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A Guide to Seasonal Cocktails in Hoboken + Jersey City

by Chris Goodlof
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With cool weather finally settling in to stay, and the holidays here, it’s high time for a cocktail. That’s right, it’s that time when bars and restaurants start getting creative with fall and winter-themed cocktails — and we get to reap the benefits. Here’s a local list of the best places to get seasonal cocktails, holiday spirits, and must-order drinks in Hoboken + Jersey City.


Anthony David’s {953 Bloomfield Street}

Anthony David’s

Anthony David’s does it all, and quite well. From gourmet dishes to carefully-crafted cocktails, Anthony David’s sets the bar high. Especially noteworthy are its seasonal cocktails — which although BYOB, you can order at your table from the local liquor shop nearby, get it delivered to the store, and then enjoy some delish cocktails courtesy of AD’s. Try its Bourbon Spiked Hot which features fresh apple cider, cinnamon, cloves, oranges, Burning Chair Bourbon, and whipped cream.

HG Must-Order: Bourbon Spiked Hot Apple Cider

Antique Bar and Bakery {122 Willow Avenue}

Antique Bar and Bakery

Antique Bar and Bakery in Hoboken is a one-stop-shop for all things delicious from fresh bread to gnocchi to must-try cocktails such as the “Cold Turkey”. It’s a mix of fresh lime juice, rosemary orange spice syrup, cardamom, cranberry, orange bitters, and club soda, garnished with fresh cranberries, rosemary, and star anise.

HG Must-Order: Cold Turkey Cocktail

Belo Bar {104 Hudson Street}

Belo Bar

If you’re looking for no-nonsense cocktails and dishes, Belo Bar is hard to beat. It has an air of old-school class, a bygone era made new again. Belo Bar offers quality cocktails all year round, but its winter cocktails are especially exciting. Try its Belo Toddy, a take on the original hot whiskey drink. 

HG Must-Order: The Belo Toddy

Bin 14 {1314 Washington Street}

It’s hard to say anything about Bin 14 that hasn’t already been said — it’s a lovely locale with food and wine to back it up. But, in all honesty, you shouldn’t sleep on the fall cocktails that will surely get you in the spirit of the season. Try its “Fall Gin,” a blend of Bulldog Gin, green apples, fresh apple juice, lemon juice, star anise, and a cinnamon stick.

HG Must-Order: Fall Gin

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Carpe Diem {1405 Grand Street}

Whether you’re hungry or just need to warm up with a winter-themed cocktail, it’s hard to go wrong at Carpe Diem. The uptown Hoboken spot has a lovely cocktail menu featuring a Pumpkin Old Fashioned and Cinnamon Maple Sour among other delightful treats, so it’s worth several visits to try them all. We recommend its Caramel Apple Mule, made with caramel vodka, apple cider, and ginger beer, served with a cinnamon stick and apple slice.

HG Must-Order: Caramel Apple Mule

The Grand Vin {500 Grand Street}

The Grand Vin

A renowned wine bar and restaurant, Grand Vin is the perfect destination to cozy up in the colder winter months.  Grand Vin has an epic brunch with some of the best accompanying cocktails in the area. Try its Coffee Old Fashioned, made with Misunderstood Ginger Whiskey, coffee, maple syrup, and bitters. 

HG Must-Order: Coffee Old Fashioned

Halifax {255 River Street}

Located inside the luxurious, famed “W” Hotel in Hoboken, Halifax is a restaurant offering a unique, classy, and modern dining experience. It’s aesthetic looks as though it was transplanted directly from Los Angeles, bringing that warm feeling that New Jersey residents miss in the colder months. Halifax offers exquisite dinner and cocktails, even offering a range of seasonalcocktails such as their Winter Sangria, which features a blend of winter fruits, red, and sparkling wine.

HG Must-Order: Winter Sangria

The Madison {1316 Washington Street}

The Madison

Few places ooze class like The Madison. A Hoboken legacy, The Madison has graced Washington Street for decades, formerly known as The Madison Hotel. This locale offers some of the best food in town. Grab a heart-warming cocktail while you’re there. We recommend the Pumpkin Hot Toddy, a pumpkin take on the class hot cocktail of bourbon, hot water, and honey.

