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The History of the Madison Bar and Grill {Formerly the Madison Hotel}

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Here’s a little Hoboken throwback about the Madison Bar + Grill — formerly known as the Madison Hotel. Now, of course, we all know the Madison as of late for its delish weekend brunch but, prior to the Madison being a bar and restaurant, the venue was formerly a hotel, owned by the Vezzetti family. And if the walls of the Madison could talk — they’d have a lot to tell. Here’s the story behind this landmark-turned-restaurant/bar.


(Photo credit: Hoboken Historical Museum)

Thomas F. Vezzetti, born in 1928, was the 33rd elected Mayor of Hoboken, and also the owner and manager of the uptown hotel known as one of our uptown bar favorites today. Vezzetti was born in the area and grew up at 912 Castle Point Terrace {not a bad street if we do say so ourselves}. After returning to Hoboken from the Navy in 1954 and decided to curate a hotel in town. Patrons of the hotel consisted of mostly men having drinks at the hotel bar and checking in for a night or two, according to Hoboken Historical Museum archives.

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While Vezzetti was known for his rabble-rousing ways in town council meetings, he had a soft spot for the men who were staying at the hotel — especially those who indulged a little too much with their cocktails. Truth be told, he would carry the men up to them up to their respective staircases in the hotel and tuck them into bed to avoid them driving home, the archives stated.

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When the bar would close, instead of going home, reports say Vezzetti would actually sleep on a pool table {above!} to scare off the burglars {some serious dedication to your business!}.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all bedtime stories and post-bar tuck-ins: a fire occurred in 1977 at the locale, tragically killing one of the Madison Hotel’s patrons. Vezzetti was on the scene at the time, and he is credited by the Deputy Fire Chief at the time for saving the lives of a lot of the men who were drinking there when the fire happened. He was distraught over the death of the man, however, and decided to sell the bar.

He went on to get heavily into politics in town {including becoming the Mayor of Hoboken}. Sadly, however, 10 years later, Vezzetti died at a young 59 years of age of a heart attack. Medics at Hoboken Hospital were unable to revive him.

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While the memory of Vezzetti definitely is an interesting backstory, in the ’90s and into today, the Madison Bar + Grill has become a go-to spot for Hoboken residents and out-of-towners. It still has that old-school feel to it — with its long and gorgeous bar, quaint dining room with actual tin ceilings, and outdoor seating for warmer weather.


So, next time you plan on stopping by the Madison Bar + Grill, always remember that you may be standing or sitting where former Mayor Vezzetti was sleeping on a pool table or attending to tipsy men during the night.

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