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Urban Souls, Hoboken’s Newest Yoga Studio, Is Open

by Steph
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Downtown Hoboken is adding another yoga studio to its repertoire: Urban Souls. Led by Karen Flannery and Brendan Gibbons, Urban Souls is an innovative yoga and meditation studio, according to its owners, that strives to bring its yogis down the path of overall wellness. Classes include meditation, yoga, and sound experiences. The studio — located at 100 Hudson Street on the fourth floor — officially opened its doors on April 15th. For its inaugural period, Urban Souls is offering a free week of yoga classes to all who come in.

What to Expect

“At Urban Souls, seekers of all kinds can get reacquainted with how wonderful healthy connection feels,” Flannery says. “It’s a place for exploration, where a truly unique variety of classes and workshops are mindfully crafted to cultivate wellness — a deep connection to mind, body, and spirit — simply by design.”

“You will find much more than yoga [here],” Brendan tells Hoboken Girl. “Not everyone is a ‘yogi.’ There are many other wellness options to enjoy, such as dropping in for 30-minute mindfulness meditations in your work clothes, on the way to PATH, whatever! We hope that people from all walks of life find what we’re calling their ‘OM’ away from home at Urban Souls.”


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About the Owners

Flannery is a longtime Hoboken resident and life coach. She partnered up with experienced yoga and meditation Brendan Gibbons to create Urban Souls when they both recognized a need for a tranquil space for both practiced yogis and beginners to the practice alike.

She says the ultimate goal of Urban Souls is to bring people down a path of overall wellness, bridging the gap or disconnection many of us feel to ourselves and others around us.

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“Our mission is to provide the community with a space to connect,” Brendan explains.

“We realize the need for people to not only deepen inner connection but to also connect with a community of diverse and like-minded people the awesome community around us. We are committed to creating a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere, where egos are left at the door. Where you can just be yourself. We are also deeply committed to serving the community of Hoboken and surrounding areas, by working with local charities, hosting fundraisers, and giving back as best we can to the city that we love.”

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Classes Offered

Urban Souls has an extremely diverse program of classes and workshops. With classes like Rise + Prime, an early morning 60-minute session designed to help yogis kickstart their day with an energizing morning flow; Slow Groove, a breath work and meditation class that links full, un-hurried breath with slow gentle movements; and Unplug’D, a rejuvenating lunch-hour session that focuses on realigning the spine, opening cramped hips, and mobilizing stiff joints through specific poses meant to restore chi. 

Plus, Urban Souls also offers Kick It*OM, a hybrid of high-intensity kickboxing and calisthenics and the gentleness of yoga’s toning and strengthening poses — there’s a class at Urban Souls for every kind of yogi.

Just to name a few other of their classes, the Urban Souls’ class roster includes Yin Yoga, Evening Chill, Melt Method, Connective Range Conditioning, Restorative Urban Oasis Yoga, Urban Warriors, Urban Drift, and more.

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“Our daily schedule includes a wide range of yoga classes, from slow and strong vinyasa to yin and gentle restorative,” Brendan says. “We also offer daily 30-minute meditation classes, and a variety of alternative movement classes such as MELT, Connective Range Conditioning, and Kick It OM all in a bright, welcoming community space to connect with other wellness seekers.”

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{Photo credit: @cburnscreative}

The Space

The space at Urban Souls is one of the studio’s most welcoming aspects. With a full slate of yoga and meditation classes every morning to evening, the Urban Souls open space serves as a casual community room where yogis can sip a cup of tea, practice solo meditation, watch a Ted Talk, or take a moment to map out the rest of their day.

“The atmosphere at Urban Souls is a reflection of its teachers; open and inviting, yet with a comfy, relaxed vibe,” Brendan says. “We’ve designed our community space to feel like home, and our practice space feels like an urban oasis modern, yet down to earth. Totally chill. ”

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Sound Experiences

Adding to the totally chill vibe is Urban Souls’ immersive audio-visual system that aids in creating a unique sound experience.

“Our state of the art audio-visual system creates an immersive experience of sound and ambient light in the practice room and we can’t wait to announce our special ‘Sound Experiences’!” Brendan adds.

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“But perhaps more importantly, our comprehensive programming is geared towards yogis and non-yogis alike, as well as embracing that as individuals, our unique needs change from day-to-day. Sometimes we need to build strength, others we just need to chill. Our programming is a reflection of this.”

The Sitch

Urban Souls is offering a free week of classes from April 15th to April 21 at no cost. Discounted rates for future classes and memberships are also available until the 21st. Namaste, yogis. And no, this isn’t sponsored. Just sharing the good news. PLUS: They’ll be at our HobokenWellnessCrawl on April 28th so you can check the space out for yourself. Click here for tickets!

Have you tried Urban Souls yoga get? Let us know in the comments!

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