HG Must-Order: Pumpkin Hot Toddy

Pilsener Haus Biergarten {1422 Grand Street}

Pilsener Haus Biergarten

Boasting a robust beer list and cocktail program, Pilsener Haus Biergarten is the perfect destination for must-try cocktails. Whether you want a beer or something a bit more intricate, Pilsener Haus delivers. Try its Hot Haus Spiked Cider, featuring apple cider, Sailor Jerry Rum, cinnamon, and clove. Plus, there are snowglobes to enjoy in the winter.

HG Must-Order: Hot Haus Spiked Cider

The Shepherd and the Knucklehead {1313 Willow Ave}

Known for its bar food, beer selection, and classic cocktails, the Shepherd and the Knucklehead is a fun uptown bar in Hoboken serving up all the holiday fun. We recommend trying its Cider-Ita, a blend of tequila, mulled cider, cinnamon-infused maple syrup, apple bitters, and lime.

HG Must-Order: Cider-ita

The Stewed Cow {400 Adams Street}

The Stewed Cow

{Photo credit: @thestewedcow}

Kick back at this cozy spot and indulge in a sweet {and strong} bourbon-spiked hot-chocolate-style drink. Don’t forget to dunk the complimentary gingerbread cookie before you get to the bottom of the glass!

HG Must-Order: Spiked hot chocolate

Sorellina {1036 Washington Street}

When it comes to Italian dining, Sorellina is a wonderful pick, with some incredible cocktails to order year-round.. – You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu at this locale, but why not try a hot toddy? Sorellina’s Pumpkin Spice Hot Toddy is a sinful blend of bourbon, pumpkin spice, and lemon.

HG Must-Order: Pumpkin Spice Hot Toddy

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Stingray Lounge {1210 Washington Street}

The Stingray Lounge is a classy joint and this well-known raw bar also boasts some of the best cocktails in the area. SL is offering wintertime cocktails that are sure to send you into autumnal bliss. You can’t go wrong with “The Cobbler,” a blend of Sobieski, Lillet, fresh raspberry, and blueberry.

HG Must-Order: The Cobbler

Union Hall {306 Sinatra Drive}

Union Hall

Union Hall is a relatively new Hoboken locale, but a keeper for sure. It offers delicious food, fantastic drinks, and a warm atmosphere that’s hard to beat. Come in for a meal, or perhaps they can entice you with one of its lovely winter beverages. It is Maple Manhattan is a delicious and sweet maple-themed take on the classic Manhattan, featuring bourbon, vermouth, and maple syrup.

HG Must-Order: Maple Manhattan

Jersey City

Archer {176 Newark Avenue}

It isn’t only Hoboken offering solace in the winter months New Jersey winter. Archer in Jersey City has a wide array of food and hand-rafted cocktails sure to bring you into the holiday spirit, especially its holiday specials – try its “Blue Christmas,” which features dark rum, cognac, blue curacao, pineapple, lime, orgeat, and cinnamon.

HG Must-Order: Blue Christmas

Cellar 335 {335 Newark Avenue}

Cellar 335

Voted Hoboken Girl’s “Best Bar in Jersey City” in 2019 by our readers, Cellar 335 is a modern tiki bar with a lot to offer. This locale pretty much houses everything that you want from a tiki bar year-round: amazing food, great drinks, and adorable drinkware. Its drinks are super creative, and Cellar’s wintertime offerings put its own signature spin on the season. We recommend trying the frozen hot chocolate, a chocolatey frozen rum drink.

HG Must-Order: Tiki Pete’s Frozen Hot Chocolate

Corgi Spirits {1 Distillery Drive}

Corgi Spirits

It likely comes as no surprise that local distillery, Corgi Spirits, offers a seasonal cocktail menu. Apart from brewing its own quality spirits, its cocktail program is sure to knock your socks off, especially its holiday cocktails. We suggest its Caramel Apple cocktail, featuring Cardigan Whiskey, caramel, peanut sauce, and apple juice. 

