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9 Things You Should Never Do to Relieve Pain {According to a Doctor}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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If you’ve ever experienced pain anywhere in your body, most of the time, all that matters is relieving the pain ASAP. That might mean a quick Google search or a pop of some over-the-counter pain relievers — but while there are many effective ways to relieve pain, that doesn’t mean they are all safe.

Doctors from the Spine & Sports Health Center {located at 720 Monroe Street in Hoboken with locations in Jersey City + Bayonne as well} have put together a list of things you shouldn’t do when trying to relieve pain. The Spine & Sports Health Center is a medical practice led by board-certified physicians that treat spine and joint pain in a non-surgical matter where many patients get better without having surgery — so, when it comes to relieving pain, these are people you can trust. Keep reading for a list of don’ts when it comes to reliving pain, right from the professionals:

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1. Stretch your leg if you have Sciatica

Sciatica is the result of compressed nerves in the lower back. Stretching your leg can put more tension on these entrapped nerves, thereby causing increased pain.

2. Receive chiropractic care if you have rheumatoid arthritis in your neck

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause instability in the cervical spine or the neck which can predispose the patient to injury with chiropractic adjustments or manipulations.

3. Combine 2 types of the same medication

The common types of NSAIDs {non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs} are Aspirin [Bayer, Ecotrin], Ibuprofen [Advil, Motrin], and Naproxen [Aleve]. If you are not aware that they are all NSAIDs, you could overdose.

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4. Give a child aspirin

Aspirin use in children has been linked to a serious, potentially fatal, illness known as Reye’s syndrome. Risk increases when a fever or other symptoms of a viral illness (such as the flu or chickenpox) are present in the child.

5. Consider persistent pain in a child normal

Chronic pain, especially in a child, could be a sign of a more serious problem – therefore it should always be taken seriously and investigated by a pediatrician..

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6. Take NSAIDs {non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs} over-the-counter for more than 1 week without seeing a doctor

Like any medication, NSAIDs have side effects that need to be discussed with your doctor, especially if taken regularly.

7. Ignore persistent, severe lower back pain, especially in someone over 60 years old

The possibility of a more serious underlying problem should be ruled out.

8. Take Tramadol if you’re on antidepressants

When Tramadol is combined with certain antidepressants, the two drugs can have harmful interactions, namely increased likelihood of developing serotonin syndrome. You should always consult with your doctor before taking the medications together.

9. Have an x-ray without having a pregnancy test first

Exposure to radiation can have negative effects on a growing fetus.

This advice was given by trusted doctors from the Spine & Sports Health Center who help patients relieve pain without surgery every day. If you’re experiencing pain of any sort, make your appointment here. Specialties at the Spine & Sports Health Center include pain management, sports medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation, chiropractic, and acupuncture.

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This information should not be used or relied upon for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Spine & Sports Health Center expressly disclaims responsibility and shall have no liability for any damages, loss, injury or liability whatsoever suffered as a result of your reliance on the information contained in this site. If you are having a medical emergency please call 9-1-1.

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