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The 5 People You’ll Meet in an UberPOOL

by Jennifer Tripucka
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AHHH… Uber, the rideshare app that has revolutionized transportation and made it so that anywhere you are with at least one or two bars of service and a 10% phone battery life will get you home safely. {Seriously, what did we do before it?!} But what many don’t know is the amazingness that is uberPOOL, the carpool ride that is a part of Uber, which recently debuted in Hoboken and has spread across New Jersey. While an uberX is $6.55+ for a fare anywhere in Hoboken, uberPOOL is $3.75+ for up to two people — which is a steal. That being said, it’s a carpool situation. Which will often mean you’re not alone — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. So for some comic relief and to prep you for the ride, we’re sharing the five people you’ll most likely meet in an UberPool {plus we’re sharing a FREE HG code to use and get your next two rides free – below!}. Here they are:


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1. The Corporate Guy

You know the one. He’s dressed to the nines, potentially with his hair slicked back, and is most likely checking emails. He looks rushed, which actually makes you feel relaxed — because you clearly don’t have to worry about being the most antsy one to arrive at your destination. His cologne level is TBD as is his friendliness (you never know what those emails might say to set him off or the level of Axe body spray that will be present).

Option A:


Option B:


^Either way, swoooon.

2. The College Students

They’re on their way to the bar most likely and are taking uberPOOL to save a few dollars {which will then be spent at the bar — no judgment}. They’re enroute to McSwiggans or the Shannon or Tally Ho, but you couldn’t hear the specific bar because they all sound the same. It makes you feel old AF if you’re any age older than 24 — but at the same time hip because it’s almost like you’re headed there too.


If it’s a bit later in the evening, the crew is post-happy hour AND a rough night out, and it’s quite the entertaining ride. She’s asking for the music to be turned up bc she’s slightly turnt and heading to her bf’s, who she’s telling you all about.

And you’re just like…


Or, you’re totes in the mood, and you join in the singing:


^That’s more like it.

3. The Chatty Kathy

Whether he or she is already chatting with the driver when you come in OR is ready to strike up a convo when you enter the carpool, you know that you won’t be hearing any silence until the ride is over. That being said, getting into an uberPOOL is always an experience, so you might as well enjoy it — because it’s always fun to chat with people and learn something new {even if it’s that ‘Kathy’s’ cat keeps missing the litter box}. Depending on the length of the ride — you may or may not have a best friend.



4. The Married Couple

They’re either enroute to dinner or on their way to the PATH because they both work finance jobs in the city, but either way they are chatting about their [insert dog / baby name here] or how their dinner double date is basically the WORST . The good news is that most likely you don’t have to say a word because they’ll do all the talking for you.


5. The Quiet Passenger

You get in the car and notice there’s already someone in there {luckily the Uber app tells you their name} — and they don’t even say a word. Then, throughout the ride, you’re secretly wondering who they are, what they do for a living, where they’ve come from, where they’re going…the list goes on. And then, you try to sneak a peek at them while they’re on their phone — and of course they look up right at that moment {so you pretend you were just taking a little looksee around the car}:


Regardless of who you meet, an uberPOOL ride will always be a bit of an adventure {and a welcome price cut from your regular uberX ride}. It’s so fun to see that technology {which many feel distances human interaction} actually can bring people together. So next time you’re on the fence about taking an uberX versus an uberPOOL — live a little {and save a little!} — and request an uberPOOL.

[PS how to request an uberPOOL:  Select the “uberX” option at the bottom of your app, enter your pickup and drop-off location, tap the uberPOOL option (on the left), and request uberPOOL.]

And just because we love you, we’re offering you $5 off {so FREE, basically} your next 2 uberPOOL rides in New Jersey. Just input the promotion code [UBERPOOLHG] to cash in on the rides — and make sure to share your experience with us. Happy uberPOOLing!

*This post is sponsored, but I’ve pretty much taken every UBERPOOL known to man and met all of these people above…so I’m speaking from experience.

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