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SLT Fitness Studio Opens in Hoboken: A Review

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, and Victoria’s Secret Angels all have one thing in common: SLT workouts. And if you live in Hoboken, get excited — because the fitness studio just opened uptown at 15th and Willow in Hoboken last month. When we heard about the opening, we just knew we had to test the waters. SLT, short for Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone, combines the best workouts—cardio, Pilates, and strength training. Here is how our first class went at SLT Hoboken:

First Impression:

A late-night Monday workout is typically never a favorite on anyone’s to-do list, but upon walking into SLT, there was a quick change of heart. A warm welcome by studio manager and class instructor Anna, assuring us that even though we would feel like she was speaking a different language, she’d be there to guide us along the way.

As a whole, the studio is very modern and simple: 12 mega-formers, a hype playlist, and equally excited instructor is all that’s needed. Now megaformers: here’s the scoop {or should we say skinny}. These torture machines apparatuses are super-fun yet super-involved equipment, toning every inch of the body and helping you really feel the burn. Think about the graviton at your favorite gym, but laying down with a few more bells and whistles. Ouch. All parts of the body are used {but in our class the focus was core + legs}.

How It Went

In a nutshell: pretty well. The terms that are used in class such as “catfish,” “mermaid,” and “spider kicks” can be confusing, especially on first try, but the willingness of our instructor to help made for a great time and easy transition. The fear of falling off the mega-former is natural, but if you follow instructions properly, there’s no need to worry.

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SLT is located uptown—its location is great for running errands pre-or post-workout. Afterwards, take a peek in the new West Elm {it’s in the same building and then walk just a block away to Trader Joe’s for a nice cool down snack afterwards}. Metered street parking is available along Willow, Clinton, and 15th Street for those not wanting to walk!

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Gym Amenities

SLT offers free lockers and comfortable seats for waiting or taking a break after class {your legs will thank you}. Although showers are not offered, everything needed to freshen up after class can be found in the bathroom. Grip socks must be used during class time, so be sure to bring your own or be prepared to purchase {$16 for SLT brand socks}.

Class + Crowd

SLT has been called “Pilates on crack” and their machines have been coined “Re-formers on steroids”— and we’re here to tell you both phrases are 100% true! Mostly everyone in the class was a first-timer, and we all felt the burn together. During the class muscles you never knew existed are tapped through smaller pulses and larger movements. The movement from exercise to exercise is very fast-paced, but if you are in-tune with your body and can follow detailed instructions, this class is for you.

The class consisted of mostly females, however if you are looking to find a way to bring even the toughest man in your life to tears, have him tag along. {Mwahaha.} This class is DEF not for the faint of heart.

Difficulty level

9 out of 10. The workout is HARD — but so worth it, and it’s no wonder J-Lo swears by SLT. Within the first 3 minutes, your abs and booty will be in line and feeling tighter than ever. Challenging holds and poses all while still gliding on the mega-former required a lot of grace and strength, and the muscle soreness is on-point. For most first-timers, the soreness will last about a week post-class we’re told {SERIOUSLY}…but, results are pretty quick as SLT truly tones parts of your body that you didn’t even know needed toning.

Pricing + Schedule

SLT was very focused on how attendees felt after the class and making sure everyone was comfortable before selling any services — a huge plus in the Hoboken/JC fitness world. Anna, our instructor, was available for questions on the class, the moves, the studio, and its services. TBH, it was so nice to enjoy a class without feeling forced into joining or purchasing. Check out their schedule to see if it fits yours — and the SLT group class schedule can be found online, or if you are feeling daring and want personalized attention, private sessions are available as well.

Overall Experience

All bodies need SLT. If it’s good enough for JLo, its good enough for us because #BodyGoalz. Even if you aren’t looking to be runway or MTV music video-ready, it’s a great experience to challenge the body in a way it’s never been, and this class was just that. A different mindset was required and the burn is REAL.

Have you been to SLT? What did you think?

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