The Best Spots for Gnocchi in Hoboken + Jersey City

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Gnocchi — delicious, pasta pillows composed mostly of potato {and love} have been an Italian delicacy for centuries. These little bites of heaven are typically served in a sauce, but could honestly be accompanied by any seasoning. Hudson County is no stranger to these Italian treats and has been mastering the art of gnocchi for as long as we can remember. To celebrate this amazing and versatile style of pasta, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spots in the area serving up their own gnocchi. Each dish, while unique in its own way, is nothing short of perfection. Read on to learn about some local spots offering this traditional Italian pasta. 

green pear cafe gnocchi


Antique Bar + Bakery {122 Willow Avenue}

Antique starts the list off with a serious twist on this classic dish. Drenched in an osso bucco ragu, the brown butter gnocchi is served in a white wine sauce and is accompanied by a celery leaf salad, creating the perfect juxtaposition of flavors and textures. 

Augustino’s {1104 Washington Street}

augustinos hoboken

Two words — gnocchi bolognese. This dish is anything but ordinary, drenched in a bolognese {meat} sauce that is flavorful in each and every bit. While the gnocchi bolognese is listed as a pasta dish, not even an entree, it would be more than enough for dinner

Blue Eyes {525 Sinatra Drive}

With quite the selection of gnocchi dishes, Blue Eyes has a sauce for every taste bud on the lunch menu. Choose from either a pesto or marinara sauce or pretend to be in Italy and order the gnocchi Sorrentina, which is a marinara sauce with added mozzarella to give the dish extra flavor and of course, an epic cheese pull. 

Brass Rail {135 Washington Street}

This local spot puts a seriously delicious twist on this classic dish. The truffle meatball + gnocchi is out of this world. Tossed in pancetta, mushrooms, + a sherry cream sauce, this heaping serving of this pasta will rock your world. 

Cafe Michelina {423 Bloomfield Street}

Cafe Michelina has quite a few gnocchi dishes on the menu, each one better than the next. The most notable of the gnocchi dishes is the gnocchi vodka alla burrata, which comes saturated in a vodka sauce and burrata to top it off. Also available is the gnocchi in a pesto sauce topped in fresh mozzarella and gnocchi in a Pomodoro sauce with eggplant and fresh mozzarella. Owner and chef, Sal Vicari can make gnocchi anyway his guests could possibly want. 

Elysian Cafe {1001 Washington Street} 

This Hoboken staple restaurant has been in business since 1895 {originally known as Dillenger + Jefferson’s — and a few different owners along the way}, and has experienced everything from the prohibition to this most recent pandemic. Just because it is a French bistro doesn’t mean that gnocchi isn’t on the menu. The homemade potato gnocchi entree, which is doused in a rigatoni sauce and topped with shaved parmesan is a local favorite.

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Grand Vin {500 Grand Street}

grand vin

The homemade ricotta gnocchi at Grand Vin is one of the most sought-after dishes in the Mile Square. Tossed in a three-cheese sauce, this dish is light, fluffy, and oh so delicious. The portions come in full and half sizes, so guests can enjoy this as an entree or appetizer. Pro tip: sub the three-cheese sauce for vodka sauce — when available. 

Leo’s Grandevous {200 Grand Street}

Going strong for the last 80+ years, Leo’s is a culinary and historical tribute to Ol ‘ Blue Eyes. The restaurant features two versions of this mouth-watering dish. Available for dinner, the gnocchi marinara and gnocchi in a three-cheese sauce rival each other for the number one spot. Both dishes, although different, are insanely delicious and will always hold a spot on this list. 

San Giuseppe {1320 Adams Street}

As if we aren’t already in love with San Giuseppe’s coal-fired pizza, the restaurant also offers a unique spin on the classic gnocchi dish. Boasting the green, white, and red colors of its home country, the gnocchi al pesto {topped with sun-dried tomatoes} is one of a kind. This dish is definitely a favorite among Hoboken locals. 

