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The Best Gluten-Free Date Night Spots in Hoboken + JC, According to a Celiac

by Kayla Cappiello
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No matter where you live, we all have our personal lists of favorite date night spots. Hoboken and Jersey City have a wide variety of cuisines and restaurants for nights out — ranging from BBQ joints to authentic Italian food, American eats, and so many more. But only some restaurants are best suited for a romantic night out, and the list gets even more narrow when you take into account dietary restrictions like gluten sensitivities, allergies, and dietary preferences. To make all the options easier to navigate, we’ve compiled a list of the best date night spots in the Hoboken + Jersey City area that are gluten-free. All of the dishes on this list are either fully gluten-free or can be made gluten-free. Read on for our picks for where to have a gluten-free date night, thanks to Kayla Cappiello, a New Jersey resident, cookbook author, Instagram influencer (@kaylacappiello), and Celiac — who is here to share all the gluten-free tea.

HG Tip: Be sure to warn your server at each of these spots if you have a gluten allergy or a dietary preference to ensure the cooks can take the proper precautions to avoid contamination.

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Antique Bar and Bakery | 122 WIllow Avenue

What to order: Spaghetti squash carbonara 

For a fun, lively, and bustling night out, Antique Bar and Bakery is the date spot to visit. It has a lively bar with upscale cocktails, fun music, and vintage decor. Its dark, moody vibe will have you going back again and again for a cozy, speakeasy-feel date night. It also even has a 30-ton coal oven built of porcelain brick. To say this place is unique is an understatement. Antique Bar and Bakery is a spot you do not want to miss out on.  Luckily, the food is just as amazing as the atmosphere and it has both gluten-free pasta and spaghetti squash pasta. The spaghetti squash carbonara has crispy pancetta and is topped with a poached egg, and since it’s with spaghetti squash, it’s naturally gluten-free. 

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Augustino’s | 1104 Washington Street, Hoboken

What to order: Chicken rollatini (gluten-free option available)

If you’re looking for a bit of little Italy, just a lot more local, Augustino’s is a great choice. It’s known for its delectable Italian dishes in an old-school environment. It’s always booked (and can be tough to get a reservation), so there is an exclusive feel as soon as you walk in. This date night will be packed with delicious southern Italian food and flowing wine. The chicken rollatini is one dish that will truly make your date night. This meal is on the specials menu and can be made gluten-free. Augustino’s chicken rollatini is hand-breaded and stuffed with ham, salami, provolone, and ricotta then covered in a mushroom cream sauce and topped with mushrooms. Just a heads up: this spot is cash only.

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Bin 14 | 1314 Washington Street

What to order: Eggplant parm wedges (Gluten-free) and Cacio e Pepe Pizza (Gluten-free option available)

bin 14 hoboken gluten free pizza

(Photo credit: @kaylacappiello)

If flowing wine and endless appetizers are your idea of a perfect date night, then Bin 14 is the spot for you. It has what seems like an endless list of wines and the buzz of its bar makes for the ideal date night. Whether at the bar, on the outdoor patio, or in a window seat, you can easily enjoy almost the entire menu gluten-free. Come hungry — because this is a great spot to order a bunch of small plates to share, especially since so many are gluten-free.

The eggplant parm wedges are a small plate item at Bin 14. The wedges are breaded with gluten-free breadcrumbs, fried, and topped with mozzarella and red sauce. They are the perfect bite of snack-sized eggplant parm.

Also, the pizza is what cheesy dreams are made of — the cacio e pepe pizza is a delicious combination of cacio e pepe pasta mixed with a gluten-free pizza. Topped with mozzarella, shaved pecorino, and fresh cracked pepper, Bin 14 creates the most delectable dishes that are true to taste great — but sans the gluten. All of Bin 14’s pizzas are personal sized and all have a gluten-free crust option.

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Grand Vin | 500 Grand Street

What to order: Pappardelle with lemon vodka sauce (gluten-free option available)

grand vin hoboken cheese meat plate

(Photo credit: @kaylacappiello)

Grand Vin is the spot to pick for those looking for a wine bar with romantic vibes and a dark setting. It’s romantic, the craft cocktails are amazing, and the bar is always buzzing — plus, there’s often live music. You can sit at the bar, at the bar’s high top tables, in the back room, or outside on the patio. Start the date off with some wine and we definitely recommend the mix and match meat and cheese board served with fig jam. Yum.

All the pasta dishes can be made with gluten-free pasta, and there are also naturally gluten-free appetizers and entrees as well. Make sure to make a reservation in advance as this romantic restaurant is often booked up.

Otto Strada | 743 Park Avenue

What to order: Tagliatelle al tartufo e funghi (Gluten-free option available) and the lemon and smashed burrata pizza (Gluten-free option available)

(Photo credit: @kaylacappiello)

Between the fresh Italian food and the grape vines outside, it’ll be easy to mistake this spot for Italy on a date night. With bustling tables and dim lighting, Otto Strada is a great spot for a date night for those who are comfortable eating lots of food in front of other people. From the gluten-free pizzas to their gluten-free pastas, it will definitely be hard to narrow down your order. 

The Tagliatelle al Tartufo e Funghi is tossed in black and white truffle pesto, cream, porcini, and champignon mushrooms, Grano Padano, garlic, parsley and EVOO. Even though Otto Strada doesn’t take reservations, the black and white truffle pesto is worth whatever the wait time is for a table there. It’s great as a meal or to be shared as an appetizer.

