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This Gluten-Free Bakery in NYC is Worth the Trip

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Every once in a while, an NYC gem needs to be discussed… and today, it’s dessert. Located at 192 Bleecker Street in New York City, Posh Pop Bakeshop is a fully gluten-free bakery that takes decadent to the next level. Don’t get it twisted, Posh Pop is known for a lot more than pops. In fact, its pies, cakes, and cookies are incredible. If you’re dairy-free, newly gluten-free, celiac, or just in the mood for dessert — promise, you won’t even realize that this Manhattan bakery is, in fact, 100% gluten-free. Read on for more details about Posh Pop in NYC.

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About Posh Pop Bakeshop

Upon walking into Posh Pop Bakeshop, you’re greeted with a wall of pink and decadent desserts at the counter. There are dozens of sweets and treats, and it’s worth noting, while Posh Pop Bakeshop is a completely gluten-free bakery, other allergens are used in some of their products (including eggs, dairy, and nuts). The shop does, however, list which items contain dairy, etc. if you’re being careful or have an allergy.

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Standout menu items (but truly, all are standout) we loved fried Oreos, carrot cake, Nutella cookie pie, apple cider doughnuts in the fall, a fried Snickers bar, and Funfetti cheesecake. It’s hard to go wrong, as it’s literally a dessert-lover’s heaven.

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New Jersey resident Krizha Bautista is the owner of Posh Pop, and though it’s in NYC and worth the trek, we’re jonesing for a Jersey location. Back almost a decade ago, Krizha opened in Red Bank, but that location has since closed.

The NYC gluten-free bakery hub has proven its worth, attracting people all around the world (they ship nationwide). We do hear that shipped baked goods aren’t as good/enjoyable as in-store, so your best bet is definitely to visit in person if you can.

posh pop

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That being said, if you’re looking to stay local, Hoboken and Jersey City have several gluten-free or gluten-sensitive bakeries including Busy Bee Organics, the recently-opened Annie and Em’s, Alfalfa for doughnuts, and Jam Cakery for vegan treats that can also be made gluten-free. But if a night in the city is in the cards, Posh Pop Bakeshop is your gluten-free bakery spot.

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