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CRAG Fitness: Jersey City’s Intense Climbing Workout

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For those looking to beat the cold while burning calories, CRAG Fitness in Jersey City is a great place to warm up {literally and figuratively}. CRAG is one intense, ultra-calorie burning workout, meaning your body will certainly heat up and you’ll earn that post-workout glow. Backed by celebrities like Jen Aniston and Lebron James, find out more about how you hop on the CRAG Fitness train. Here’s more about our experience at CRAG in Jersey City, located at 2918, 127 1st Street:

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How CRAG Works

Crag Fitness

It is a vertical climb high-intensity fitness studio. A machine called The VersaClimber is the main component of the studio and is a machine that works you out through a climbing motion. The classes at CRAG, however, are split up into two sections – the on the machine portion and the off the machine portion {so you’re not climbing the whole way through}. The off the machine portion keeps your heart rate going, and jam-packed with squats, push-ups, and weights. The class ends with sprints on the VersaClimber. Anyone can use the machine, even if you’re pregnant.

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CRAG Fitness outside

The studio is nestled right off of Grove Street {127 1st Street in Jersey City}, so workout-goers can take the PATH or drive since there is plenty of parking available in the area. The front of the studio has “Climb Rise Ascend Grind” written across the windows while the inside has a super cool vibe complete with spray-painted details. As for how friendly the staff is owner Michael works the front and greets guests the moment they walk in {talk about superb customer service}. There is also changing room and lockers inside the studio, and water for sale if you forget yours.

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Schedule and Pricing

There is a 30-minute intro class that is highly suggested. The instructors will help you set up and get comfortable on the machine. Definitely try getting there 10-15 minutes prior the class start time to prepare yourself for the high-intensity workout that is to come. Once the intro class is completed, climbers can choose between 30- and 50-minute classes, each working the full body.

Classes start at $26 per session and have to be booked in advance, but the studio makes it easy to do that. CRAG is part of the ClassPass program, or newcomers can sign up exclusively with the studio. CRAG offers multiple packages and specials ranging between $100-$320 depending on which package you would like to purchase.

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The CRAG Experience

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Totally a kick-butt workout. Guests will leave dripping in sweat and unable to walk {not really, but no pain, no gain}. If you are into more adventurous workouts, then this is the workout designed for you. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable of the workouts as well and make sure each class participant is using the machines correctly. Expect to burn approximately 600-800 calories in just ONE 30 minute class {#summerbod}. HG highly recommends doing an intro class before buying a package to see if there is something at CRAG for you.

Though the workout will leave you a bit {or more} sore, it’s definitely worth giving a go {plus if it’s good enough for Jen Aniston to love, it’s good enough for us.}

Have any tips to surviving a CRAG workout? Let us know in the comments!

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