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A Guide to Finding an Apartment + Roommates Online in Hoboken

by Tamara
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Roomster, Roomi, SpareRoom… we’ll stop there before you get overwhelmed by the plethora of websites offering up housing and roommate listings. Great apartments and awesome roomies go faster than hotcakes in the Mile Square. In case you haven’t heard, The Hoboken Girl has their own Real Estate Directory, The Local Girl, a curated + ever-growing list of real estate throughout New Jersey, including Hoboken. If you’re searching for a new house, condo, or rental, or even if you want to list a property, this directory is for you. Other than that, we have created a guide perfect with also other great options when it comes to finding your dream apartment and roommates. Read on for our complete guide.

The Local Girl Real Estate Directory

Although not a typical “roommate” finding page, The Local Girl‘s Real Estate Listings Directory Page is a great place to find living accommodations for both residents + newcomers. If you’re looking for a sublet, want to rent your room, or are looking for a temporary rental, there are options for each. Features of the directory of listings include being able to rent, buy, list a property, find a room, and sublet a room — and there are many properties located throughout the Hoboken, Jersey City, NYC, and Northern New Jersey areas to choose from. The properties listed can be sorted by property type, number of bedrooms, minimum + maximum price, and rental versus sale.

Roomster — Top Pick

In this app, you set your location, list your budget, and create a profile to list your interests and wants/needs for a room/mate so you can “stalk” potential roomies, and vice versa, before reaching out. The only downside to Roomster is that you can’t message people for free (there are a few packages to choose from), so if you see a place you really want, the person you’re reaching out to might not see your message, and that rooming option can be lost. But with the paid version, you can message people through Facebook and other social media apps, so you know they’re the real deal.

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SpareRoom — Sublets + Leases

Whether you just moved here or are in limbo when it comes to your next lease, this is the place you to go to get your housing fixed for a short amount of time. And if you’re looking for a longer lease, there are plenty of those too. It’s free, but some listings are “early bird,” meaning that only people who pay a small fee can see them first.

The Station Hoboken
Vepo Clean

NYC Housing — Temporary Rooms

Here’s a hidden gem many interns rely on for last-minute housing — but it’s also a great option for Hobokenites who are in a pinch. You have to be accepted into these Facebook groups, but it’s by no means exclusive (I’ve never heard of someone getting rejected). While I haven’t looked at any rooms via this method, I have plenty of friends who have found temporary housing here.

Zap Fitness

Roomi — Least Options

There aren’t too many listings for Hoboken (there are lower Manhattan options and a ton of Brooklyn ones — regardless of your location preferences), but you may find a couple of promising ones in town. The only thing working against you here is timing… so hop to it!

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LiveWith — Tinder For Roommates

Whether Tinder makes you cringe or you’re obsessed with the dating app, LiveWith is a lifesaver when it comes to finding compatible roommates. Using the app is easy-breezy. Simply put in your deets, some photos, and your next roommate could be just a few swipes away!

Bonus: More Facebook Groups

Hoboken + North Jersey Roommates Group

This group is dedicated to helping people look for roommates in the Hoboken area and other surrounding North Jersey neighborhoods like Jersey City and Weehawken. Group members can post what details are important to know for potential roommates. These details can include monthly rent, amenities, apartment size, and more

Hoboken Housing Group

With a specific location basis in Hoboken, this Facebook group allows users to post any available rooms or apartments looking for roommates. However, this group is private which means group members need to be accepted prior to posting as well as searching for potential roommate options.

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