Unique Ice Cream Spots in Hoboken + Jersey City

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With the temperature mimicking that of a tropical climate, it’s only natural to crave a sweet and satisfying treat to cool you down. We’re here to put a cherry on top with where to find the coolest flavors and sweetest presentations of ice cream around town. These are #InstaWorthy spots you’ll be sure to share with your followers. Read on to learn our picks for the best and most unique ice cream spots in Hoboken + Jersey City to get a break from the heat. 

Conez | 415 Martin Luther King Drive, Jersey City


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Located in West BeLa, the bold signage and bright colors will draw you in off the street at first glance. This shop offers all the classic ice cream flavors as well as slushies, Italian ices, sundaes, and more. Going with friends? Split one of the infamous sundaes, that are sure to please everyone. 

Dahlia’s | 290 Central Avenue, Jersey City

Ice Cream Spot – Nestled among the bustling Central Ave shops is Dahlia’s Ice Cream Spot. The homemade ice cream features flavors such as chocolate fudge crunch, cherry jubilee, and cotton candy, to name a few. Dahlia’s also has a variety of fruity popsicle flavors available to satisfy your sweet tooth. Custom ice cream cakes, seen all over the store’s Instagram, are also a huge hit here. Pick up a pint to-go, or a cake, for yourself next time you’re in the area (either one, we don’t judge).

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Downtown Yogurt | 126 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

Downtown Yogurt

(Photo credit: @downtown_yogurt)

If you’re looking for a spot that has a bit more of a hands-on experience, look no further. Living up to its name, right in the heart of downtown JC is a frozen yogurt spot that will be sure to bring out the kid in you. While this is certainly a great place to bring children to allow them to create their own masterpiece, adults will also enjoy making their own frozen creations. Once you’ve swirled the flavor you desire, bring your cup to the front and have the friendly staff top your cup with any combination of a number of treats. Warning: this may lead to many, many delicious toppings blanketing your frozen treat! 

Jun’s Macaron Gelato | 410 Washington Street, Hoboken

Jun's Macaron Gelato

(Photo credit: @junsmacarongelato)

Not only does Jun’s have mouth-watering flavors like Amarena Cherry, but the team also has a multitude of ways to serve them to customers. You can ask for a number of ice cream flavors in rolled form as opposed to its scooped cousin. This fun way to serve dessert has been increasingly popular in the last several years, garnering the attention of many on social media. Other menu hits include gelato crepes, milk snowflake ice cream, and macaron gelato sandwiches. 

Milk Sugar Love | 19 McWilliams Place, Jersey City

Milk Sugar Love 

(Photo credit: @milksugarlovejc)

Nestled in the Hamilton Park area of Jersey City, this creamery has super fun ice cream flavors and presentations as well as homemade baked goods such as the mini (or the giant, if you’re really digging it) fruity pebble macaron ice cream sandwich. Milk Sugar Love also has a variety of tasty flavored cones, like red velvet or cinnamon sugar, and even a dairy-free chocolate coconut ice cream. Everything made here is certified IG-worthy!

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Stack Creamery | 465 Central Avenue, Jersey City

Stack Creamery

(Photo credit: @stackcreamery)

The Heights lives up to its name with the ice cream at Stack Creamery. “Go big or go home” is the mindset when coming here. Stack any cookie of your choosing with a variety of ice cream flavors for the ultimate combination. Rather swap donuts instead of cookies in your sandwich? Your wish has come true! If you have a celebration coming up this summer, impress your guests with the Stack Bigwich Ice Cream Cake. Loaded with the local ice cream flavor of your choosing, this custom cookie cake is truly a sight to behold. 

Torico | 20 Erie Street, Jersey City


(Photo credit: @toricoicecream)

An institution for the locals of Jersey City since 1968, Torico is a family-run establishment creating ice cream for all customers. Flavors range from the American classics to even a variety of Asian, Filipino, and Latin options such as Dulce De Leche, Jackfruit, Lychee, and Tamarind Sorbet to name a few. and With a variety of rotating seasonal flavors, you’ll always have something new to choose from at this old stand-by. Don’t sleep on the ice cream cake slices!


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