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An Inside Look at YogaRenew’s Studio in Downtown Hoboken

by Hoboken Girl Team
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As we ease our way into 2023, many of us set intentions for the new year — if one of yours is aiming to be more mindful, then adopting a meditation routine or a yoga practice could be the way to go. The team at YogaRenew, located at 12 Hudson Place in Hoboken, are not only expertly trained but are also passionate about making yoga practice fun + approachable for everyone. With classes available both online and in person, this local studio is a go-to for anyone interested in being more present. Keep reading to learn more about the new space in downtown Hoboken and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

Virtual Yoga Now Available In Person

While the physical space at 12 Hudson Place may be new, YogaRenew has been serving the yoga world since 2017 and comes from two familiar faces in the Hudson County area yoga community. Yoga Directors Patrick Franco and Kate Lombardo have collectively taught in the Hoboken/NYC area for over 25 years and are globally recognized for their work in the industry.

“We launched YogaRenew as an online platform in 2017 and have helped over 75,000 yogis become certified teacher trainers,” Patrick told The Hoboken Girl. “We’re thrilled to finally open a studio in Hoboken where we can bring the community together to practice under one roof, make new friends, and have some fun. Our goal is to help every student — from beginner to advanced — find ways to grow.”

The new space located in downtown Hoboken is nothing short of a sanctuary from busy city life. Designed with dome ceilings, heated floors, and floor to ceiling windows, you’ll also find comfy mid-century couches, Venetian walls, and greenery in the main room.

The studio was designed deliberately as a place where students can relax, mingle, and spend time before and after class — offering a respite from the hustle of Hoboken.

The Classes

As soon as you step into the beautiful studio space, you’ll find that the courses at YogaRenew go deeper than just a simple practice. With several options based on experience level, there is something for beginners to advanced yogis. A few of the classes include:

Vinyasa yoga classes place a strong emphasis on alignment of the foundational poses as well as detailed teachings of the transitional movements. Students flow from pose to pose, moving with your breath peacefully and rhythmically. Vinyasa 1 is a great place to start if you have limited experience with yoga.

Yin yoga classes give students the space to find stillness and develop flexibility through long-held postures. By using a unique set of movements students target the deep connective tissues throughout the body. In this class you can expect to hold floor-prone postures for anywhere from three to seven minutes at a time. Yin yoga uses blocks, blankets, bolsters, and other props to help you find comfort as your body releases deeply held tension and tightness.

Hatha yoga deconstructs traditional yoga poses to make them accessible for all ages and body types. Props like blankets + blocks are utilized to deepen learning and adjust postures to meet individual needs. This class moves at a pace that is accessible to all levels with a focus on precision over movement.

Beyond the studio, YogaRenew provides amazing online resources including yoga classes, guided meditation, lifestyle courses to help you find balance, breathwork to stay calm + centered, information on women’s health, and more. All designed to improve your life and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Kate + Patrick

Serving students worldwide, Kate and Patrick are bridging the gap between yoga experts and everyday students. In addition to classes in the studio and online, YogaRenew is also the international leader in online teacher training.

Kate Lombardo’s influence as a yoga instructor spans the globe, touching tens of thousands of students internationally. For over a decade, Kate has been teaching and leading training programs through her award-winning yoga studios before expanding virtually through YogaRenew. Drawing on her background in education, she’s become a go-to resource for the yoga community and a trusted leader for yogis worldwide.

Thought of as the ‘yoga teacher’s yoga teacher’, Patrick Franco has leveraged his extensive knowledge across yoga and eastern medicine to develop and inspire some of the world’s most influential yoga instructors. Patrick’s grounded spirituality and zest for life are evident in his influence — both locally with his award-winning yoga studios, and on the global stage where he’s developed YogaRenew into the leading online yoga studio internationally.

Don’t forget to use the code PRESALE to receive 3 classes for $33 and 20% OFF classes + memberships, now through Tuesday, January 31st.

YogaRenew is located at 12 Hudson Place in Hoboken. Be sure to follow along on Instagram at @yogarenewhoboken for studio updates + class information.

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