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All About Surya Yoga in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Danielle Lynch
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Namaste is a word that is frequently echoed in every yoga studio, but many of us are unfamiliar with the phrase’s exact translation. Quite literally, Namaste means “the divine in me bows to the divine in you” and if that didn’t send a feeling of empowerment and clarity among people, perhaps the story behind Surya Yoga will. We recently caught up with Reetu and Gagan Jaukhane, owners of Surya Yoga, after our Hoboken Wellness Crawl and fell in love with them and all they had to offer. Read on to learn all about Surya Yoga in Hoboken + Jersey City.

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The Foundation of Yoga + About Surya Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice involving breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation. It is a healing practice that offers a wide variety of results to meet your individual needs. Originating in India, yoga has become increasingly popular in the last decade with quite a large population of practitioners who do hot yoga {yoga in a heated room of about 100 degrees}. Surya Yoga offers a wide variety of hot and regular classes in its three studios across Hoboken and Jersey City {79 Hudson Street, Hoboken, 618 Washington Street, Hoboken, + 341 Grove Street, Jersey City}.

About the Owners

Husband + wife {ahem, power couple alert} Reetu and Gagan first opened the midtown Hoboken location in 2002, shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center.

“My husband was supposed to be on the train,” Reetu explained to us. “After all of that, he didn’t want to go back to Wall Street. It brought back too many emotions.”

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While 9/11 will be forever etched into our minds, so many beautiful things came out of that fateful day, one being the opening of Surya Yoga. When they first started out, they offered classes in their midtown location {which is commonly known as the hottest of the three studios}.

As for the name Surya, in Sanskrit, it means “The Sun” and that is exactly what they are spreading — sunshine and warmth. It also just so happens that they named their son Surya, too. Names with beautiful meanings like that, there’s nothing better.

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The Classes Offered

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Surya offers a variety of both hot and regular yoga for students of all levels, with a focus on foundational classes.

“We firmly believe in level one classes for our clients and we offer a lot of those in our midtown location.”

First time or new yogis can enjoy learning some of the basic positions before progressing onto more complicated ones.

“Yoga is all about healing from the inside out. Everyone feels pain, both in the body and in the heart and soul,” Reetu shared. On the schedule at both Hoboken locations and Jersey City are an array of classes including:

  • Hot 26 — an intro class of 26 poses aligned to different parts of the body to promote healing.
  • Hot Flow — a Vinyasa flow class that incorporates breath and movement in different positions.
  • Hot HIIT — High-intensity interval training that creates long, lean muscles and burns fat.
  • Hot Yin — a slower pace class allowing poses to be held for longer and to achieve a deeper calm.

The Space

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Surya has two studios in Hoboken and one in Jersey City. The Hoboken studios offer only hot yoga. The calm, serene atmosphere that Surya has takes the practice to the next level. Everything in the studio is white and peaceful. Get there a bit early before your class to enjoy some relaxation time before class begins {+ to adjust to the heat}. The studio has private lockers available for all to use, as well as mat rentals, towels, and showers.


Surya offers many different packages for all to enjoy. Try out the studio at $35 for the first month. Unlimited memberships range from $125/month — with a six-month commitment to $185/month {with no monthly commitment}. The six-month commitment at $125 per month is the most cost-efficient deal. Class packages are available, too and are valid for one year. Ten classes for $185 and 30 classes for $480 are the two options or drop in for $23 per class. While Surya has its own app for booking classes, spots can also be reserved using Class Pass.

The three studios range in class offerings and times. The downtown Hoboken location holds class later in the day. The midtown Hoboken location boasts a full schedule and holds classes as early as 6:00AM and extend until around 8:00PM at night.

“Many of our clientele come to the downtown location after work since we are right next to the PATH train.” The Jersey City location offers both hot and regular yoga classes and is now starting barre, as well. Classes range in size from five to 20 yogis and the classes are always modifiable.

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Know Before You Go

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The hot yoga classes range in temperature but generally stay at around 100 degrees per class. It is said that the midtown Hoboken studio is a bit hotter than the downtown or JC studios. However, newbies would benefit from starting at the downtown Hoboken location for a nice transition into hot yoga. Reetu also suggests getting there a bit before class to allow for the body to adjust to the temperature and relax. It goes without saying that hydration is important, so make sure to drink a lot of water before, during, and after practice. Be sure to book class ahead of time. That is the best way to ensure a spot.

The physical and mental therapies that are offered through yoga at Surya are undeniable. People from all walks of life have made their home at the studio and come in regularly to help alleviate the stress and physical pains felt every day.

“It’s nice to hold onto each other. There is a community here and we stick with each other,” explained Reetu. “It’s not just about taking a class, [it] is about building a community.” That is exactly the vibe at Surya Yoga.

Have you visited any of Surya’s three locations? Let us know in the comments below!

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