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All the Ways to Get into New York City from Hoboken

by Diana Cooper
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One of the best perks about living in Hoboken – aside from the classic restaurants and rich history – is the fact that it provides many forms of transportation to get in and out of New York City. For this reason, people who frequent the city for work or play have made their homes in Hoboken. In fact, many who lived in the city during the pandemic moved across the Hudson for the easy commute (and frankly, a better view). Whether you prefer a car, a bus, the train, the PATH, or the ferry (heck, you could even bike all the way up to the GWB and over if your legs are up to it), there are several convenient ways to get into the city form Hoboken, ranging in cost from as little as $2.75 and as high as $70-plus, depending on the form of transportation taken. Each mode has its perks and its pitfalls and we’re here to help you navigate it all. Read on to learn more about how to get from Hoboken into NYC.

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PATH Train

The most popular way locals get to the city is via the PATH Train. The stops in New Jersey include Hoboken, Newport, Exchange Place, Grove Street, Journal Square, Harrison, and Newark-Penn Station. Once in New York, the PATH Train stops at either Christopher Street, 9th Street, 14th Street, 23rd Street, and 33rd Street, or it also stops at the World Trade Center station. Keep in mind, the World Trade Center station stop has a different schedule for nights and weekends. 

A single ride on the PATH costs $2.75. Those who commute daily can purchasing the 30-day unlimited pass for $89, which is part of PATH SmartLink cards. However, these cards only work when taking the PATH. You can also use a MetroCard on the PATH just as you would on the NYC subway, but note – the unlimited version of the MetroCard does not transfer to the PATH, only the Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards do. There are other options for both the SmartLink cards and MetroCards such as a 7-day pass or 10-trips pass.

The best way to stay informed of the train arrival and departure times and to view the schedule is to download the PATH app called RidePATH. For more information visit panynj.gov.

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The NJ Transit Bus

The second most popular way to get into the city is by taking the bus. It pretty much runs just as frequently as The PATH. The 126 bus departs from Hoboken Bus Terminal and drops people off at Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC. It’s about a 20 minute ride, and is a great option if there are delays on the PATH Train or if your destination in the city is more uptown since Port Authority is located between 41st Street. and 42nd Street. and 8th Avenue. Important to note, that aforementioned 20-minute ride is very much dependent on traffic, so be sure to check what’s going out at the Lincoln Tunnel before heading out.

If you live more uptown in Hoboken, there is also the 119 bus, which stops at Willow Avenue at 15th and Willow Avenue at 19th Street. It also makes stops in Jersey City on Congress Street and Central Avenue.

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The cost for a bus ticket is a little bit higher than the cost to take the PATH. A one way ticket costs $3.50 and a monthly pass for unlimited rides cost $107. Cash is accepted as a form of payment as well as bus tickets or the NJ Transit bus pass. 

The best way to stay informed of arrival and departure times is to download the MyTerminal app, where you can see live updates of exactly where your bus is along the route. For more information visit NJtransit.com.

The Ferry

Some people prefer the PATH, some people prefer the bus, and then there are some who prefer the ferry – perhaps it’s the views or not having to worry about crowds or traffic. There are various ferry services that go from NYC to Jersey City, but the main one that goes to Hoboken is the New York Waterway. It takes about 10 minutes and departs from either the 14th Street Pier in Hoboken or from downtown at the PATH. Both the uptown and downtown ferries in Hoboken go to 39th Street, Brookfield Place, and Pier 11/Wall Street in NYC. Be sure to check the route map for more information. 

There is standing room outside to take in the view of the Statue of Liberty as well as the NYC skyline. There is also indoor seating that’s in a climate-controlled cabin. This is a fun way way to go into the city if you’re traveling with someone from out of town and has never taken a ferry across the Hudson before.

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The other ferry lines include Liberty Landing Ferry, which operates between the World Financial Center in NYC and the Liberty Landing Marina in Liberty State Park. There is also the Edgewater Ferry Landing, located on River Road, that departs from Midtown, Brookfield Place, or Pier 11 in NYC.

The cost differs for each route, but averages $8 for one way and around $265 for monthly passes. For additional ferry options visit NY Waterway

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By Car

Apart from taking public transportation to New York City, people who have cars might want to drive. Essentially, Hoboken is flanked by two tunnels – the Lincoln Tunnel, which goes to midtown, and the Holland Tunnel, which goes more downtown. 

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The downside is that it is costly – both for your wallet and your patience. During rush hour, you can be sitting in traffic for 30 minutes to an hour… or more. Plus, the Holland Tunnel is currently under nightly construction until 2025. More on that here. Off-peak costs $12.75 and during peak hours it costs $14.75. Peak hours include weekdays from 6AM to 10AM and 4PM to 8PM, and weekends from 11AM to 9PM. 


The most costly way of traveling to New York City is by taking an Uber or Lyft car. The cost can be anywhere from $45 to $70-plus. The downside is having to wait in traffic during rush hour and the price can fluctuate, depending on the time of day. Most people tend to take Uber or Lyft if it’s a late night in New York City or they want to get home quickly and safely. HG pro tip: NYC Uber and Lyft drivers can drop you off in Hoboken and then pick up another customer here in NJ. However, not all NJ Uber or Lyft drivers can drop you off in NYC and pick up another customer there. Be sure to let your driver know that you are traveling into NYC before you leave so you can avoid an unwanted cancellation.

Even though there are various ways of traveling to New York City, the best option for any given time all depends on your final destination, how much you’re willing to spend, and how quickly you need to get from point A to point B. Do yourself a favor and make sure you wear comfy shoes (or pack walking shoes and an umbrella) because unless you’re taking an Uber or Lyft, you most likely will be doing a lot of walking in the city.  NYC, of course, is a lot larger than Hoboken aka the Mile Square.

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