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A Review of RushCycling in Jersey City

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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If you think cycling isn’t a full body workout, think again — or, you can just visit RushCycling for a quick change of mind. HG contributors Jordan + Joelle recently visited RushCycling’s Jersey City location {189 Brunswick Avenue} to take a ‘spin’ on their movable stationary bikes. Yes, we said moveable and stationary in the same breath — but hear us out! Here’s how it went down:

rush cycling

First Impression:

The sense of community that is felt is undeniable when walking inside the studio. Heidi, the studio manager, shared with us how closely-knit all of her cyclers are {this became clear when we witnessed regulars kindly assisting first-timers to help get them started, something you don’t see at every studio}. As for the class space, the bikes {which are not your average bikes} were nicely spread out to give you as much room as possible — because they move left and right at the handles. With assistance, an open mind, and learned technique, we began to glide from side to side.

rush cycling


RushCycling has two locations — at the Brunswick Center in Jersey City and at 1422 Grand Street in Hoboken  It is just one of many exercise and wellness businesses found in this convenient location {a quick Uber ride from downtown Hoboken}. The likes of ballroom dancing, colonics, and iron man training can all be found just steps away from the studio. If you are looking for a one-stop shop location for all your fitness needs in Jersey City, the center is definitely a place worth checking out.

Trying the Class as First-Timers:

After being in the class for just five minutes, we began to wonder how any other ‘regular’ spin class was going to cut it any longer. When moving the bike from side to side, muscles in the back and arms start firing up. When hovering over the seat, the abs and glutes are engaged to stop the bike from swaying. This is all while your legs are working like they would in a typical spin class — AKA holy burn.

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Your first class is basically spent learning and getting used to the bike since it’s so different from a regular spin class. Because of this, Heidi recommends giving the class a second try {and we did!}. The second time around was much easier and allowed for a better workout as we had the hang of the bike a bit more. She also shared that it will typically take about 5-6 classes to build muscle memory and feel truly comfortable on the bike.

rush cycling

Difficulty Level:

9 out of 10 — This class is challenging. Not only is it difficult to get the hang of the bikes, but the workout is intense {and you WILL leave sweaty}. However, wanting to get the hang of the bikes will make you want to go back for more.

Pricing & Packaging:

Prices are comparable to other spin + fitness classes in the area {$25 for a single class and as low as $16 per class when purchased in bulk}. Be sure to check out their specials for the new year.

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rush cycling

Overall Experience:

RushCycling is a great studio and workout, with an even better story. The bikes used in this class are not only approved by avid cyclers in the area, they have also been used to train our Armed Forces and rehabilitate wounded warriors. Word from the wise, don’t give up on this class after your first try. Our second class was 100x better than the first and allowed for a full experience of what this workout was intended to do for the body after getting used to the bikes. Not only is the class itself a great experience and killer workout, but the people in class with us, along with the staff, were super encouraging and made us feel extremely comfortable as first-timers.

Have You Tried RushCycling? What did you think? Share with us in the comments!

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