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All About Orangetheory Fitness in Jersey City

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Whether you’re looking to get fit now or in the future, Hudson County is filled with a variety of workouts + workout studios to help you feel and look your best. For those seeking something high-energy that will burn calories fast, check out Orangetheory Fitness in Jersey City {475 Washington Boulevard}. We guarantee you’ll be dripping in sweat {in the best possible way} when you’re done + ready for the months ahead. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Orangetheory Fitness in JC.

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All About The OTF Workout

Orangetheory or OTF {a common abbreviation used in the studio} should be in its own workout category. You may have even noticed that hard to miss orange splat symbol walking through the streets of JC or NYC. {Fun fact: The splat is actually a fat cell bursting because that is what you are doing during this intense workout}. Founded by Ellen Latham, Orangetheory is based on a science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This means that when your body is working out at the right intensity, it will work harder post workout to recover. This leads to a better metabolism, more calories burned, and a more energized day.

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Throughout the class, participants are wearing a heart rate monitor on their arms, which use an algorithm developed by OTF to determine each participant’s personalized Orange heart rate zone. There are five heart rate zones, but the important ones are the Orange and Red Zones. OTF guests want to stay in those zones for at least 12 minutes throughout the one-hour class, as real-time performance metrics are projected on a large screen in the center of the studio.

OTF’s Location

The studio is situated between the Grove Street and Newport Path stations in Jersey City. The official address is 475 Washington Boulevard, but it’s certainly hard to miss with the large orange splat right in front.

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About The Studio

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The Jersey City location opened in August of 2018 and has been gaining new members every day since. It is fully equipped with bathrooms, changing room, showers, and a large waiting area. Before the class starts, guests congregate in the lobby awaiting the doors to open. Once inside the actual studio, you are surrounded by orange lights everywhere you look. The equipment is super organized and labeled since the class requires a bit of running around switching stations.

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There are three sections that you will be working out in. The treadmills, the floor, and the rowers. Throughout the one-hour class, you are rotating between each station.

Schedule and Pricing

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Here’s the best part about OTF – no class is the same. There is a schedule of time slots and a calendar that shows “special event” classes, but other than that, that is all you know going into the class. All that is 100% certain is that you’ll be getting a super intense workout. There are two types of classes a G2 and a G3 class. This means there are either two groups allowing up to 30 people or three groups allowing up to 45 people to participate.

First timers need to come at least 30 minutes prior to the class start time to get a breakdown of how everything works. It seems very confusing at first, especially if your first class is a partner class, but a few minutes into the workout and you’ll get the hang of it. Instructors say it takes about two to three classes to fully understand how everything works and get used to their lingo. The OTF team members are awesome with answering any of your questions/concerns. From meeting with them prior to, during, and after your first class, they are there assisting you.

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There is an eight-hour cancellation time frame, for those on an unlimited membership and you will be charged $12 per missed class. For those on a class package, when canceling you lose that class in your cycle.

As far as pricing goes, OTF encourages everyone to first try a class before getting the price breakdown. The studio regularly runs first timer specials, where classes are either free or at a very low-cost to try it out. OTF is not for everyone, so there is no immediate commitment needed. If you want to just drop in for one class after your first one, it’ll cost $28. But essentially, it’s $70 for 4 classes a month, 8 classes for $105/month {Elite}, and $200+ for an unlimited package. The nice part about the two higher packages is that you can take a class anywhere across the country at OTF {Editor’s note: I took 2 in Palm Springs and LA last week while on vacation!}.

The OTF Experience

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It is a total kick-butt workout. The class we took was a partner class, one of the more confusing classes they offer, but after a few minutes, each participant got the hang of it. Sergio was the instructor for this class and he was great —making sure everyone was performing at their highest ability level. There were some friendly competitions happening throughout the class as that made you want to work harder. The class was at 5:45PM and was definitely full, as that is one of OTF’s more popular time slots. Females and males are welcome to participate in each class together, however, there is usually an 80/20 female to male ratio in the classes. Expect to burn between 500-700 calories for females and 800 – 1000 calories for males per class.

Have you been to OTF in Jersey City? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments!

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