Panello {720 Monroe Street}

panello outside

There is something so enticing about gnocchi in a four-cheese sauce and Panello knows exactly how to hit the spot with this dish. This creamy dish warms the soul and is one of the most popular dishes at Panello. 

Pizza Republic {406 Washington Street}

Pizza Republic is heating things up with its spicy twist on the classic gnocchi dish. The gnocchi fra diavolo at this restaurant is equal parts spicy and comforting. If you’re looking for something different, this is the place to go. 

Zack’s {232 Willow Avenue}


Zack’s knows how to do good, wholesome food and the menu is filled with a mix of dishes sure to wow any foodie. Available at Zack’s is a gnocchi dish with fresh mozzarella and sweet sausage tossed in a creamy pink sauce. The combination of flavors will send anyone through the roof!

Jersey City

Battello {502 Washington Boulevard}

battello jersey city storefront

Light, airy, and smooth — the ricotta gnocchi at Battello is truly something to write home about. The gnocchis are drenched in a sweet sausage bolognese sauce and topped with a pecorino romano cheese and basil. This waterfront restaurant is back in business for contactless takeout and delivery as well as al fresco dining Thursday to Sunday from 4:00PM until 8:00PM. All orders can be placed online. 

Corto {507 Palisade Avenue}

Known especially for the in-house, homemade pasta, Corto has the gnocchi game down pat. The restaurant offers to-go orders on fully prepared dishes as well as fresh pasta by the pound. The gnocchetti sardi {little gnocchi, in Italian} is a popular type of pasta in Sardinia and is available by the pound. Prefer a ready to eat dish? Order the gnocchetti sardi, which is cooked in a chickpea, tomato, rosemary, and garlic sauce, plus breadcrumbs and pecorino romano, of course.

Green Pear Café {93 Grand Street}

green pear cafe

It goes without saying that Green Pear is a hidden gem in Jersey City. This restaurant features a menu fusion of different cultures. Available for dinner is a beef goulash with gnocchi and cottage cheese. This dish will leave you begging for more, that’s for sure. Also available is a chicken paprikash with gnocchi and cottage cheese, too. While gnocchi takes {sort of} a back seat to the main focus of the dish, it complements it perfectly. 

Latham House {299 Marin Boulevard}

Latham House knows no boundaries when it comes to flavor and its gnocchi dish speaks perfectly to that standard. Available at the restaurant is handmade ricotta gnocchi with seared shrimp. This dish is tossed in a tomato cream sauce with local mushrooms, wilted baby kale, and ricotta. Also available is a vegetarian version.  

Laico’s {67 Terhune Avenue}

You haven’t lived a proper Hudson County life unless you’ve been to Laico’s in Jersey City. Opened by the Laico family in 1972, Laico’s has been serving its tried-and-true dishes even as its menu evolves with the times, and their gnocchi bolognese is no exception. Its presence varies on the menu, depending on the specials — but no matter what you order there, you’ll be pleased.

Pasta dal Cuore {527 Jersey Avenue}

Try not to drool over this dish. The freshly-made gnocchi di ricotta di bufala all’arrabbiata is out of this world. This gnocchi dish is cooked with imported Italian buffalo ricotta, grana padano cheese, and tossed in a tomato-basil sauce, topped in red pepper flakes. 

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Renato’s {278 Central Avenue}

OK, so we all know Renato’s for the pizza, BUT they also have a gnocchi dish sure to wow any foodie. A classic dish in the Neapolitan region of Italy {think Amalfi Coast — more specifically Sorrento}, the gnocchi Sorrentina is full of flavor. The sauce and gnocchi are mixed with mozzarella cheese, melted to perfection, and is perfect for dinner.

Villa Borghese III {475 Washington Boulevard}

This Newport restaurant has a very comprehensive menu, complete with burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and yes, gnocchi. These potato pillows are served with plum tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil, This gnocchi dish is light and summery. 


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