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The Best Pilates Studios in Jersey City

by The Hoboken Girl Team
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Perhaps you’ve always wondered about a Pilates workout, or trying it is on your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Either way, there are plenty of studios in Jersey City that offer high-quality instruction in traditional Pilates as envisioned by the practice’s founder, Joseph Pilates, and spots that have Pilates-inspired workouts to really mix things up. This gentle workout adjusts to the participants’ skill level, making it a good choice for those who are new to the practice or the most skilled athelete.  Read on for a brief history of the activity and some information about Pilates studios in Jersey City. 

The History

Few people know the history of Pilates. Joseph Pilates was born in Germany to an award-winning gymnast. Suffering from various ailments, Pilate took an interest in natural healing. Studying wild animals along with both Eastern (such as yoga, or martial arts) and Western (including boxing and gymnastics) exercise modalities, Pilates slowly developed the Pilates method. He not only healed himself but sculpted his body such that he actually posed for anatomical charts.

When Britain entered World War I, Pilates was imprisoned as an enemy alien due to his German citizenship. While at the internment camp, Pilates honed his method, rigging the bunk beds to use the springs to rehabilitate the sick and bedridden. His students all survived the deadly influenza outbreak in 1918 that many succumbed to. When the war was over, Pilates went back to Germany to train police officers and dance & movement experts. When he was pressured to train the German army, Pilates and his wife immigrated to New York. Thanks to their immigration to New York, Jersey City has some of the most impressive Pilates studios in the New York area — check out some of them below:

Club Pilates | 171 Morgan Street

Club Pilates opened its Jersey City location in Fall 2022. Club Pilates provides nine different class types offered at four different levels, so it’s easy to find the class that fits your skill level and your schedule the best. There are classes offered for beginners all the way up to professionals – Level 1, Foundation; Level 1.5, Progression; Level 2, Evolution; and Level 2.5, Mastery. In addition to using traditional Pilates equipment (Reformer, mat, tower), the studio also offers TRX-suspension classes. 

Zap Fitness

Pilates Haus | 140 Bay Street, Suite #4

pilates haus jersey city

This chic spot in downtown Jersey City offers mat, reformer, and tower classes for groups and private lessons. Students of all levels are welcome and group classes are limited to five participants. The team can also offer Special Group classes, Mommy and Me Pilates, Kids Pilates and Outreach classes by request. This facility also offers the Classical Pilates USA Teaching Certification. New students are invited to get started with a private, introductory session where you will work one-on-one with an instructor.

Jersey City Pilates | virtual

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Jersey City Pilates is a virtual studio led by instructor Veronica Wolfe.  Veronica has lived in Jersey City since 2016 and has taught Pilates since 2015. She taught at several different studios, but facility closures due to the pandemic led her to launch her online studio. She teaches a live class via Zoom on Saturday mornings, which costs $10 to register. Many of her past classes are available for free on YouTube. Veronica says that her love of Pilates and her love of teaching the method inspires her. The classes are mat-based so are accessible to students regardless of what equipment they have access to.

Powerhouse Pilates | Brunswick Center, 189 Brunswick Street, 3rd Floor

powerhouse pilates jersey city

Owned by Morwen Banq, a former professional dancer and student of both Brett Howard and master teacher trainer Romana Kryzanowska at the legendary Pilates studio in New York City, Powerhouse Pilates specializes in personalized instruction. Services include both private and semi-private reformer & tower classes. Mat classes are limited to only four students to ensure proper instruction and injury prevention.  Bonus: Morwen is fluent in both English and French.

Project Pilates | 190 Christopher Columbus Drive, Suite #5A

Project Pilates is run by Christie Freeman.  While studying dance at California State University, Christie discovered the power of Pilates while working in the dance department’s physical therapy room, which was outfitted with Pilates equipment. Christie’s interest in the healing benefits of Pilates led her to study extensively under doctors and prenatal Pilates experts. The studio offers private, semi-private, and group classes for students of all levels. Several of the instructors are certified in pre- and post-natal Pilates. Group classes are limited to six participants, and the equipment used is the reformer, mat, tower, and chair.

[solidcore] | 444 Warren Street, Suite #2

[solidcore] is a Pilates-inspired workout that promotes effective and efficient conditioning and strengthening using slow, controlled exercises that promote muscle failure. Muscle failure in this case is ‘the shakes’ – [solidcore]’s proof that muscles are working and change is happening. The high-intensity workouts are 50 minutes long and all levels are welcome in each class, since students adjust the machine, called Sweatlana, to their personalized resistance levels.


WundaBar Pilates | 65 Bay Street

WundaBar Pilates is inspired by traditional Pilates, and has its own patented line of machines: WundaFormer – a Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair, Jump Board and Ballet Bar all-in-one. Studios are nationwide, and classes are offered online so students can work out on the go. The Jersey City studio opened in Fall 2021. Classes are described as being ‘not your mother’s pilates’ and are available in small groups, duos, or private sessions. There is special instruction available for pregnant students.

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