HG Must-Order: Caramel Apple

The Cottage {136 Monticello Avenue}

The Cottage

The Cottage in Jersey City is purveyor of quality goods, food, and drinks with an artisanal touch. This market offers a wide selection of baked goods, packaged goods, coffee, tea, and miscellaneous items like soaps and greeting cards. Their skillful barista, Kat, is serving up some delectable wintertime treats such as their eggnog latte, made with Ronnybrook Farms Eggnog. 

HG Must-Order: Eggnog Latte

Dull Boy {364 Grove Street}

Don’t let the name fool you, because Dull Boy is anything but dull. Comfort foods and craft cocktails are its specialties, and now is the perfect time to come and enjoy its quality solstice specialties. Try “The Hanna,” a delicious cocktail composed of smoked McIntosh apple syrup, George Dickel rye whisky, Lemorton Calvados, Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, and angostura bitters.

HG Must-Order: The Hanna

Fox and Crow {594 Palisade Avenue}

Few places manage to achieve the classic home-style pub feel like Fox and Crow. Offering a wide array of food, cocktails, and even cocktails to go, Fox and Crow will rescue you from the depths of winter despair with one of its delightful on-trend cocktails. For a special kick, try its apple cider Margherita, a special mixture of apple cider, tequila, and cointreau, topped with a slice of apple and garnished with a cinnamon stick.

HG Must-Order: Apple Cider Margherita

Greene Hook {76 Greene Street}

Anyone wanting the full fall experience doesn’t need to look any further than Greene Hook. They have a robust wintertime menu full of food and cocktails guaranteed to put you in the fall frame of mind. Whether you’re hungry or just parched, Greene Hook has got you covered. Try its “Greene and Grand Martini,” which is a dirty martini with Hangar One Vodka, olive juice, and a gorgonzola-stuffed olive. 

HG Must-Order: Greene and Grand Martini

Low Fidelity {328 Palisade Avenue}

Dull Boy

Anyone looking to bring some warm cheer into its life in the Jersey winter would do well to bring themselves to Low Fidelity. its delightful take on Detroit-style pizza is to die for and its cocktails will put you in the spirit of the season, especially if you try its Hot Mulled Cider, a blend of house mulled cider, whipped cream, nutmeg, and your choice of spiced rum, bourbon, rye, or apple brandy.

HG Must-Order: Hot Mulled Cider

Mathew’s Food and Drink {351 Grove Street}


Mathew’s Food and Drink is your classic neighborhood restaurant. Offering delightful food, drinks, and a lovely locale, Mathew’s is the perfect place for a holiday cocktail and a bite to warm your spirits. If you’re looking for a winter drink, try its Spiced Cherry Colada, which consists of white rum, coconut rum cream, a brandied cherry, spiced cranberry bitters, and lime.

HG Must-Order: Spiced Cherry Colada

Skinner’s Loft {146 Newark Avenue}

Skinner’s Loft is a Jersey City gem. Offering a delightful selection of carefully crafted food and cocktails, this locale is the perfect choice for what ails you. its winter cocktail offerings will warm your bones as winter approaches, namely its “Warm Punch Drunk Cider,” a masterful mixture of rum, brandy, peach schnapps, hot cider, and nutmeg.

HG Must-Order: Warm Punch Drunk Cider

White Star {230 Brunswick Street + 179 Warren Street}

There’s something that just feels right about White Star — perhaps it’s the burgers, or maybe it’s its cozy vibes, but the cold season = White Star’s time to shine. There are a plethora of delicious cocktails, but the “Apple of My Chai”, made with apple brandy, chai toddy spiced syrup, and lemon, is a sure-fire good time.

HG Must-Order: Apple of My Chai 

WurstBar {516 Jersey Avenue}

Wurst Bar

It seems as though Wurst Bar was built for the winter — its whole aesthetic screams autumn and the menu complements that with dishes like the Haus Wurst and the poutine. Whether you’re looking for beer or cider from its encyclopedic menu or a wintertime craft cocktail, Wurst Bar is the place to go. Grab a classic hot toddy, featuring bourbon, hot water, and honey.

HG Must-Order: Hot Toddy

You really cannot go wrong with any of these choices. Whether you’re looking for a meal and a cocktail or to get right to the point with a drink, any of these choices are sure to add some festive, cozy vibes as the holidays approach.

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