Otto Strada’s pizza is basically straight out of Italy. The lemon and smashed burrata pizza can be made on regular or gluten-free crust. Topped with fresh mozzarella, roasted lemon slices, arugula, smashed burrata, toasted black pepper, pecorino Romano, and EVOO, it’s a must-try. The lemons are cut so thinly after they’re baked, it almost tastes like candy. 

Saku | 936 Park Avenue

What to order: Just Beet it Roll (Avocado, Cucumber, Ginger, Carrot with Avocado & Chopped Beets on the outside and a beet-infused mayo sauce (wrapped in Soy Paper) (Gluten-free)

saku just beet it roll hoboken

What’s great about Japanese food is that a lot of it is naturally gluten-free — and what’s particularly great about Saku is that it even has gluten-free soy sauce which can be served upon request. The menu also clearly marks what is gluten-free to make ordering super easy. The interior has a clean + botanical aesthetic, with lights on the ceiling and a pretty tree painted on the wall. While there are many delicious gluten-free options here, we highly recommend the Just Beet it Roll. It’s served with avocado, cucumber, ginger, and carrots on the inside and wrapped in soy paper with avocado and chopped beets on the outside. Plus, it comes with a yummy beet-infused mayo sauce. We recommend asking for gluten-free soy sauce on the side to really round out the sushi experience. 

Sirenetta | 1039 Washington Street

What to order: Spicy Shrimp – tomato-chili oil and house-made fries (Gluten-free)

This seafood and raw bar in Hoboken has an awesome romantic setting to share some seafood and sip on some upscale cocktails. The staff is very knowledgeable about the gluten-free items on the menu and what can be made gluten-free, so you feel safe letting loose and ordering from the menu. Plus, when you’re done with dinner, it has a fantastic dark and moody cocktail bar in the back that you’ll want to sit all night at. 

Sorellina | 1036 Washington Street

What to order: Buffalo Brussels sprouts (Gluten-free)

Sorellina is a wine bar date spot that’s great for sharing some wines and eating good Italian food. It’s hard to decide if the right spot is to sit inside to enjoy their seasonal decor or to sit at the outdoor tables and feel the buzz on Washington Street. The buffalo Brussels sprouts are one of the best appetizers in Hoboken. These buffalo Brussels sprouts are served with hot sauce espuma, and a spicy buffalo sauce that is pure magic. 

Jersey City

Corto | 507 Palisade Avenue

What to order: Angry Chicken (Gluten-free)


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For all foodies looking to prioritize delicious eats, Corto is the spot to visit. Corto is located in Jersey City Heights, off Palisade Avenue. It’s great for a quiet, romantic date night. Corto is BYOB and has a beautiful back patio if you don’t want to eat inside. The menu is small and the website is very minimalistic, but the food is absolutely incredible. Every item on the menu is an absolute knockout — from the honey toast to the pasta. Although it does not have gluten-free pasta, it does have two gluten-free entrees on the menu, one of which is the angry chicken. This dish features slow-roasted chicken on the bone, with Tomato, garlic, guanciale, thyme, chianti, and Calabrian chili. One of the servers described it as “falling off the bone” — and while that may be a commonly (and often misused) expression, it’s absolutely true here. 

dullboy | 64 Grove Street

What to order: Deviled eggs (Gluten-free)

This is the spot to go for a dark, moody speakeasy with amazing cocktails and foodie-quality food. This cocktail bar is always packed and buzzing with foodies and cocktail enthusiasts. The menu is sprinkled with small and medium-sized plates intended to share. The vibe is dark and candle lit. 

dullboy has a variety of gluten-free bites on the menu from deviled eggs, to shishito peppers, to seasonal tacos on corn tortillas. The wait staff is very knowledgeable about what menu items are safe to eat so you can feel free to lay back, enjoy the speakeasy vibe, and eat gluten-free. 

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Hamilton Pork | 247 10th Street

What to order: Brisket nachos (Gluten-free)

Hamilton Pork is ideal for those looking for a more casual date with picnic tables and fantastic BBQ food. It has a laid-back atmosphere where you can post up and order a variety of tacos, meats, and nachos that’ll keep you coming back for more. Hamilton Pork has a rustic, Texan-style vibe on the inside and a laid-back patio out back. 

The nachos are absolutely next-level here. The nachos from Hamilton Pork are topped with loads of brisket with burnt end beans, jalapeño, and guacamole. The best part of all is that they are then covered with queso and crema. What more could you want? These nachos are perfect to share for a pre-dinner appetizer or to pair with a cocktail while sitting outside on Hamilton Pork’s picnic tables. 

Luna | 279 Grove Street

What to order: Scarpetta fries (Gluten-free)

Luna serves up the same vibes as a romantic outdoor patio — except it’s inside, which is great, especially in the winter. It’s one floor, but it has a second floor balcony where you can also dine. This brick-lined bistro has rustic accents, unique Italian food, and has a long list of upscale cocktails. Luna is decorated with string lights, a large moon, and features rustic seating. 

Luna boasts a long list of gluten-free options including gluten-free pasta, zucchini noodles, and gluten-free appetizers. The scarpetta fries are topped with meaty bolognese sauce and melted mozzarella. Plus, it even has a veggie option for this dish to sub meat sauce with mushroom gravy. read more button

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