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Where to Get Delicious Sandwiches in Hoboken

by Danielle Lynch
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Sandwiches can be a dime a dozen, especially in a city filled with so many great restaurants. And when you live in Hoboken, Italian heroes and fresh mutz are the go-to sandwiches of choice. But there are a ton of restaurants and delis with some pretty awesome and unique sandwich choices. That’s why we’ve rounded up some local gems. Check out the list for what to order and how to order from that spot.

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Antique Bar + Bakery {122 Willow Avenue} 

antique bar bakery

{Photo credit @antique_bar_bakery}

We know we speak on behalf of locals all over Hoboken who are just so thankful that Antique has re-opened its doors. It was a long, grueling quarantine without this spot in the rotation, but everyone is excited about its return. The menu is unique, to say the least, with some interesting twists on classic dishes. Want to go crazy? Go for the Steak Pizzaiola Sandwich. 

What to Order: Steak Pizzaiola Sandwich

How to Order: Hoboken Style — it’s the only way.

Black Bear Bar + Grill {205 Washington Street} 

black bear bar grill

This bar is definitely a crowd-pleaser at night for drinks and the occasional dance party {when socializing was a thing — good times} but most people forget that it’s also a solid restaurant with great food, too. With your typical upscale bar menu, Black Bear has a ton of options to add to the tab. Not so much a sandwich but close enough, the Cajun shrimp wrap is a great choice, especially into the fall. With romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and tossed in ranch dressing, this wrap is simple and hits the spot. 

What to Order: Cajun Shrimp Wrap 

How to Order: Alfresco with a light beer. 

Black Rail Coffee {800 Jackson Street}

black rail coffee

Opened by a brother-sister duo, James + Daisy who both share a love for Biggie Smalls and coffee, Black Rail served up some of the most delicious coffee and cafe-fare in town. Its menu boasts a variety of sandwiches and salads. The “Healthier Sandwich” is worth a try and it’s a combo of turkey, spinach, onions, shredded carrots, and balsamic dressing on a choice of 7-grain or sourdough.

What to Order: Healthier Sandwich

How to Order: Everything on it

Cafe Michelina {423 Bloomfield Avenue} 

cafe michelina

As if the gnocchi alla burrata in a vodka sauce wasn’t enough, the Vicari family comes to you with the chicken parmigiana. You might be thinking, why are they talking about a sandwich as simple as chicken parm. Hear us out. This is no ordinary meatball parm. The combination of the meatballs, sauce, cheese, and bread makes for the perfect meal for any time of day.

What to Order: Chicken Parmigiana

How to Order: Sub red sauce for vodka sauce. 

Cafe Sophia {200 Monroe Street}

cafe sophia

{Photo credit: @cafe_sophia_hoboken}

Everyone in the southwest corner of Hoboken was thrilled to welcome this sun-filled cafe into the neighborhood. Whether coming in for breakfast or lunch the cafe is always bubbling with fresh menu items that warm the soul. Breakfast sandwiches are always our go-to here, so we definitely recommend trying the Sinatra {egg, prosciutto, mozzarella, and sundried tomato spread} on an Italian roll — from Dom’s Bakery. Need we say more?

What to Order: The Sinatra

How to Order: With a Lavazza cappuccino.

Carpe Diem {1405 Grand Street} 

carpe diem

Tucked away from the busy world of Hoboken, Carpe Diem is a favorite amongst locals who know what’s good. This cozy little spot is certainly off the beaten path but features American and Irish food. If looking for a good bite to eat, try the pulled pork sandwich {pork tossed in BBQ sauce and topped with melted cheddar}. 

What to Order: Pulled Pork Sandwich

How to Order: With a side of sweet potato fries

Chango Kitchen {301 Willow Avenue}

chango kitchen hoboken 

Cuban food is taken to the next level at this semi-new spot near Church Square Park. Each bite is authentic and diners delight upon every morsel of flavor that Cuban cuisine has to offer. Of course, the Cuban sandwich is a classic as is the medianoche {a Cuban sandwich made on a sweet roll instead} but we would be remiss not to mention the pan con bistec guaro, as it is different from the typical Cuban sandwich. A Venezuelan steak with sauteed onions and dressed in a garlic sauce, the pan con bistec guaro is filled with flavor and juice. 

