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Plant-Based Cookie Bar Brand ‘Chookie’ Launches in NJ

by Diana Cooper
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Chookie, a cookie brand that launched during the pandemic, first made its mark in Jersey City by appearing at the holiday market. It has already made a social impact by spreading gratitude in the community. The plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free cookie bar comes in three inaugural flavors and can be shipped nationwide. Read on to learn more about Chookie.

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Launching Chookie

Chookie was founded in December 2020 by Zev Ziegler, a marketing executive based in Essex County who had years of experience under his belt in regard to bringing awareness to a brand.

Zev shared insight with The Hoboken Girl about his success in the past. “My results have varied with the brands I partner on, such as from my work at KIND healthy snacks, where as an online marketing manager, our team experienced 10 times in e-commerce growth during six years, and most recently at Lycored, our team needed to double production of our hero ingredient to support demand with a powerfully engaged B2B audience,” he told HG.

The New Jersey native got the inspiration to launch Chookie from other healthy snack brands.

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The problem we see is that most healthy snack brands are positioned to support snackers who already embrace a healthy lifestyle,” he said. “We want to guarantee non-health and health-conscious consumers a taste-forward health snack with nothing to hide.”

He added, ‘Our promise is intentionally delicious, accidentally nutritious.”

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Chookie’s bars are modeled on a “simple recipe” to ensure a “happy, healthy life.” The plant-based cookie bars are gluten-free and non-GMO. The inaugural flavors are Almond Coconut, Banana Nut, and Orange Pecan — all of which are Oatmeal Raisin based. And not for nothing, Chookie has some pretty good deals for their customers who want to stock up. They’re available in a 10-count package for $22.50. They also provide Chookie Plus, a subscription program where you can save 10 percent by signing up for delivery every 30 days while getting free shipping from the distribution center in Livingston, NJ. No, this is not sponsored, we just love a good deal on good snacks.

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Chookie in the Community

Zev and his team have been popping up at local events to help market the newly launched brand.

“One of my highlights from this summer stemmed from when my friends, my daughter, and I set up a lemonade stand outside of Love Locked on Grove Street. We earned $85 dollars on the day that our kids donated to a Jersey City community fridge,” Zev said. “What I love most about the community is the general spirit to help out the little guy (referring to small business owners) is alive.”

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Chookie made an appearance at Jersey City’s Holiday Market ahead of the holidays where guests were encouraged to write thank-you notes to send to loved ones. The company ended up receiving nearly 200 letters that were then sent out and each person who participated received a Chookie Oat Raisin bar for themselves.

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Zev told HG: “Everyone I have worked with in the community including such as Rachel Seig, Executive Director, Historic Downtown Special Improvement District and her team, as well Michele and The Hoboken Girl team have looked at what we are doing with a warm heart and with a ‘let’s spread the health’ spirit.”

Check Out Chookie

Apart from being at other local events, an order with Chookie can be placed online at Chookie.com. In the coming weeks, the cookie brand will have an auto-delivery option for consumers to have their bars delivered at a desired frequency.

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“Goodness doesn’t happen overnight it takes small steps,” Zev said. “I am so thrilled to bring more ‘thank you, kindly’ events and better-for-you snacks to the heart of Jersey City. I want to see us all kick-drop 2023 hard!”

The founder encourages people to also be on the lookout for Chookie’s soon-to-launch “Taste like There is a Tomorrow” campaign, in which the team will invite guests to meet at Jersey City events and online to follow through with their New Year’s resolutions all year. They will also be popping up at the Downtown Farmers’ Market throughout the coming year.

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