice cleanses are more your thing, JJ also carries several juice detox plans that you can purchase on-site. There are also wheatgrass, ginger, lemon, b3, chlorophyl, and other healthy shots.

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^To go juices and vegan raw food meals!

As far as the staff goes, the ladies who were working there were super sweet and accommodating; they allowed my breakfast date and myself to sample some juices {from the ice bucket on the counter}. So nice, and very helpful in making a decision that could make or break your breakfast! After a delicious açai bowl, we were full and ready for our trip to the mothership, Home Goods. A trip and morning well-spent. Can’t wait to come back!

Have you been to Juice Journey? What did you think?


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