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Antique Bar + Bakery Now Offering Catering

by Hoboken Girl Team
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If you’ve ever wanted to take your favorite bar/bakery to your latest party, you’re in luck. One of our Hoboken favorites, Antique Bar & Bakery, is debuting a new catering service and it’s definitely something to write {or send} home about. Antique Bar & Bakery’s Coal Fire Catering is serving up a selection of salads, sandwiches, entrées, sides, apps, and desserts — brought directly to your home. Check out all the yummy details on how to spice up your next get-together with Antique Bar & Bakery’s New Coal Fire catering service {and some of our favorite picks, of course}. 

The Backstory of Antique Bar & Bakery

As you may know, The Antique team definitely knows how to whip up a gourmet meal, all from its coal-fired oven {that has been used for over 100 years, in-house to make bread and other delicious treats. Filmmaker/entrepreneur Joe Castelo bought the original Antique Bakery building in Hoboken {after finding out that Ivan Rodriguez of the original Antique Bakery was losing the space and moving to Jersey City} — Joe didn’t want to lose the history, have the oven stop being used, or watch the oven get destroyed by a new tenant with a different business. To solve that serious issue, he and Chef Paul partnered to open the new Antique Bar & Bakery, and Ivan trained Chef Paul on how to use the original Antique Bakery oven so that the tradition would not be lost. And the rest, in the last few years, has become history {including opening their event space at Antique Loft in Hoboken}

Of course, with an event space comes the need for catering, and what better way to expand the Antique empire than with a catering business for die-hard Antique-loving locals. Now, the restaurant’s additional venture is its catering, which is dedicated to serving up all of the sweet and savory coal-fired options that patrons have come to know and love.

The Menu

Anyone who has been to Antique Bar & Bakery knows — the food is where it’s at. It. Is. A-MAZING. And now, for catering, you’ll be able to have the delectable food of Antique in the comfort of your own home.

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On the menu for catering:

Salads and desserts serve up to five people, while large tray entrées and sandwiches can serve up to 10.

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There are three salad options to choose from:

  • The Hearty Greens Caesar Salad comes with croutons made in-house, a traditional pick.
  • Kale lovers will love the Kale, Pistachios & Pecorino Salad — a beautifully arranged dish with a slight crunch.
  • The Arugula, Almond Puree, Lemon and Olive Oil Salad is a mix of citrus flavors followed by salty notes, the most unique salad pick of the bunch.

Appetizers, referred to as the “Grazing Station,” range from elegant takes of party classics to new and unique dishes. As most already know, the killer garlic bread is award-worthy, and Antique Beef Meatballs with tomato sauce. The seasonal rice balls are also highly recommended by the chef {and Team HG!}.

On the entrées front, Antique Bar & Bakery does not disappoint — choose from their 13 fresh dish options — and good luck choosing just one.

A Few Noteworthy Menu Picks:

Lasagna Edges with brown butter mushrooms, herbs, and cheese toast as well as any of the four chicken dishes {marsala, piccata, pecan, or a simple whole chicken}, all-organic and available bone-in or boneless.  The roasted sea bass {above} is also a delectable meal that can’t be passed up.

While the entrées are indeed the main event, the Coal Fire Sides deserve their moment. The Antique Mac n’ Cheese {a comfort food classic} will please everyone from little ones to great grandmas. Other sides fan faves include the Smashed Golds & Garlic Chimi.

Vegans and vegetarians, fear not: There are V options throughout the menu including the broccoli rabe with garlic and the Greek fries {topped with feta cheese and oregano, sorry vegans}. Other vegetarian entrées include the Settaro pasta with cherry tomatoes, ricotta salata, and basil.

Sandwiches are available for mix and match {get a selection of all of them or a full tray of one kind}. Go basic {but classic, obv} with the fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil, or try something new and get the roast beef sandwich {with cornichon and horseradish crème fraiche}.

MORE INFO: Antique Bar and Bakery Catering


Last but not least, and let us emphasize this point again: Desserts are next-level at Antique. For catering, you can choose from a Skillet Cookie topped with whipped cream, the Dirty Chocolate Cake, or their signature dessert: The World-Famous Antique Bread Pudding with caramel sauce {that is literally top 5 best desserts in Hoboken, possibly #1 — Editor’s note}.

Truly, it’s desserts like these that make you say “SRY I’M NOT SHARING.”

How to Order

Interested in having Antique cater your next party {or dinner}? Email [email protected] + [email protected] or visit them on their website {or IRL at 122 Willow Avenue}. This summer Antique Catering is the perfect way to feed your party guests — the proof is in the {bread} pudding. Promise.

Have you tried Antique’s new catering service yet? Let us know in the comments! 

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