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A Guide to Vegan Ice Cream + Frozen Treats in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Kim Schu
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One of the many exciting pastimes of summer is enjoying a frozen treat in the middle of a scorching hot day. Luckily, in our modern society, a handful of popular dessert spots are extremely considerate of those with food allergies or a chosen lifestyle away from dairy and animal products. Read on for a list of suggestions where you can find vegan ice cream and frozen treats throughout Hoboken and Jersey City.


16 Handles | 1185 Maxwell Lane

16 handles hoboken delivery

If you are looking for a brief stop to cool off during a walk or run along the Hoboken waterfront, 16 Handles is conveniently located at 11th and Maxwell, just steps away from Maxwell Place Park. This self-serve frozen yogurt chain currently features both a vanilla and chocolate vegan option and of course unlimited topping options to dress up your frozen treat the way you prefer it.

Amanda Bananas | 1301 Sinatra Drive

Amanda Bananas

(Photo credit: @my_mood_is_food )

Between April and October, you can catch this bright food truck located on the colorful walkway leading up to Pier 13 in Uptown Hoboken. This healthy alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt is made 100% of fruit, making it dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Owner Steven DiPasquale shared that a fan favorite is Banana Cream Pie, which contains the famous soft-serve frozen banana topped with Nutella, crushed graham crackers, and whipped cream. Aside from the well-known truck at Pier 13, the team has another truck in NJ that does corporate catering, food truck festivals, and private parties. Steven’s goal is to have two New York-based trucks soon. 

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Ben & Jerry’s | 405 Washington Street

ben and jerrys hoboken

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Ben& Jerry’s offers extensive vegan options in a variety of flavors, in ready-to-scoop choices and pre-packed pints.  The current in-store vegan choices are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Colin Kaepernick’s Change The Whirled, and Cold Brew Coffee Fudge Chip Sunflower.

Jun’s Macaron Gelato | 410 Washington Street

Jun's Macaron

(Photo credit: @junsmacarongelato)

Jun’s Macaron is dedicated to European sweet desserts by offering both French and Italian sweets to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. The eatery is regularly stocked with non-dairy sorbet in countless fruit flavors including raspberry, coconut, peach, and much more. 

Jersey City

Angel’s Recipe | 312 Central Avenue

Angel's Recipe

(Photo credit: @angelsrecipeicecream)

Since moving from Hoboken to Jersey City in 2018, Angel’s has continued to serve up unique hand-rolled ice cream with a variety of toppings. Dessert lovers should check out the Cocomo Kokomo, an ‘ice cream’ made from a coconut base, infused with roasted almond + toasted coconut flakes.

Baonanas Harborside | 210 Hudson Street


This dessert spot with proud Jersey City roots is known for its scrumptious variations of fresh, homemade frozen banana pudding. Each of Baonanas’ vegan flavors are coconut-based and made with homemade cashew cream. The vegan pina colada is infused with fresh pineapple juice, and the vegan black sesame is infused with homemade cold brew and black sesame paste. 

Baskin-Robbins | 40 Journal Square Plaza 

This beloved chain that we all grew up with has an updated menu with vegan options. The Baskin-Robbins location in Journal Square Plaza is a great spot to check out all 31+ classic and custom ice cream flavors – including the strawberry vegan option.

Crema | 1 Duncan Avenue


(Photo credit: @cremajc)

Since this cafe opened in 2018 it has been selling a variety of espressos, toasts, pastries, and ice cream including a non-dairy coconut-based option. The coconut-based ‘ice cream’ comes in Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Toasted Coconut, or Mango Berry in a cup or any cone of your choice.

Downtown Yogurt | 126 Newark Avenue

Downtown Yogurt

(Photo credit: @downtown_yogurt)

Downtown Yogurt always offers several vegan options, but the summer specialty is the Dole Whip Float. when the shop opened in 2014, a customer who had just returned from Disney World asked if the staff had any way of bringing Dole Whip, a vegan ice cream product found at Disney World, to New Jersey. The DTY team contacted the Dole Plantation in Hawaii and eventually found a supplier. Now the shop pours pineapple juice over the Dole Whip and tops it off with a slice of fresh pineapple and a cocktail umbrella. Fun fact – if Hoboken or JC residents prefer this beverage sent straight to their front door, a can of Dole Pineapple Juice is included in all deliveries to make your own Whip Float. 

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Stack Creamery | 465 Central Avenue

Stack Creamery

(Photo credit: @stackcreamery)

This is a family-run, New Jersey-based business that has both traditional dairy and vegan menu options. At Stack Creamery, customers can find numerous vegan-friendly options including oatmeal-based ice creams. Flavors include vanilla, PB+J complete with peanut butter and grape jelly, and an upcoming chocolate flavor, along with a traditional lemon water ice made with real lemon zest.  

Torico | 20 Erie Street


(Photo credit: @toricoicecream)

Torico is a downtown Jersey City staple – it has been operated by the Berrios family since 1968., This popular ice cream shop offers vanilla, chocolate, and swirled dairy-free soft serve made of almond milk along with sorbet, coconut sherbet, and blue raspberry and cherry Italian ices, currently regularly available. Torico is open daily from 11AM-11PM for walk-in service, pick-up, and delivery.


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