What to Order: Pan con Bistec Guaro

How to Order: Served with fries or salad for an additional cost — we say, skip both and get plátanos maduros for a sweet side.

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City Bistro {56 14th Street}

city bistro 

This rooftop spot is extra dreamy, especially after being cooped up inside for so long. The menu at City Bistro is equal parts tasty and elegant. Our top choice for a sandwich at this uptown spot would be the breaded eggplant sandwich, filled with mozzarella, roasted peppers, arugula, tomatoes, and pesto served on ciabatta with French fries. Diners can turn down this light but filling dish, especially on a warm day. 

What to Order: Breaded Eggplant Sandwich

How to Order: Preferably on the rooftop with a side of fries.

Dolce & Salato {1101 Grand Street}

dolce and salato hoboken

This lovely spot has a modern, yet welcoming vibe, with a lot of natural light, perfect for a cup of coffee, a sandwich, and a sweet treat to complete the meal. They specialize in pastries like cannoli cake, rum cake, Nutella + chocolate cake, fruit tart, cheesecake, tiramisu cake, and chocolate mousse cake, plus eight flavors of gelato. But the sandwiches are a must-try.

What to Order: Chicken salad on a croissant 

How to Order: Toasted

Elysian Cafe {1001 Washington Street} 

elysian cafe

Everybody who is anybody knows about Elysian Cafe — the city’s oldest and longest-standing eatery. This was a tough one as everything on the menu is noteworthy. So, we decided on two classics — the Reuben + the lobster roll. Each is the complete opposite of the other but delicious, nonetheless. The Reuben is loaded with hot pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and topped with Russian dressing on toasted rye. The lobster roll seasoned with shallots, celery, and herbs, served with an arugula salad and pommes frites. Take your pick — or get both. 

What to Order: The Reuben or Lobster Roll

How to Order: As is

Fiore’s House of Quality {414 Adams Street} 

fiores house of quality

If you know then you know but if you don’t, we are here for you! Fiore’s is one of Hoboken’s gems — a true diamond in the rough. Listen, anything from Fiore’s will be absolutely incredible; there’s no doubt about that. The bread comes from both Dom’s an Amato’s and holds together an absolute beast of a sandwich. Fresh mutz, prosciutto, roast beef — you name it, they have it. It is hard to narrow it down to just one sandwich but here is our best attempt. Go with the roast beef, mutz, and gravy special. It’s only available on Thursdays and Saturdays. Trust us on this one. 

What to Order: Roast Beef, Mutz, + Gravy Sandwich

How to Order: Call ahead for this special on Thursdays + Saturdays only. Go to the left counter and tell them you’re picking up an order.

Frankie + Ava’s {208 Washington Street}

frankie evas hoboken 

This new-ish spot on Washington Street has such a hot menu and sometimes, we can’t even choose. With both hot and cold options as well as paninis and so much more to choose from, With a hearty selection of hot and cold sandwiches as well as paninis and wraps, this Italian eatery has it all. If we had to narrow it down to just one sandwich, the zarillo is top-notch. Filled with chicken cutlets, homemade mutz, bruschetta arugula and drizzled with balsamic, the zarillo is delicious. 

What to Order: The Zarillo

How to Order: Try it pressed, like a panini

Greektown {86 Garden Street} 

greek town hoboken

Off the beaten path, this restaurant has truly authentic Greek food and the menu is so unique. Everything from the menu is fresh and full of flavor. A fan favorite is the yeero, which most people *think* is pronounced gyro. The Greektown yeero would be our número uno just based on flavor alone. The meat cooks on a vertical rotisserie and melts in your mouth. Served in a warm pita with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce {a yogurt dip flavored with dill and other Greek essences}. If unsure of what to order, go with the yeero.

What to Order: Greektown Yeero

How to Order: Extra tzatzki + hummus — the contrast in textures is fire.

