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SoulCycle Announces Closure in Hoboken + Moves to Weehawken

by Genna
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We got wind from a reader that Soul Cycle’s Hoboken location on the corner of 14th and Washington at 1400 Washington Street will be closing. The company posted a note on the front door stating that it will be moving to Weehawken.


First Impression

This building – just wow. We felt so VIP just walking up to the studio for its inaugural class. The space is unique in the sense that we had no idea what to expect out of the regal building which was originally a bank {Hoboken Trust Company} and most-recently housed the Hudson Reporter newspaper and magazine headquarters.

Upon entering the building, the door to Juice Press {coming soon, t-minus two weeks, allegedly} is on the left — and to the right is the SoulCycle studio: lined with retail goods for purchase, a filtered water station, the friendly front desk, and stairs leading up to the changing area, all in SoulCycle’s signature white *so fresh and so clean* changing area.


Location + Convenience

SoulCycle HBKN studio is located in the at the corner of 14th and Washington {1400 Washington Street} which is a prime location for uptown and downtown residents alike: the bus can take you directly to the studio’s front door {as well as the ferry so close for the post-workout commute}.

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Harborside Sport + Spine

The building itself is unique and this location will be popular for sure — especially for our many residents who have been asking about SoulCycle coming studio to open for the past 5+ years.


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Studio Amenities

In typical SoulCycle style, the aesthetic of the studio is spa-like and pristine. The changing area and lockers are upstairs and there are multiple bathrooms with showers stocked with products {FREE shampoo, conditioner, body wash} as well as towels and an abundance of products to get ready for the day including hairdryers, dry shampoo,q-tips, deodorant you name it. Cycling shoes are a requirement and are available for rent if you don’t own a pair.

Aside from water at the front desk, there is also a wall of retail products for purchase {anything from socks to sweatshirts} as well as Juice Press juices [coming soon] next door.


The inaugural crowd @SoulCycle

Class + Crowd

Being the first class on opening morning was an exciting experience! This was our instructor’s first time opening a studio {in his first year of teaching, maj props} and was extra motivational – despite coming down with an 101 degree fever the night before {tragic timing, for real}. From the woohoos and pump-up jams, you’d never assume all of these people were all out of bed by 8AM on a Saturday morning…


soulcycle hoboken open

Some of Team HG + Friends at our private class of 55 people! {just a few of us got to snap this, booo}

Schedule + Pricing

Considering it was opening day and weekend, the studio was packed more than we *hope* is normal. We were told that the 8 classes scheduled sold out in two {read: TWO} minutes, and after the studio added 3 additional classes, those were also completely booked – nonetheless, buying classes and booking your bike online is an easy process and major bonus. Classes are 45 minutes and are scheduled from an early 5:45am {or 7am} until 8:30pm. The showers and amenities make an easy routine if you’re looking to take an early class and head to NYC via ferry or bus.

The SoulCycle HBKN classes are priced the same in New Jersey as the NYC locations, and you have the option to buy a package or pay around $34/class. However, be wary that New Jersey passes can only be used in New Jersey {Hoboken or Short Hills}, Long Island and Westchester and are NOT valid in New York City.


Samples of Juice Press — coming soon!

Overall Experience

Could there possibly be anything to complain about this grand opening? Yes, it was insanely crowded – but only proving SoulCycle HBKN was well-received by the locals. The staff did a wonderful job of controlling the crowds and making every rider feel prepared for class and the experience of opening day.

Congratulations SoulCycle HBKN for a successful opening weekend!
We look forward to tapping-it-back again {very} soon.


Have you been to SoulCycle HBKN yet?

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