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Alter Ego Pole Fitness: A Review

by Christina G
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Fitness and fun don’t always seem like they go hand in hand, but Alter Ego Pole Fitness, located at 38 Jackson Street in Hoboken, offers the best of both worlds: A full body workout that includes pole dancing. Even if you’re a little shy and the only time you’ve thought about this type of situation was during a bachelorette party or on a party bus, below we’re sharing how to give it a whirl {down a pole to be exact}. Read on for our review of Alter Ego Pole Fitness in Hoboken —  to erase any preconceptions you might have about pole dancing:

alter ego pole fitness hoboken

About Alter Ego Pole Fitness and Its Classes

Alter Ego Pole Fitness, now in its 8th year in Hoboken, has had over 900 parties and thousands walk through the door {while still being completely off-the-beaten path}. A common misconception about pole workouts are that it’s not about just hopping on a pole and spinning around, but A LOT about upper and lower body strength. During the workout, be prepared to have your muscles working overtime and a ton stretching beforehand {trust, no matter how flexible you may be, this is necessary}.

To Know Before You Go

DON’T wear jewelry {it’s distracting and the last thing anyone needs is stuff getting in the way}.

DO wear fitted or spandex shorts and a fitted tee or tank {definitely recommend breathable fabrics}.

DON’T wear any lotion (It’s pretty painful to slip and slide around a pole with zero hand or leg grip).

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DO grab those heels and leave socks and sneakers home {clearly pole dancing is a bit different than going to the gym and this rule is geared more towards high-level classes}.

DO go in with an open mind and playful attitude {the instructors are super fun and energetic and you will know right away that you’re in good hands}.

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The Ambiance

When first arriving at the building, all seems pretty quiet. This class is a bit hard to find, as signage from the outside is hard to find. Class will start with a warm-up before you even get to the studio, as there are five flights of stairs to climb before you even enter the studio. With each flight, you’ll find a sign of enthusiasm posted by Alter Ego encouraging all guests to climb just one more flight to their destination. Upon arrival, the space feels intimate — complete with three poles, a welcoming instructor, and only a handful of girls ready to embrace the art of pole dancing.

The Classes

alter ego pole fitness hoboken

Group classes are always a fun time if you bring along friends, but a private class might be best for your first time if you’re a little shy. The class sizes range from only 4-9 people, so even if you do wing it alone, you won’t feel super intimidated to try out something new but will also get attention from instructors to ensure you are nailing everything move correctly.

During each class, Alter teaches something different to improve your technique — from the “sexy ballerina” strut to basic strolls, dips, body rolls, and simple spins {aka firedancers}. Instructors provide grip lotion {similar to chalk bags gymnasts use} and show the class how to master four pole moves, each being broken down one by one to get a better understanding of them. During our visit, a few of the girls {including us} were feeling a little giggly pre-pole but by the end of the class, everyone was cheering each other on and the confidence was contagious.

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Alter Ego offers private lessons as well for those who are looking for more detailed instruction. The classes are definitely worth it {you can even schedule it up to 3 hours in advance} and they run only between $10 and $20 depending on what you’re looking to learn. They are open six days a week and have at least 2-3 classes a day. With classes titled Trap Fitness Zumba and Queens + Heels Pole Choreo, one can only imagine the techniques learned with each one. Each instructor has a different style; making it beneficial to try the same class with a different person {and there’s absolutely no limit as to how many times students can take the same classes}.

The Music

As if pole dancing isn’t sexy enough, the instructors pick their playlist based off their energy at the moment, so be prepared for a huge variety of music. After a few tries of each move, expect the lights to get dim and the strobe lights to emerge to get in the mood.

Difficulty Score

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive class, then this is the class for you.  Ranking from 1-10 on the difficulty scale, the Pole Virgin class ranks a 6. The instructor, Caprice, was so informative and hands-on that it was easy to follow the moves. An open mind + careful attention = easy-to-pick-up moves within the hour class.

The Benefits

alter ego pole fitness hoboken

Unlike most workouts, pole dancing will help burn a ton of calories while having a good time. If you’re not into weight lifting, running, or yoga, this is for you. You’ll loosen tight muscles and joints, improve your flexibility, enhance the core, and *potentially* improve your moves in the bedroom {yes, we went there}. While most of their demographic lies between 19-35, Alter’s mission is to empower all women {of all ages, body types, and ethnicities} to embrace their sexy, sensual side, whether that be college students or a mother of two. Aside from being fun, good for your body, affordable, and a great way to spend time with friends, the staff are some of the kindest people out there.


Being the #1 spot for pole parties in the Tri-State area, Hoboken is lucky to have this little gem. Alter Ego has experienced visitors from all over — upstate NY, Philly, NYC, and even Virginia, for personal parties. Caprice and her team will even travel, if needed, to make special events memorable. They have three different party packages to choose from, all depending on how many girls are included and how much class time is desired. For private parties, complimentary champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and mini cupcakes are provided. Parties are welcome to bring their own snacks, décor, or party favors and Alter Ego Fitness will offer Hookah for an extra fee of $35. Caprice and her skilled instructors want to ensure that every birthday, bachelorette, or any other special occasion is as personalized and unique as possible.

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Have you ever tried a pole dancing class or have been to Alter Ego? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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