Green Pear Cafe {93 Grand Street} 

green pear cafe

With two locations, Green Pear Cafe is really thriving in the area. The pure simplicity of this European-style cafe makes everything so highly-desirable. What’s more, is that everything used is high quality and farm-fresh. Might we suggest the croissant with egg and cheese? Seems classic but with the option to add bacon, prosciutto, chorizo, greens, and avocado, the possibilities are endless. 

What to Order: Croissant with Egg + Cheese

How to Order: Add prosciutto

Hot House Pizza {606 2nd Street} 

hot house pizza

Before we continue, it must be known that the sandwiches at Hot House are colossal — loaded with Italian-y goodness, these are not for the faint of heart If looking for a sandwich that could feed a small army, the meatball or chicken parm sandwich is the best bet. Seriously, this thing has to be at least a foot and a half long — at least. The bread is, obviously from Dom’s, and is toasted and fresh. Inside either parm sandwich is the perfect ratio of meat, cheese, and sauce. Seriously, this one can be split between a few people.

What to Order: Chicken or Meatball Parm Sandwich

How to Order: Share it or save it

House of Que {340 Sinatra Drive} 

house of que outdoor seating

This waterfront spot knows how to do BBQ and they do it well. Austin-style barbeque has some very authentic tastes loaded with intense amounts of flavor. The menu at House of Que is varied and boasts true Austin-style meals. Everything from the pulled pork to the ribs is mouth-watering. If we are talking sandwiches, go with the Sloppy Texan. While this sounds like a wild night on the iconic Rainey Street, it’s a savory sandwich with smoked brisket and ground beef braised in chili seasoning. To top it off, the sandwich comes complete with pickled onions, American cheese, and pickles on a brioche bun with fries. Say that five times fast.

What to Order: The Sloppy Texan

How to Order: With extra napkins and something bubbly

Il Tavolo di’Palmisano {700 Clinton Street} 

il tavolo palmisano hoboken restaurant

Making its way into the Hoboken restaurant scene, Il Tavolo was born in February, right before the heat of the pandemic. But that didn’t dull it sparkle as they have been crushing the game ever since. With a menu that is jam=packed with classic Italian favorites, there are just too many options to choose from, but we took the leg work out of that. Listen up — the sausage and broccoli rabe sandwich is a must-try. The combination of the thinly sliced Italian sausage and sauteed broccoli rabe mixed is intensely flavored. What we love most about this sandwich is how the bread takes away the natural bitterness of the broccoli rabe and adds texture to the whole shebang.

What to Order: Sausage + Broccoli Rabe Sandwich

How to Order: With a side of sauce

La Isla {25 12th Street + 104 Washington Street}

la isla hoboken

Both the downtown and uptown locations have sabrosa Cuban food with a unique Caribbean flare that is sure to entice the palate. It is safe to say that most Cuban restaurants have mastered the art of the Cuban sandwich; it’s a staple. However, the Cuban sandwich would be too easy of a choice. The real favorite is the media noche, which resembles a Cuban sandwich with subtle differences such as the use of sweet bread instead of the typical sandwich bread. The media noche includes roasted pork, ham, and Swiss Cheese with garlic mojo and the classic pickles. 

What to Order: Media Noche

How to Order: With mustard instead of garlic mojo

Lisa’s Deli {901 Park Avenue}

lias deli hoboken

This classic spot is legendary, much like the other long-standing delis in town. Customers wait in line for mozzarella and sandwiches especially, but also for other hot and cold food, too. Lisa uses healthy, quality ingredients that make you feel like you’re eating your grandmother’s food.

What to Order: Salami, mutz, and tomatoes on Italian bread

How to Order: Add salt, pepper, and oregano

Losurdo Brothers {410 2nd Street} 

losurdo brothers hoboken

Looking for the perfect savory and sweet sandwich? The Pig + Fig at Losurdos is an absolute gem. We’re talking about a total juxtaposition of flavors with the sweet fig glaze in combination with the prosciutto, homemade fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. The guys behind the counter are all about making high-quality, authentic Italian food and we can promise that the Fig + Pig will certainly not disappoint. It’s the perfect blend of flavors.

