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Hoboken Fitness: Work it Out Gym {A Review}

by Christina
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In Hoboken, there are many gym choices that sometimes it can be hard to decide which direction {quite literally} to go in. But if you’re looking for a small, boutique fitness studio, there are several phenomenal ones. Case in point: WiO River {5 Marine View Plaza} and WiO Willow {603 Willow Ave}, boutique fitness studios that are located downtown on River and midtown on Willow. Recently, we got a chance to swing by — and here’s our workout review of this gem:


Both WiO studios are clean and have a spa-like feel to them. There are candles lit, mood-lighting, and {the best part} almost all the décor is pink and purple. It’s fun, girly, and empowering: you’ll want to workout. The classes are small, and the studio staff seems to know everyone by name.


^Work it Out Gym @ 5 Marine View Plaza [River Street]

The Class

Work it Out put on a sweat-worthy Blended Next Stop Skinny class {a combo of 25 minutes on the bike with sprints, pushups, and tap backs, and 25 minutes of floor work with weighted squats, jumping jacks, medicine balls, and abs work — OMG}. Lindsey, our instructor, had fun music, lots of motivation, and kept the class moving to the beat to feel like a party. All of the instructors come from various fitness backgrounds with certifications — which is crucial in a high-intensity type class.


^We’ll ride for a pink and purple spinning bike anyday

Difficulty Level: 8 out of 10

All of the classes at Work it Out are open level and can be modified to make it easier or more challenging, so it’s really up to you. The instructors always ask about injuries or pregnancies before class starts, making sure they can help you modify for safety’s sake. Lindsey’s class was definitely tough — leaving us very sweaty, but charged with energy to take on the day.


^ Mat room space {with props galore}

Class Offerings

Both studios offer a variety of classes; the River location offers many blended classes {a mix of two workout mediums like strength training and cycling}. It really seems like regardless of your fitness expertise or interest, WiO has something for you {did we mention they have a large TRAMPOLINE?! so fun}. The WiO Willow studio offers spinning classes and toning classes in their mat room, including CandyBarre, Hottie Pilates, Tight End, Next Stop Skinny, and Sweata Weatha. Their class times are varied: a few classes are hosted at 6am and 7am, and then more mid-morning — with 5:30pm through 9pm being the hot commodity.


^Weights, medicine balls, and mini-bands at Work it Out’s Willow location


Work it Out’s single classes are $25, but if you’re a new student to the studio — you’re in luck! Pricing is only $39 for a week of unlimited classes, so you can try them all. They also have a 12-month membership for $129/month. As a member, you’ll have unlimited access to 1-class a day, access to both conveniently located studios, 1-complimentary Burn (90-minute special class), 1-VIP Week for a Guest, member newsletter, and more.


^Join the fit fam of girl power at WiO!

Who goes?

The classes are mostly women in their 20s and 30s, but ladies are welcome to bring boyfriends and husbands. It definitely seems to cater to more of a female clientele, but let us not forget the couples class that went down last year that included both the men and ladies!


Have you been to Work it Out? What did you think?

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