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26 Reasons Hoboken is {the Best} Place to Live

by Jennifer Tripucka
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As you can tell, we think Hoboken is pretty sweet. So when we saw that Jersey City was recently featured on Buzz Feed as to why it is the best place to live…we thought we’d have to compete.



Here are 26 reasons Hoboken is the best place to live:

1. You can get your coffee, laundry, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks all in one block in most areas of town.


So much to do…so little area to walk!

2. THIS view. From most areas of the waterfront. Or at random stop lights.

nyc skyline

3. Bin 14 Wine Bar.

Long Island Wine 3

Wine = Happiness.

4. You can shop til you drop from uptown to downtown and back — and still have new places to discover on the way.


Boutiques galore!


5. There are a plethora of dogs…especially French Bulldogs. And even a meetup group, Hoboken Frenchies.

Pierre Hoboken Girl

6. You can basically get good {local} coffee anywhere in town. From City of Saints {formerly known as Red Lion} to bwè to Empire to Choc o Pain.

Bwé Café on Washington Street!

Bwé Café on Washington Street!

7. Movies Under the Stars in the summer is the best thing since sliced bread.

Movies Under the Stars Pier A

8. Gorgeous tree-lined streets with beautiful brownstone after brownstone are not uncommon, let’s just say.


^just beautiful.

9. There are more ice cream and frozen yogurt spots around than you can count —aka you’ll never have to worry about not being able to find fro yo during a craving. And, Amanda Bananas parks it here too — gluten and dairy FREE!


10. The Hoboken Arts and Music Festival. And the chili and mutz festivals too.

hoboken girl arts and music festival

11. Yoga, barre, and bootcamps happen on Pier A, or basically anywhere around town. 

waterfront hoboken girl nyc hoboken

^With a view like this for your workout, it’s hard not to want to sweat a little.

12. We have the most bars and restaurants per square mile anywhere in the country.

Madison Bar and Grill

Beat that!

13. Because you have brunch spots like Elysian Cafe, Anthony David’s, Bin 14, Amanda’s, and the Madison.

Elysian-Cafe hoboken

14. Because you have dinner spots like Elysian Cafe, Anthony David’s, Amanda’s, and the Madison. Oh and Grimaldis, La Isla, Onieals, and Mikie Squared, too.

La Isla Hoboken Girl

15. Charritos Guac. And BYO-Margaritas.

charritos hoboken

16. Is your train station this pretty?

hoboken train station

^And this is just the outside.

16. Because you don’t have to wait on the line for Carlos’ Bakery when you flash your Hoboken ID.

cannoli from carlos bakery hoboken valentine's day

17. One slice at Benny Tudino’s will probably be enough for dinner.

hoboken girl champagne benny tudinos

…And because brides actually request Benny Tudino’s on their wedding night.

benny tudinos hoboken bride and groom

^Bride & Groom spotted at Benny’s after their Hoboken wedding

18. Our Italian delis can’t be rivaled: Lisa’s, Fiore’s, Luca Brasi’s, Vito’s, Filippo’s, and more.

Fiores Deli 2

19. You can take a boatride around the Hudson River and get all your sightseeing done in about 2 hours while sipping cocktails right down the street in Weehawken {with gorg views of our city, too}.

Cruise 13

20. Court Street’s old world charm doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle.

court street hobokengirl

21. Trying to shop locally isn’t a task or inconvenient…it’s  a way of life.


^All organic produce from Basic Foods

22. Farmer’s Markets from June – November make Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays lots of fun.


23. Because drinking on rooftops isn’t an anomaly, it’s a norm. And we have the Pilsenerhaus Biergarten — complete with giant pretzels.

pretzel biergarten

24. The Monroe Arts Center is chock full of…you guessed it…art & culture. 



And babies. And workouts. So much to do in West Hoboken, so little time!

25. Pier 13. It doesn’t get better than this. 


Watermelon beer, chairs on turf, coconut drinks, wave runners… it’s like you never left the beach. And of course we can’t forget the Hoboken Cove Boathouse — free kayaking for all.

26. Because Manhattan is a hop, skip, and a jump away — but who needs to go there anyway? Everything you need is right here in home sweet Hoboken.




<3 this town and the people in it. xoxo HG 


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