What to Order: Pig + Fig Sandwich

How to Order: Call in the order ahead of time. It gets busy at Losurdo’s + rightfully so

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Midtown Philly Cheesesteaks {523 Washington Street}

midtown philly cheesesteaks

There’s nothing quite like a juicy cheesesteak to get our mouths watering and this hole in the wall is straight-up incredible. Of course, there are other options besides classic Philly cheesesteaks and why would we bore you with something you already know to be delicious. If a fiery hot sandwich is what you’re craving, try the Diablo cheesesteak. With the obligatory steak and cheese whiz, this sandwich comes served with jalepeños, hot relish, banana peppers, and ranch dressing. 

What to Order: The Diablo Cheese Steak Sandwich

How to Order: Ranch on the side — use it for dipping.

M+P Biancamano {1116 Washington Street} 

m p biancamano deli

Word on the street is that Biancamano single-handedly ruined Mutz Fest — well, really it didn’t ruin it; it just kept winning year after year, that the competition part stopped after M+Ps took home the gold multiple years in a row. It’s a family event and the great part is all of the delis love each other like family. Owners Pietro and Teresa Biancamano have a favorite sandwich and it is certainly ours, too. This sandwich weighs a whopping 2.5 pounds and includes an overload of capricola, prosciutto, pepperoni, and fresh homemade mozzarella. 

What to Order: The Pietro special sandwich

How to Order: Just ask for the 2.5-pound sandwich

O’Nieals {343 Park Avenue}

onieals hoboken

A true staple in the community, this restaurant in the heart of Church Square Park has a heap of delicious menu items and literally the best French onion soup in town — we digress. , Back to sandwiches. The crab cake sandwich is really something special. With fresh Maryland crab, Bermuda onions, tomato, and remoulade on a toasted baguette and served with fries, this could be the top crab cake sandwich in Hoboken.

What to Order:  Crab Cake Sandwich

How to Order: With a side of French Onion Soup

Piccolo’s {92 Clinton Street} 

piccolos hoboken

There’s something to be said about a spot that has been in business for over 63 years and Piccolo’s is a well-known cheesesteak spot in the Mile Square. Every sandwich at Piccolo’s is incredible and you can’t go wrong with whichever choice you make. Of course, the cheesesteak sandwich is at the top of the list and we would be remiss not to mention it. With a choice of cheese whiz or American, peppers, and onions, we suggest getting it all.

What to Order: Cheesesteak Sandwich

How to Order: American Cheese with all of the bells and whistles

Pilsner Haus + Biergarten {1422 Grand Street} 

beirgarten pilsner haus hoboken beer

Known for its beers and brews, the Biergarten is a well-known gem in Hoboken. Of course, the Bavarian pretzel is a must order each time but what many people forget is that there is a grill that is always fired up, cooking up brats all day. Choose between bratwurst, cheddar brats, chicken sausage, curry brat, frankfurter, or smoked Polish kielbasa sandwiched between a bun with fries.

What to Order: Regular Bratwurst Sandwich

How to Order: You have to go up to the grill and pay cash {separate from the menu bill}

Urban Coalhouse {116 14th Street}

urban coalhouse 

We love the vibes at Urban Coalhouse and the delicious food that fills the menu. If not getting pizza and looking for a sandwich, we recommend the shroom and gruyere sandwich, which is filled with sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, truffle oil, gruyere cheese, placed on an onion bun and served with French fries.

What to Order: Shrooms + Gruyere Sandwich

How to Order: Add the fries to the sandwich

Vito’s+ Son Italian Deli {806 Washington Street}

Vito’s sandwich

Vito has been in the deli business since he was 14 and started his very own place over 30 years ago with his mother as his first head chef. While Vito’s homemade mutz is internationally renowned and shipped throughout the US {and even to Italy!}, this Hoboken classic hasn’t lasted in Hoboken for over 30 years on cheese alone. Their sandwiches are a must-try.

What to Order: Vito’s Sandwich {house staple}

How to Order: With sweet peppers


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